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Just spent the last few hours merging a bunch of pull requests (thanks to the contributors!) and implementing some new features for #Muzei … particularly saturation control and focusing the wallpaper when viewed on the lock screen. Hoping to do a beta release some time in the coming weeks. #LateAtNightWhenAllTheWorldIsSleeping
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+Rakeeb Rajbhandari bro! if you haven't seen this yet
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Roman Nurik

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Here's a quick example of Palette's results.

The bars at the top are the named colours, underneath is the full generated palette.
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I know what I'm doing on the flight back to NY… #bingewatching  #design
Design was a huge theme at #io14 this year, with live sessions covering material design, design sprints, mobile web UX, and UX research, to I/O Bytes diving into design for Android Wear, +Google Glass and Google Cast. We even shared some of our learnings and explorations from products like +Google Play, +Google Maps and +YouTube.

If like us, you just can't wait to watch all the design content from start to finish, we've created an 8+ hour YouTube playlist of I/O design videos just for you. Check it out by following the link below.
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Material design is really superb...
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Roman Nurik

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Designing for wearables is substantially different than designing for phones or tablets: different strengths and weaknesses, different use cases, different ergonomics. The new Android Wear style guide provides lots of tips and pointers to get you up and running on these exciting new devices: information on contextual triggering, advice on how to lay out and style your apps, details of UI features like the context stream and voice actions, and downloadable templates and other resources to get you started. Check it out at the link below!

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+Roman Nurik check out we will refine and improve the overall XP with these guidelines
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This is material design.

When we started building for the first mobile devices, mobile meant less: less screen space, slower connection, fewer features. A mobile experience was often a lesser experience. But mobile devices have evolved—they have become more powerful, faster, and more intuitive—so must our approach to design.

And as Google, including the Android platform, expands into new form factors, we’re introducing one consistent design that spans devices across mobile, desktop, and beyond. Today at #io14 , we introduced material design, which uses tactile surfaces, bold graphic design, and fluid motion to create beautiful, intuitive experiences…
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Is the long term goal to replace Java based android apps with Web based, cross platform apps? Design is the same, but the polymer project seems much scalable to the interfaces Google wants to promote. Not to mention chrome tabs will be treated like applications in the recent applications menu. 
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Roman Nurik

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Fo sho.
I love writing Android apps. My previous projects at Google were centered around games, but this quarter I was the tech lead for the Google I/O mobile app. The Google I/O app team is an awesome team to work with and I've learned a lot from them over the course of the last few months. It's a pleasure to work with people like +Renato Mangini  (tech lead of the server side) and +Roman Nurik (UX lead). It's proving to be an awesome experience (although hectic at times!). The great thing about developing a production app for real users at a real event is that we get a chance to see all sides of Android, dive into the Activity/Fragment lifecycle, Content Provider, understanding Intent flags, tweaking navigation with TaskStackBuilder, using the support library, Action Bar tricks, animations, loading bitmaps, sync adapters, broadcast receivers, adapters, alarm services, notifications, and, yes, even INNER JOINs and subqueries in SQL.

I think my understanding of all things Android increased tenfold with this project (and there is still so much more to learn!). I'm really happy to see the app getting good reviews on the Play Store. Looking forward to   #io14 !

Btw, yes, we'll share the source code soon (not sure when yet, but soon!) so you can look at how it works on the inside.
The official Google I/O 2014 app was built to be your co-pilot to navigate ...
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Talking about ux and Google apps: why is it still not possible to share a g+ post (public) through the intent system. It's driving me mad. 
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This +Jake Knapp guy knows a thing or two about design and startups… I'd strongly suggest checking this out.
It's no secret that design can play a pivotal role in a startup's success. Whether you're just starting out or already working on your new product, make sure to catch this live hangout on July 17th with key business and product design thought leaders hosted by +Google for Entrepreneurs!

The all-star panel includes Tim Brown, CEO of famed design firm +IDEO, +Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, and our very own +Jake Knapp, design partner at +Google Ventures. The three will discuss their respective business and product design philosophies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

To RSVP or learn more, check out the link below.
Join us on July 17th as we team up with Virgin Unite to host a not-to-miss Hangout featuring three extraordinary leaders in business and product design. Eric Ries of The Lean Startup and Tim Brown, CEO of the famed design firm IDEO will discuss their respective philosophies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs and creatives alike. In addition, Google Ventures Designer Jake Knapp will provide insight into how these two approaches has helped h...
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Roman Nurik

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We used 5 new APIs in the L Developer Preview for the 'Add to Schedule' floating action button in the I/O app:

1) setOutline and setClipToOutline for circle-clipping and dynamic shadow rendering.
2) android:stateListAnimator to lift the button toward your finger on press (increase the drop shadow)
3) RippleDrawable for ink touch feedback on press
4) ViewAnimationUtils.createCircularReveal for the blue/white background state reveal
5) AnimatedStateListDrawable to define the frame animations for changes to icon states (from checked to unchecked)

For just a few hours' work, I think the result is a really delightful hallmark interaction; I definitely find myself playing with it a couple of times every time I open a session detail screen :-)

Get the L preview APK for the I/O app here, with source code coming soon:
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will those be backwards compatible? (at least to 4.0 api)
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Roman Nurik

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Great read. Thanks for sharing +Roman Nurik
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Google I/O 2014 Android App — L Developer Preview

A sneak peek at the I/O app updated with the #materialdesign visual language. An APK is available at and source code is coming soon!
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Roman Nurik

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If you're at #io14, you need to stop by the design sandbox and check out these kits! They're absolutely beautiful.
If you were at the Google #io14 Design Sandbox area you may've picked up a printed kit with postcards of the material design principles. If you didn't and are attending I/O, make sure you stop by and grab one tomorrow!

For those of you tuning in from home, check out these excerpt pages in the gallery below.
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I grabbed one :)
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Roman Nurik

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Why, hello there +Google Design!
Design is the art of considered creation. Our goal as designers is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices, and philosophies.

Hello world, we’re Google Design, and we’re here to share our stories and ideas about design throughout Google—from how Google search evolved, and continues to evolve, to our latest ideas on #materialdesign, an approach to experience design that we announced earlier today at #io14.

We’re also here to listen to your stories and ideas, and to help you, the designer and developer, create amazing products for your users on platforms like Android and the web. After all, design is a conversation, and great design is inherently collaborative.

And as the design conversation evolves here on Google+, we’re going to collect the key principles and the best stories on, a new web property that brings it all together, from design specifications, to inspiring videos, all in one convenient location. Check it out by following the link below.
A site for Google design guidelines, resources and job opportunities
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+Roman Nurik thanks for you quick response. If you mean by landing screen the home screen, it makes sense for me. From my experience I believe that this is not enough for the needs of the clients that they always want expose their brand logo inside the app. I hope to see some examples for that in the next upcoming devbytes :) 
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Design Advocate @ Google · Android Developer · UI/Web/Graphic Designer · Maker of Many Pixels
I work at Google as a Design Advocate, focusing on Android. I also do web design and programming as a hobby.

I've made some Android apps and some themes for Chrome.
  • Boston University College of Arts and Sciences
  • Boston University School of Management
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Designer & Software Engineer
  • Google
    Android Developer Advocate, 2008 - present
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