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Hosted a Google+ Hangout on Twitter Cards with +Jon Bulava yesterday. Fun to see we were streamed live at the OSCON Twitter booth in Portland! :) Thanks everybody for joining us!
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We had a great tour of the new Twitter office in London with our very own +Chris Chabot and his camera. Here is a sneak peek of our new nest!
New Nest Day

Today's pretty darn exciting for a Monday as Twitter UK moved into it's new nest in London! (when we say nest, we mean office obviously:)

The place is absolutely amazing, and would give SOHO house a run for it's design, and, well, take a look at the photos and I'm sure you'll agree this is one stunning office indeed.

We're all super thrilled to be here, the design and infrastructure team did an amazing job, especially considering they did a year's worth of work in 6 months. Oh and yes we do have a Dalek guarding the office.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the party
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“Science is about what is. Engineering is about what can be.” — Neil Armstrong

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“Twitter API Is Gateway Drug For Internet Of Things”, a post following my API Strategy Conference keynote talk. Thank you, +Kin Lane! #apistrat   #apistratAMS  

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Video of my keynote talk at the API Strategy Conference last week in Amsterdam, “Connecting to the Pulse of the Planet”, including a Raspberry Pi tweeting selfies and a flying AR.Drone powered by Tweets! #apistratAMS
Excellent video showing my colleague +Romain Huet discussing the Twitter Streaming and REST APIs, provide access to "the pulse of the planet" (and some Raspberry Pi and Nodecopter action, too!)

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Beautiful Saturday afternoon in Amsterdam.
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The ability to intercept and handle URLs by Chrome Apps has just been promoted to the stable channel in the last chromium build and should hopefully make it for M33.

For information, Chrome Apps can only register to handle URL patterns within domains that they own, that is, can prove ownership of as determined by the Chrome Web Store.

Documentation¹ is helpful to get you started and the best way to see this in action is to actually dive into the code of the Wikipedia URL Handler Sample².



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Only 126 days until the 7th annual Google I/O, when we come together with amazing developers like you to talk about what's next. On June 25-26, 2014, we’ll be broadcasting live from Moscone West. You can join us in person in San Francisco or remotely, via a live stream and through I/O Extended community events around the world. 

More details to come next month, including registration info. In the meantime, you can check out highlights from last year at

Also, quick note for those who want to join in person: this year we’re making some changes to registration, so you won’t need to scramble the second registration opens. We'll be implementing a new system, where you can submit your interest to attend Google I/O 2014. Successful applicants will then be randomly selected and notified shortly thereafter. We’ll be following up with more details from +GoogleDevelopers, so stay tuned.

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Thanks to everyone who has supported Chrome over the past 5 years. It's been an A-MAZING ride. We are assembling a 4,000-piece marble maze run here in Mountain View, and our team in Tokyo created a fun birthday edition of the World Wide Maze project so you can enjoy the festivities with us from home, at
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The mobile web was HUGE at Google IO 2013 #io13 - so much so that we had 9 talks dedicated to building awesomeness for the Mobile Web.  Here is a playlist of all those talks for your viewing pleasure.

Mobile HTML: The future of your sites by +Peter Beverloo and +Paul Kinlan showed you all the API's and techiniques available to you across the open web - you will be surprised about the huge level of support for some of the features such as Camera. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Mobile HTML: The Future of Your Sites

The Modern Workflow for Developing the Mobile Web by +Matt Gaunt gave you access to all the tools available for you to integrate into your workflow so you can build and test for the mobile web efficiently. Watch The Modern Workflow for Developing the Mobile Web - Google I/O 2013

Device Agnostic Development by +Paul Lewis and +Peter Beverloo (he gets around. pfft.) show you how to build and cater for the wide range of form factors that you will deal with on the mobile web and beyond. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Device Agnostic Development

Mobile Performance from the Radio Up: Battery, Latency and Bandwidth Optimization by +Ilya Grigorik is probably the longest title at IO but it is one of the most important talks that you should watch as it tells you everything you need to know about performance. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Mobile Performance from the Radio Up: Battery, Latency and Bandwidth Optimization

Web Page Design with the GPU in Mind by +Grace Kloba  and +Colt McAnlis show you how to understand where and how the GPU is used in web pages, this is especially important for mobile. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Web Page Design with the GPU in Mind

Seeing the World Through High DPI by +John Mellor and +Pete LePage show you how to cater for HiDPI in your apps.  HiDPI is now one of the most important and hardest aspects that we now have to deal with on the open web on mobile. Watch Seeing the World Through High DPI - Google I/O 2013

Point, Click, Tap, Touch - Building Multi-Device Web Interfaces by +Boris Smus and +Rick Byers show you why you must cater for touch and keyboard and also what is coming to the browsers soon to help you. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Point, Click, Tap, Touch - Building Multi-Device Web Interfaces

Stunning Mobile Visualizations with CSS Filters by +Alex Danilo and +Alexis Deveria (+Adobe Developer Connection) the web looks good now, but it will look even awesomer in the future. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Stunning Mobile Visualization with CSS Filters

Mobile, Web and Cloud - The Triple Crown of Modern Apps by +Danny Hermes and +Ido Green is a great talk about how you can build offline enabled awesome applications for mobile with our cloud tools. Watch Google I/O 2013 - Mobile, Web and Cloud - The Triple Crown of Modern Applications
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