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Here are some interesting facts about singer Mahogany Lox:

1. She is named after the 1975 movie Mahogany, which was directed by her grandfather Barry Gordy and starred Motown celebrity Diana Ross.

2. Her aunt Anna Gordy was married to the late Motown singer Marvin Gaye.

3. She loves to sketch.

4. When she sketches, she often creates original fashion designs.

5. As an aspiring fashion designer, Mahogany Lox is fascinated with the Tokyo fashion scene.

6. Despite being a member of Young Hollywood and the granddaughter of Barry Gordy, she has a reputation for being quiet and down-to-earth. She loves to spend time at home with her family.

7. Her uncle Stefan Kendal Gordy is the other half of the pop duo LMFAO.

#MahoganyLox #singers #music

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Here are some cool facts about singer Shawn Mendes and Aaliyah Mendes:

1) Aaliyah may get artistic direction and guidance from her older brother Shawn. He was born on August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario. He was raised in Pickering and attended Pine Ridge Secondary School.

2) His parents are Manuel and Karen Mendes. Manuel is from Algarve, Portugal, making Shawn and his sister Aaliyah half-Portuguese. His mother is from English descent.

3) In 2013, Shawn Mendes began posting his version of cover songs to His songs were well-received by the public and eventually attracted the attention of talent scouts. They helped him land his first major recording deal with Island Records, which is based in Jamaica.

4) His first album came out in 2013 and was entitled Handwritten. From this album he released his first original song called “Stitches." The song quickly rose to the Top 10 on charts around the globe. He even performed the song during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2014.

5) When she created and launched her first social media account on, she used the name Princess Aaliyah.

6) She gained over 250,000 followers to her account before the website closed.

7) Aaliyah Mendes created another social media account on and quickly accrued more than 500,000 followers.

8) She has more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram account as of June, 2017.

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#ShawnMendes #AaliyahMendes #singers #music

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Here are some interesting facts about Inge Lehmann, a Danish seismologist who is the longest-lived woman scientist of all time:

She attended a progressive coed high school in Copenhagen, Denmark. The high school’s curriculum, considered revolutionary and unheard of at the time, centered on treating male and female students equally. Lehmann credited her primary education for giving her the confidence to strike out in a field largely dominated by men.

Despite attending a high school that regarded men and women as equals, Lehmann disdained many men with whom she worked. She considered them to be incompetent and a burden to her scientific pursuits. She would lament to friends that she had to put up with so many incompetent and unskilled men in her daily pursuits.

Inge Lehmann did not view her inability to see well as a burden, however. Lehmann went blind in her later life. Her friends and peers noted that she continued her life as if nothing had changed despite the fact that she could no longer see.

Lehmann became an expert on earthquakes in Denmark. She experienced her first earthquake as a child and became fascinated with these geological occurrences. She studied earthquakes in Denmark and became an expert on them even though Denmark does not experience earthquakes often.

Inge Lehmann achieved many accomplishments during her long and respectable career as a seismologist and geophysicist. Aside from her geophysical discoveries, she helped found the Danish Geophysical Society, which is still in operation today.

She also helped establish several seismological stations in Greenland during a time when women did not travel to or work in this part of the globe.

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#IngeLehmann #history #science 

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This is Wikipedia page of a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core.

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Here are some interesting facts about Emmy Noether, a German mathematician who lived from 1882 to 1935:

Her academic contemporaries like Albert Einstein, Pavel Alexandrov, and Norbert Wiener described her as one of the most influential women in mathematics. According to the Emmy Noether biography, her scholastic career began at Erlangen University where her father was a professor. She initially wanted to teach English and French. However, she changed her field of studies to mathematics soon after enrolling in the university.

Another one of the interesting Emmy Noether facts is that she spent seven years lecturing at the university without pay. The university did not approve of her lecturing at the institution. She had to teach classes under the name of one of her male counterparts. She finished, presented, and defended her dissertation in 1907. Her career teaching mathematics at the university level began officially in 1919 when she was finally approved for a teaching position under her own name.

As is reflected in her official biography, she studied and taught during a time when women were typically shunned in the world of academia. She endured and overcame stereotypes and obstacles that prevented many women with the same level of intelligence from prevailing in the field of mathematics. Because of her persistence, she stands out as an early feminist icon. She is still remembered throughout the world. Her contributions to mathematics continue to be studied and utilized by instructors in high schools and universities when teaching students.

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#EmmyNoether #history #mathematics

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This is Wikipedia page of one of the most important women in the history of mathematics who has overcome stereotypes and was ahead of her time.

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Check out the life story of Adolphe Sax, the man who invented the saxophone:

Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe" Sax was born in Dinant, Belgium in 1841 to Charles-Joseph Sax and Marie-Joseph Mason. Adolphe’s father was a joiner-cabinetmaker with a love of music. His father was also a self-taught man who began manufacturing instruments. The family had eleven children, of which only four survived childhood.

Adolphe Sax himself was lucky to have survived childhood. Although there may be exaggerations over time, the list of his childhood injuries make a morbid picture. His bizarre near-death experiences included swallowing sulphuric acid and pins, falling from a third-story window, being caught in a gunpowder explosion, and being poisoned by varnish fumes. Continue reading this Adolphe Sax biography to find out more interesting facts about his life.

This talented man grew up around his musical family and their successful workshop. He began experimenting with production of instruments at a young age. By the age of 15, he was winning at popular musical instrument competitions for his innovative designs of flutes and clarinets. At 16, he presented his work at the Industrial Exposition in Brussels, where his aim was to gain sway with French Military Bands. By 20, he’d created a drastically different clarinet which received rave reviews from the Paris Opera House.

Upon entering the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Adolphe Sax began to attract both the interest and jealousy of his peers. His irreverence toward traditional instrument styles created a stir in the musical world and made him controversial. However, his irreverence also led to a development of new musical scores that could be played only on his instruments.

After leaving the Royal Conservatory, Adolphe Sax continued to work in Belgium until 1841. In that year, he moved to Paris. There he hoped to create new instruments for the French Military.

To embark on this endeavor, Sax borrowed money and built a workshop. By 1844 he was presenting a version of a valved bugle at instrumental exhibitions in Paris. These, which he named “saxhorns" led to the creation of the flugelhorn and euphonium. He also developed a briefly lived instrument called the “saxtromba" that never met with any commercial success.

However, saxhorn adoption spread quickly, including opera orchestration by Berlioz. The British Band movement popularized the new sound in the mid-to-late-19th century with touring groups such as the Destin Quintet, Jedforest Instrumental Band, and Hawick Saxhorn Band.

In the United States, the saxhorn would be the most common brass band instrument during the Civil War.

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#AdolpheSax #history #famouspeople

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Adolphe Sax, Belgian inventor and musician who invented the saxophone #history #inventors

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If you know Friday Night Lights, you know Tami Taylor Actress Connie Britton. This article has some interesting facts about her life in Hollywood. #movies #ConnieBritton #TamiTaylor 

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IMDb page of actress Connie Britton #hollywood #actors
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