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Finally adding my old arrow nav bar keys to CM today. 
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Can u add your daydream on wireless charger only also , that would be nice ;P
Rob M.
Off to troll Gerrit; these will be a very welcome addition.
I was never around for AOKP to get these. What do they do?
did you ever get them to "select all" text when pressing both at the same time?
These are the absolute biggest thing I miss about being on a rooted phone.
I wish I could unlock the loader and root for the Moto X *LeSigh
That was always one of my favourite AOKP features, but the Nexus 5 got me out of my rooting and custom ROM habit. Don't tempt me, Roman.
YO DAWG! We heard you like to read G+ posts, so we put a G+ post in your G+ post so you can read while you read.
I don't use any ROM that doesn't have these, or at least let me use gravitybox to enable correctly.
Didn't realize this was a thing in other ROMs - is it an xposed module too or something?
Looks good man. The jealousy continues
Dunno why but it looks odd and diff from the ui paradigm. Maybe increase padding? Or use more subtle icons for the arrows?

I really love CM and I hope it'd never let it's elegance down
+Ananda Bibek if your comparing to the ones in gbox romans are smaller and fit in very well . IMO there isn't a more useful feature . + they would be optional u wouldn't have to use them . 
The screenshot above has pretty old pictures for arrows. They were just the first ones I found.

Yesterday I got some new ones made for us... Looks like this now
This is nice, but you can already get arrow keys (up, down, left, right) on your keyboard using Swiftkey anyway.
It took me a while to figure out what those things were for! Their appearance coincided with a Swiftkey upgrade so I thought they were a Swiftkey feature. Cheers on a great idea!
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