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When you need to mock your Android device battery.

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Welcome next Speaker for #droidconpl2015! +Roman Mazur will talk about “Power of Android Shell”. Can’t wait!

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#Brillo  starts becoming open source.

From its manifest we can see it has Android system core (Binder should be working there, dumpsys should be available). It also seems to share the media framework with Android and include RenderScript.

And it looks like it's built with Blueprint (

And here we can see what modules brillo will include.
adb, logcat, weave daemon, toolbox, keystore daemon, native updates manager, and a lot more :)

When number of branches in your local git repo grows large enough to bother you, here is what you can do to quickly clean them up.

Switch to master branch and make it up to date. For example:

git checkout master
git pull

And now run

git branch | xargs git branch -d

This will delete all the branches that have been merged.
I use this command periodically because often create a branch, make a PR, this PR gets merged, the branch is deleted on the remote, but my local branch is often left :)

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 Glad to announce our 5th #MadCode Meetup:  +Anastasiia Voitova will talk about aspects of work with Join!

Spoon Gradle plugin 1.0.0 is finally released.

Thanks Eric Denman for the push.

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У Приват24 жорстка лажа з українською буквою "і".
Спробуйте в їхньому полі швидкого пошуку ввести "інфо". Нічого.
А тепер порівняйте з "vvvнфо".
Ось що в їхньому xml з варіантами підказок.

<itemmenu id="10687">
  <keywords>мобайлбанкинг, список, команды, инфо, смс, mobaylbanking, list, commands, info, sms, мобайлбанкvvvнг, список, команди, vvvнфо, смс</keywords>

Всюди vvv замість і.

Взагалі, на всьому сайті дуже не акуратне ставлення до мови (суміш української та російської у повідомленнях).

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First serious snow in Kyiv :)
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