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Roman King (ThezKing)

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I installed Avast Free Antivirus for Windows and it’s great. Goodbye paid-for antivirus! Download now to stay safe.

Roman King (ThezKing)

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Endless Sky 0.8.10 (trusty+wily)
(space exploration and combat game)

* New upstream version
* Bug fixes:
* Mouse clicks on the map are now correctly handled at all zoom
* Escorts now once again jump simultaneously with your ship.
* Net worth is no longer clipped to the +-2 billion range in saved
* Escorts that cannot jump will now ignore jump commands instead of
lining up to jump.
* Fixed a bug where the Water Bug had the wrong anti-missiles linked
to its hardpoints.
* Fixed some ship variants that had negative space available.
* You can now bribe planets even if you have also provoked their
* The outfitter panel's drawing code has been optimized to no longer
max out the CPU.
* The mission panel map is now colored by reputation by default,
rather than uncolored.
* Distances in the mission panel now show number of jumps, not amount
of fuel.
* In the outfitter, outfits are now shown if any selected ship has
one, not just the first.
* Human pirate "raids" no longer appear in alien star systems if you
have many freighters.
* Game content:
* New species, the Wanderers (4 ship types, 18 outfits, 17 planets).
* New missions involving the Hai and the Wanderers.
* Increased the range of the small anti-missile by 50%.
* Water cooling is now available in more places.
* New hail messages. (@ph2000bis, @Pointedstick, @Thunderforge)
* New commodity names. (@lehgogh, @Pointedstick)
* New ship names. (@lehgogh)
* Typo fixes. (@Pointedstick, @Wrzlprnft)
* New job types. (@Pointedstick)
* Game mechanics:
* Projectiles now clear their target if that target is captured.
* Governments now only scan you once per day, instead of once per
* Jobs are now allowed to have "on accept" dialogs or conversations.
* Deadlines can now be specified in (base + multiplier * jumps)
* Weapons can now specify that they split into submunitions when
close to their target.
* Shield and hull generators can now specify an extra energy cost per
unit recharged.
* Non-heroic ships no longer attack far away groups of ships that
have them outgunned.
* You can no longer hail other ships while you are entering
* Surveillance ships no longer get "stuck" once they run out of fuel.
* Missions can now specify "stopover" planets that you must visit.
* Missions can have "on stopover" actions to perform when the last
stopover is visited.
* A government can now be marked as speaking a language that you may
or may not know.
* The hail panel commands now only work if you speak the language of
a ship or planet.
* Added support for "<?=" and ">?=" (min and max) condition
* Support for large stations / ringworlds with several different
places you can land.
* Warning messages are now printed for all unexpected values found in
the game data.
* Warning messages are now saved to "errors.txt" in the config /
preferences folder.
* Added support for "special" commodity classes, to provide varied
names for missions.
* New "coward" NPC personality that flees once its shields are down.
* User interface:
* If you accept a job, the next available job in the same system (if
any) is selected.
* The "ports" map page now shows whether each planet has been
* In the "ports" map, planet descriptions are now only shown for
visited planets.
* The targeting display now shows what direction the target ship is
facing in.
* Caps lock now works properly when entering text.
* Automatic firing is now entirely disabled if your target is
* Thruster noise from other ships is now audible.
* If a new ship's name is left blank, it is now called "<first>'s
<model name>." #twt
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Have him in circles
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Roman King (ThezKing)

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Disa Version 0.9.9 Build (246)

This update will roll out slowly on the Play Store over the next week. We know you will be eager to try it out so just be patient if you don't see it immediately. In 2 hours it should show up on the Play Store.

In the past few months the Disa team has been very busy. We’ve introduced a lot of new features which will enhance your experience using the app. You can see some of them in the image associated with this news update. We’ve also squashed many bugs thanks to feedback from the community.

So, what are these new features we mentioned?

Updated Emoji Keyboard – Were you jealous when all your friends with iPhones got the fancy new Emoji set? Well don’t panic because Disa’s own Emoji keyboard has had a refresh and now includes the new set too. Go forth and express your excitement for the new features, in the only Android application which has that power! 

Universal Encryption for Plugins – The framework now includes support for universal encryption of the messages you send and receive through Disa. This functionality is available to any plugin developed for Disa.

Share contacts with V-Cards – A very popular request from the community, you are now able to share contacts in Disa using V-Cards. Simply open the Attachments menu in a conversation and select the Contact icon, then choose a contact to share.

Built-in Video Editor – Preview and edit your videos before sending them. The editor allows you to choose a start and end point for the video and whether or not to compress the video before sending it, potentially saving you a lot of data.

Low Reception Backoff – This new setting which will improve battery management when your phone is in an area with low network reception. Enabling it will stop internet connected services from trying to reconnect while you have a bad signal. 

Sending Multiple Images – Taken 20 pictures of your adorable kitten and want to share them all in a Facebook party chat? Now you can, follow this link to our FAQ page to see how.

Conversation Specific Notifications – Do you ever wish you could tell who had just sent you a new message without having to unlock your phone? Well stop wishing because now you can give each conversation its own ringtone, vibration pattern and LED color. 

Improved Group Conversations – Members of parties have nicknames and you can now see when someone is writing a message about how much they also like your kitten with the new party typing bubbles.

This community has been continually growing and is now approaching 100,000 members! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of them, our dedicated testers, for their questions, bug reports, requests and advice. Without you Disa wouldn’t be half the application it is today. Thank you all so much!

Fast-track Download Link:
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Hey Guys,
I'm in search for any DE for Linux Mint.
I already tried Unity (isn't my)
Also I tried Cinnamon (good, but not stable and eat all your ressources)
Than I tried Mate (looks fine but I miss there some features of KDE)
KDE (this is the hell on earth, it looks fine but there is everywhere a f*cking K)

So I search a DE whis is nearly the same like Cinnamon or MATE with minimal CPU and RAM usage. Also I need the Fearture to create Shortcuts on my Working Space (is perfectly in kde) and the great Cinnamon/Mate Menu.
If anybody know any DE for me, It would be nice.
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Linux Mint was build from Ubuntu's packages, but in my opinion, how MATE configured on Ubuntu MATE is better than Linux Mint

Again, this just my opinion, maybe it's come from the dual-panel in Ubuntu MATE, just like the old-good GNOME-2
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Happy birthday to us! 6 Years Of Helping People Find Better Software.
Yes, websites can have birthdays! Six years ago today we published the very first version of AlternativeTo, and today more people than ever come to the site daily in search of better alternatives to applications and tools they want to replace. They come from countries all over the world, ...
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Have him in circles
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