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The latest Wear update has a bunch of great new features[1], however you may not have noticed we also released an update to the Wearable UI library (v1.2.0). Outside of some good old bug fixes, this version also brings some new UI widgets, such as ActionPage[3] - a full screen circular button with text below it (basically a FAB for Wear).

This nice thing about this widget, is it handles screen shape for you (the button is centered on round device and placed slightly higher on square devices) and it also includes an ActionLabel[4] which automatically adjusts font size to fit text into a defined space.

Using this button helps the actions in your Wearable app to look and feel like actions from the system or other apps - including the refreshed Material styling like ripple touch feedback based on easily customizable primary and accent colors.

It's really simple to use, but if you want an example, the XYZTouristAttractions code sample[5] has been updated to use it[6].


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+João Dias​ might be interesting for AutoWear 
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Roman Nurik

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Android Developer Story: The Hunt

The Hunt are enhancing their app by applying material design and gaining better community engagement as a result. We catch up with the team to discover how material design and the ability to iterate rapidly on Android is growing their business. 

#AndroidDev   #GoogleDev   #MaterialDesign  
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I like it! Even though this is not the app for me, it look engaging, and the design feels nice, too...
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Roman Nurik

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Epic new season for an epic show. Performance is an essential part of app design. It doesn't matter how beautiful your pixels are if your app is slow. Remember, #perfmatters!
Announcing Android Performance Patterns Season 2

Looking to get the most of your Android application? Want to keep your users happy with a great experience? Then lucky for you, Android Performance Patterns is back!

Join your Season 1 host +Colt McAnlis, along with some new partners in crime +Ian Ni-Lewis, +Joanna Smith, +Lisa Wray, +Alex Danilo, +Hoi Lam, and +Wayne Piekarski, for a new set of videos covering efficient Bitmap Usage, Memory Management, Threading, Transparency, LINT, Custom views, Android Wear and MORE.

Oh, and don’t forget to join the Android Performance Patterns G+ Community at to get tips and tricks from other developers in the trenches.

Keep calm, profile your code, and always remember #PERFMATTERS

You still reading?? OK GOOD.

Don't be too loud about it, but we're excited to announce that Android Performance Patterns will be serving up the Big Android BBQ this year.

It's going to be two whole days of Android performance slathered between some of the best BBQ in Texas. If you're looking to rub elbows with all the #perfmatters , then this is the place you want to be. 

Early bird tickets are now on sale at Event space is limited, so make sure you get your ticket first… THEN tell your friends.

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I read it, also below.. ;) would be great, if some of this BBQ would also be in europe.. Especially at the european HQ in Switzerland, Zurich.. ;)
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Roman Nurik

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Next week on #MuzeiFeaturedArt is all Charles Demuth!
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Love that the most predominant color is red. 🙌
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Roman Nurik

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Spent some time this weekend updating DashClock (oddly enough) to #materialdesign (thanks to Jorge Ruesga for the impetus!). Latest source at
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Выдаёт ошибку при скачивании из маркета ( неизвестная ошибка при установки код 505)
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Whoa, really cool sketch-note of the Android Developers Backstage episode I partook in!
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Roman Nurik

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Time to update those screens to Material Design!
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Roman Nurik

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Looking forward to publishing this course!!
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me too :)
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Roman Nurik

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Do you know of any creative Android projects?

EDIT: Thanks for your suggestions everyone!

Hey #AndroidDev 'elopers!

I'm looking for some highly creative and artistic Android projects, do you know of any? For example:

• beautiful visualizations based on sensor data
• unique uses of the camera
• audio/visual experiments

Please reply with a link if you know of such a project!
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37 comments We are looking forward for new feebacks ☺
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Why hello there!
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Holy feature release Batman!
Android Support Library 22.1 - ActionBarActivity is dead, long live AppCompatActivity
You’d be surprised how much we can pack into a 0.1 update to the Android Support Library: revision 22.1 includes improvements to Support V4, AppCompat, Leanback, RecyclerView, Palette, and Renderscript.

Support V4 adds drawable tinting to all API4+ devices, the new ColorUtils class makes working with colors easier, and new interpolators have been added to make great animations.

AppCompat gets a remake as we deprecate ActionBarActivity for the new AppCompatActivity, now built on a AppCompatDelegate that can be used to add AppCompat functionality to any Activity. There’s also a new AppCompatDialog, support version of AlertDialog, improvements to widget tinting, and expanded android:theme support.

Leanback now includes a guided step functionality, making it easy to build a multiple step process that looks great on Android TV.

RecyclerView seeks to make life easier with a new SortedList data structure, making it easy to tie a changing set of data to a RecyclerView.Adapter.

Palette is now 6-8 times faster and has a new Builder pattern for constructing Palette instances.

Renderscript improved reliability and performance and adds additional script intrinsic operations, bringing new pre-defined operations to all API 8+ devices.

Check out everything that has been added in this release and download the updated Android Support Library via the Android SDK Manager.

#AndroidDev   #AppCompat   #SupportLibrary   #Leanback  
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This was a big release, wowza.
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Roman Nurik

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Shiny new things to read :)
April 2015 Material Design Spec Update

Here on the #materialdesign team at Google, we’re always listening to community feedback and looking for ways to broaden and expand the specification to better fit the needs of designers everywhere. Today we’re publishing an update to that draws on extensive conversations we’ve had with designers and developers over the past few months. The update includes 7 new sections, as well as refinements to content in existing sections.

Some highlights:

Data tables: guidance on presenting data sets, particularly in desktop products
Units and measurements: a description of the different units used in material design, including guidance on using density-independent pixels (DPs)
App structure: suggestions for top-level navigation in your app
Component sticker sheet for After Effects to help streamline your motion design workflow
Floating action buttons now have their own section, with added guidance on behavior and transitions
• Updated guidance on Typography, Cards, Dialogs, Tabs and Scrolling.

For all the gory details, check out the What’s New section in the spec:
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Loved it !specialty metrics and keylines 💗 I was always bad at that 😛
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