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Roman Nurik

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PSA: The #materialdesign spec was recently updated with new stuff on:

- Permissions
- Bottom sheets
- Notifications
- Fingerprints
- Settings

Check out what's new at
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Just a note: What's New states "includes guidance for implementing placeholder UIs," but there appears to be no change to /spec/patterns/launch-screens.html.
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Roman Nurik

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Ohai API 23 and Android 6.0!
M is For Android Marshmallow. Time to enjoy another tasty treat from the Android team. The official Android 6.0 SDK is live for app developers! #AndroidDev #AndroidMarshmallow

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Where's the AOSP code push!!! 
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Roman Nurik

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A bit more on the new #AndroidExperiments project…
Today, we’re excited to launch Android Experiments: a showcase of inspiring projects on Android and an open invitation for all developers to submit their own experiments to the gallery.
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Roman Nurik

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Our Android Design for Developers course is coming soon! Pre-register at /cc +Nick Butcher +James Williams 
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Thanks. See you there +Roman Nurik​ 
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Roman Nurik

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Introducing Material Design Lite - Material Design components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML & JavaScript 

We've now live at
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+Ali Allam​
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Roman Nurik

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Having used Dropbox for years, I'm just glad it's an Android style app instead making me feel like I'm using an iPhone app on my Android tablets and phones.
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Roman Nurik

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This morning at #DroidconNYC , +Nick Butcher, +Chris Banes and I delivered a talk titled What's New in Android UI Engineering, covering Android 6.0 Marshmallow, new support libraries, upcoming tooling updates, and more! Check out the slides + videos in this slideshow.

#AndroidDesign #AndroidDev
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+Marcin Koziński hm, weird. not sure what could've been going wrong :-/
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Roman Nurik

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Thanks again to +Ian Lake, Muzei 2.1 has interactive watch face support!
A new update to Android Wear is rolling out that adds an interactive watch face API, and Wi-Fi for LG G Watch R! Check out the blog post by +Wayne Piekarski at

#AndroidWear #AndroidDev
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+Avirup Das​ there's a Lollipop bug that doesn't draw interlaced PNGs correctly. Just ask the extension developers to try to switch to JPEG or noninterlaced PNGs
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Roman Nurik

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Vector icons! Theme editor! Check it out!
Android Studio 1.4 Preview 1 is now available in the canary channel, with a number of new features - a new theme editor, network and GPU monitors,  a vector icon wizard, new lint checks, new quickfixes, etc.

For more information, see the release announcement:
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New android estudio 1.4
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Roman Nurik

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Two of my larger design+art+technology experiments, FORM Watch Face and Muzei are now up on the awesome new Android Experiments site! Check it out. Some really creative work on this site.
Android Experiments is a celebration of all the creative and boundary-pushing Android work of developers everywhere - as well as an open invitation for creators to submit their own experiments to the gallery.
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Love the time mesh :-)
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Roman Nurik

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Use cold start time effectively with a branded launch theme
Pro-tip by +Ian Lake

When your app isn’t in memory and is launched, that ‘cold start’ can take significantly longer than if your app is already in memory. Depending on the size of your app and what you’re doing in your Application’s onCreate() (as little as possible I hope!), there may be lag between when the user starts your app and your Activity’s onCreate() is actually called. During that time, the window manager makes its best effort to draw a placeholder UI using elements from your theme such as the background and status bar color.

But the background doesn’t have to be a solid color: it can be an opportunity to add a little more personality and branding to your app without slowing down the user through the use of a branded launch screen (, allowing your app UI to focus on content rather than additional branding. The key is creating a custom theme that overrides android:windowBackground, then replacing that custom theme with your standard theme before calling super.onCreate().

Assuming you have a theme called AppTheme, your launcher theme would be:
<style name="AppTheme.Launcher">
  <item name="android:windowBackground">@drawable/launch_screen</item>

This implies that everything about the launcher theme is inherited from your main theme - you’re just changing the windowBackground. One other attribute you may consider changing here is colorPrimaryDark: the status bar color on Android 5.0+ devices. Setting colorPrimaryDark to your main background color can put more emphasis on your branding at the expense of another element changing when transitioning to your final theme.

But drawable/launch_screen can’t be just a simple image, unfortunately - it’ll end up stretched to fill the entire screen. Instead, you can use an XML file such as:
<layer-list xmlns:android="" android:opacity="opaque">
  <!-- The background color, preferably the same as your normal theme -->
  <item android:drawable="@android:color/white"/>
  <!-- Your product logo - 144dp color version of your app icon -->

Make particular note of the android:opacity=”opaque” line - this is critical in preventing a flash of black as your theme transitions.

Then apply your theme to your activity in your AndroidManifest.xml using android:theme="@style/AppTheme.Launcher".

The easiest way to transition back to your normal theme is to call setTheme( before super.onCreate() and setContentView():
public class MyMainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
  protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    // Make sure this is before calling super.onCreate
    // ...

Things to note with this approach:
- No launchpad activity - there’s no delay such as there would be if you were launching a second activity from a dedicated splash screen style activity
- No artificial delays - you’re only using the time that you have, just taking advantage of theming
- No extra overdraw - resetting your theme removes a layer of overdraw compared to having an opaque view with your normal background above the custom windowBackground
- Only for your launcher activity - this isn’t appropriate for deep links into your app or handling a URI, but for launches done through the home screen - the point is to minimize dead time, not to annoy users.
- Fast is best - keeping your app lean and minimizing work done at startup is critical to a good experience, even if that means slightly less time for branding - remember: getting users to the content they care about should be your #1 priority.
- Watch your transition - keep both the number and complexity of your transitions to a minimum by sharing as many elements (colors, etc) as possible to make for a seamless transition straight to content.

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Roman Nurik

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Another day, another great #materialdesign refresh article!
Todoist for Android gets a beautifully colorful Material design makeover that includes amazing new features that make it easier than ever to be productive.
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It's RED.
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