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Roman Nurik

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Using Remote Config? I'll be your best friend if you share some example parameters and conditions you've got set up in your project!
Get to know #Firebase #RemoteConfig, a free service you can use to change the look-and-feel of your app, A/B test crucial decisions, or deliver customized content to specific groups of users, all without your needing to update and publish a new version of your app. Find out more on the Firebase Blog:
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Roman Nurik

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Our Android Experiments I/O winners are now live! Thanks to all who entered this year:
Android Experiments is a celebration of all the creative and boundary-pushing Android work of developers everywhere - as well as an open invitation for creators to submit their own experiments to the gallery.
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Hello Roman! i have a HUGE problem with Skala Preview that it is instabile. it don't find my macbook (within the same wifi) and if it works than the update on the device takes '5 hours'.
i just want to plug in my android device and see immediatly the artboard from sketch on it! nothing else. like sketch is doing with their own app on iOS. is there another solution besides 'skala view'? How do you work?
i want to work fast and i don't want to export/safe my artboards always and have to upload them and open them again on the device, just for a quick fix/to see the changes...
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Roman Nurik

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The new logo for +Firebase, a collaboration between our Firebase UX team and the Material Design team here at Google.
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Three mountains on the sunset 
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Roman Nurik

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Help us improve Firebase!

Hey #AndroidDev folks in NYC and the Bay Area, our Firebase team is conducting in-person UX research studies next week. If you're free next week and want to help make Firebase even better, sign up below!

Sign up for New York:
Sign up for San Francisco:
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Arjun S
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Roman Nurik

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Some excellent material in this preso from +Nick Butcher​; can't wait to see the video!
Think Like a Designer

Here are the slides from my #droidconIT talk, sharing some tips on how developers can learn from designers and how they can better work together.

49 new photos · Album by Nick Butcher
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This is awesome!
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Roman Nurik

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Just open sourced a handy little #materialdesign color palette tool for Mac. Enjoy, designers and developers!

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For anybody who needs a windows version ..
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Roman Nurik

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There were a lot of great announcements at #io16 but a small gem from the Support Lib talk was the ability to create more succinct AnimatedVectorDrawables using a new XML bundle format.

Previously to create an AnimatedVectorDrawable you would need at least 3 xml files to specify it:

1. A VectorDrawable you're going to animate.
2. One or many Animators to run.
3. An animated-vector definition, essentially tying the drawable and animator(s) together.

The new bundle format lets you specify this in a single file. Here's an example:

Notice the aapt namespace and usage; at build time, aapt will create the separate resources for you (1 & 2 in the list above) and reference them in the animated-vector. This requires Build Tools 24+ (currently in RC) but the output is backward compatible.

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Roman Nurik

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Material Improvements
How the #materialdesign principles made my app better.


Here is my #io16 talk on the material design principles. I hope that walking through concrete examples of applying the material principles of tangible surfaces, bold graphic design, and meaningful motion in Plaid help you to better understand them as well as share tips on implementing them.

Thank you to everyone who attended the talk yesterday and huge apologies to anyone who queued up but did not make it in.

Check the description field in the slides for links to code.
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Thanks a lot for sharing! 
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Roman Nurik

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I've been helping design and build the new Firebase these past few months, so I'm super excited to see what y'all do with it! I'm a particular fan of the possibilities with Remote Config—A/B testing can be a great resource for making good design decisions.
BIG NEWS! We’re expanding #Firebase and adding more tools and infrastructure to help you create successful apps! #io16
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Main Purposeof Firebase:
》Stores tons of texts, images, audios and videos for your app.

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Roman Nurik

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Think Like a Designer

The video for my #droidconIT talk is now available. In this talk I share some tips on how developers can learn from designers and how they can better work together.

Slides are available here:

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Roman Nurik

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Looking for a ticket to #io16? If you're an #AndroidDev check this out!
The Android Experiments I/O Challenge is live! Submit yours to win a trip to this year’s Google I/O.

#AndroidExperiments #io16
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I saw it.. How many tickets are public (not press or partner) available for the i/o event?
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Roman Nurik

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Google Design created a newsletter to stay updated on the latest news. Head over here to subscribe:
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hi. how are you roman
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