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Moving on

Today is my last day on the Android team at Google (I will remain at Google.)

After more than 6 years I have decided to try something new. I had the incredible luck to join Android before it was publicly announced and I would have never imagined to be part of such an amazing project. We started from scratch and Android is now everywhere! I owe a lot to this team of incredibly talented people and I will miss them dearly.

If you are an Android user or developer: thank you!
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Thank you for  all your great work. What are you working on next?
Good luck with your future projects, I hope they'll be as successfull as Android.
I loved your Android conferences, it's be sad not viewing you again.
Nooooooo! You'll be sadly missed. Wish there was a -1 button
All the very best! Thanks for all the great work. You were one of the most public faces of Android Dev. You will be missed.
Thanks for all the fluid transitions!
Wtf? Although i am not into programming and android is just a kind of hobby i will miss your speeches with +Chet Haase :-(
Thank you for everything you did. Wish you all the best! Stay cool. Merci!
Hey +Romain Guy  - just wanted to let you know you were an inspiration to me when I started developing on Android. The time I spent learning from you on IRC was invaluable! Good luck with your new challenge!
Thanks for your work! But this all seems like an exodus: Andy Rubin, JBQ, Hugo Barra, Romain Guy. Who's next?
Another great person gone from the Android team. This is rather devastating. Well regardless, good luck with whatever you'll be working on at Google.

+Matias Duarte Don't you even think about going anywhere! 
Best wishes for success in all of your future endeavors! +Romain Guy Glad to hear your talents will be staying in house.

My Android circle is getting slimmer and slimmer without getting replenished.
but why all this leak of such talented people all before the launch of Android 4.4? 
I think something it's related to it for sure...
Thank you for everything. I sincerely look forward to seeing what you do next.
Thanks for everything!
Hope to meet you someday and maybe treat you a Kit Kat :)
Aw man! You'll be missed. I'm glad I got to see at least one of your talks at AnDevCon. Look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. 
Hopefully we'll get to know about your future projects. Good luck and thanks for your work.
Good luck with the new project !! (No I'm not jealous. Ok maybe a little bit :p)
See you around ;) 
Good luck on your future endeavors. It's been an honour knowing you and seeing your dedication to such an awesome project. Gonna miss your presence on the team, though. 
Thanks for everything! 
Good luck. I'm going to I/O this year so I still expect the Roman and Chet Show. 
I think when Google will present the new Nexus4/Nexus 5 we will know a bit more about +Romain Guy  decision
Oh my god. Can't believe all these people moving on.

Congrats +Romain Guy for moving on to new things though. It's been an absolute pleasure.
Google chromecast team need you. Hehe
Wait, what?! Why am I always the last to find out?!?!?!?!?!?
Thanks! And the best of luck in your new endeavor!
Good luck +Romain Guy!

Will you and +Chet Haase at least do some kind of speaking session at I/O? A standup routine? Something?
Good luck and thanks for your contribution 
thanks for helping developers make apps that don't suck, +Romain Guy. Best of luck on your next move.
+Ron Amadeo I don't know if I will be able to present at I/O but we're both presenting at Devoxx in Antwerp in November.
Thanks for having giving us incredibly useful, productive and complete mobile OS.

Good luck for your future project!
Please take +Chet Haase with you. I need my annual I/O stand up comedy show! Best of luck, I'm sure you'll succeed whatever team you join/build.
Thanks for your exceptional work on Android. Your Android talks and technical writings were immensely helpful. Wish you all the best!
Thank you fir all and i wish the best luck un tour new project
Thnx, will see you in Antwerp for your last Android talks..
Thank you for all your valuable work. You're an inspiration. I enjoyed all your talks in IO. Good luck with your new journey in Google. :)
Why :( First +Hugo Barra now you... two of the guys I most enjoyed on IOs over the years. Thank you for the great job you've done over those 6 years!! Now I'm really curious what you'll be working on. Telling us it's a secret makes it even more interesting :)
Thanks again for all your great contributions! Looking forward to see what you are up to next. And +Chet Haase .. you are not allowed to follow +Romain Guy  ;-)
Thank you for all the valuable insights into android you gave us during these years. I loved your talks with +Chet Haase . You guys are the best.

P.S. don't forget you promised to write post about why Relative layouts are not super layouts for everything :)
We'll miss the I/O talks! Thanks for all you've done for Android +Romain Guy ! 
Android will miss you but wherever you are going they're lucky!
Thank you for u r great contribution that u have put in everybody's day to day life.. !! I can't now leave with out my mobile ..!! Which is coz of the developers like you .."! Thanks again ..!!
Thank you for all your help bringing Android to where it is. I always appreciated your style in presenting and writing.

Thanks for all your hard work on the Android project. Hope to hear about other projects you'll be working on very soon. 
+Romain Guy Thank you so much for the hard work you and the Android team contributed on Android. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors at Google.
Bon vent +Romain Guy tu auras peut être plus de temps pour revenir en France... thank for all!
Thank you for your contributions and best wishes! 
Thanks or all your hard work and answering our questions
+Romain Guy well Thank you, I am sure many cool things in android came from your mind and work so really Thank you. What's next for you? 
I know you since "filthy rich clients"! Your work for Android was Amazing. I wish you the best!
Thank you for years of hard and valued work. Hope you find joy in whatever projects come your way :-).
Does this mean we can go back to using nested LinearLayouts in list items now? :-) As an android developer, +Romain Guy thank you, and good luck!
Sad to hear about this but when it's time it's time :). I just hope that this has nothing to do with the direction Android is taking or with the loss of other high profile Android developers.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into the whole Android ecosystem! Good luck for your future projects :). 
#android is missing a really great Guy! Thanks for all the tips and I hope you'll continue to give us tips and great pictures on your blog! Thanks curious creature! :)
And thank you for being there to make this journey for us android users possible... Rock on with what ever and where ever your next step takes you...
Sad day for Android indeed. Good luck in whatever you will be doing
I want to tank you as a person rather than an Android guy. Your talent,passion, knowledge and kindness should be in every person in the world. Thank you +Romain Guy and best wishes for your new secret position
+Romain Guy best of luck on your new endeavor. Looking forward to seeing what it is...
Rob G
Thank you for helping me learn to develop Android apps on countless occasions. Also for delivered sych a great product.
Too bad you guys started from scratch with java and virtual machines and stuff and now Android is good only on the high-end devices, and a poor experience on the majority of the smartphones in the total market share. But great work on the UI lately, and best of luck on whatever it is you're trying to do! 
+Romain Guy Thanks for all your hard work! Your snippets and tutorials were always extremely helpful to me and I wish you luck in your future projects! 
+Romain Guy honestly you got me into development. I used your tutorials all the time. I especially liked your guidance on efficiency.

I will surely miss your work with the Android team. I'm very grateful I got to take advantage of your knowledge.

I hope you all the success in the world!
Thanks for all your hard work making it a better platform!
Thanks so much for all your great contributions, online activity and superb lessons. I myself have benefited so much from all of them and feel really grateful to you since your Sun days. Best wishes for the future!
Glad you're staying at Google!
Thank you Romain. You have been very supportive with the developer community, I remember you on the IRC channel since the M3 preview release. Thanks for all these years and good luck on your next project at Google :)
Thank you Romain.
Good luck on your next project!
Loved your books on android development and sad to see you leaving android but good luck none the less. Everyone needs a change in life at some point.
Wow I 'd like to thank you and all the Android team in Google waiting for you in your new something 
for-the passed
Wow. Good luck! you were very helpful. (my money is on joining +Andy Rubin ...)
Merci pour tout et bonne chance pour cette nouvelle aventure ! 
Good luck +Romain Guy , is it me or is everyone leaving Android now? I've counted 4 this year... :/
lots of departures lately.. it'd be interesting to see what's been going on over there.
Thank you for all you shared this us +Romain Guy in both android and photography.
Une page se tourne, alors c'est comment le mélange d'inquiétude et d'excitation?
Wish you all the best for you pivoting.
Thanks for your hard work and have fun working on your new projects!
Hopefully your secret project will be unveiled soon ;)
Android's early years nostalgy growing day after day. I guess this is what happens when a project becomes a product.

Thank you +Romain Guy for all your awesomeness !
Sad to hear you go Romain! But thank you for all the hard work you've put into Android. Thank you for all the excellent presentations and articles on Android at events and on your website. They've certainly been extremely helpful (and some of them entertaining) :-)

Best of luck to you in your next project!
Oh no :/

Thank you very much for all your work! You did a fantastic job!

Good luck
+Romain Guy Best of luck but I just have to say one thing about you leaving. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Nooo Guy, please Romain at Android :(

Ok it's better to stop with this stupid joke, let's work on another great project at Google, thanks for making Android fantastic +Romain Guy 
+Romain Guy Thank you for all of your work on Android, the blog posts, the hints and tips, the hours spent helping developers.

Keep on kicking ass and, while you won't need it, I wish you the best of luck for the future.
Andry Rubin, JBQ, Hugo Barra, Romain Guy...

What is going on? :(
It's pity, but thanks for your dev blog posts
+Romain Guy has been promoted VP of Google Wallpapers. More time for photography ;-)
Nice job guy is bad that you are living before now before kitket ,hope all is well.
Well wishes !! Thank you for your work I have Samsung with Google OS.
Thanks for all you hard work! Every now and then I still find those missing XML setters annoying for making backwards compatible code on older APIs :-) 
Thank you for all the great work and good luck!
Thanks for your work at android. You are awesome. Good luck for future projects.
Sad to see you go, your Android sessions at I/O were always great.
Good luck on your next project and I hope to hear more about it soon.

Merci pour tout ton travail sur Android! :)
We're going to miss your google io sessions
Good luck Romain (Google X) Guy !!!
Jim Yun
Thank you for your work bringing so much to this world, not only technology but kind of spirit.
Merci gfx pour toutes les publications, les sessions IO... Bref le partage, et ce depuis

Je ne doute pas que la suite est choisie et non subie. De ce fait, cela sera certainement intéressant a suivre.

C'est l'occasion de prendre ... un temps de pause :))
I was just watching a UI performance video you made in 2009 yesterday when I was trying to get a ListView to behave! You have been a guiding light and inspiration to developers and we'll miss you! 
Both Android user and developer so thank you twice!
I hope you'll have fun on your secret next project, maybe with the capability to design from scratch to your liking this time!
I can't believe. Good luck. I'm pretty sure that Google is starting something new, and it its going to be big.
So long and thanks for all the butter! 
I think it is a good move, after 6 years on the same project, it's nice to see something else.
Even if, obviously, the Android community - and especially for the early adopters - will miss you.
Good luck !
Thanks for everything you did on Android. I hope you will be working with a team to develop real, solid photo editing software for Chrome OS :-) 
Thank you for what you and the team have done for Android
Grazie a te per averci provato. Grazie a te per esserci riuscito. Ti auguro tanta fortuna. Buon lavoro sei un grande
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Dommage, tes présentations avec +Chet Haase étaient toujours au top. Bon courage pour la suite :)
Thanks for your great work Romain
I hope you are joining the Google X team... you will be in charge of bringing us even more awesome stuff :) good luck.
Does this mean we can't blame you anymore for UI bugs? :P

Seriously, you'll be greatly missed, thanks a lot for your work and good luck for your new adventures :).
+Romain Guy well thank you for all the advices on android graphics till now and hope that you will still gives your views on it in your blogs.
I can't profess to know you, but what you've done, achieved and accomplished as an individual and as part of a team is incredible over the last 6 years. Thanks, and enjoy. 
Thank you and good luck, Romain!
Waw, that's moving on the Android team!
I prefer to delay my huge thanks for your next trip in Europe, I heard we should cross you and Chet soon :-)
You rock! Good luck on the next project!
Ok so why are all the originals leaving the android team? Does this not cause concern for any of you? 
Thank you for all your efforts! Hope to see your achievements on the next Google IO event
+Arthur Davis it doesn't bother me. I have plenty of faith in Google. They'll hire someone equal or better. Romain did his part. There is only so much a person can do. Hopefully his next endeavor is as fruitful as Android.
Please send us all a free phone as a going away present for us to remember you by... Each person that has commented should get one. Thanks in advance.
Google's newest full time photog? ;)  Best of luck!
Good luck and thank you. Your presentations were ace.
Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to improve not only Android itself but also it's developers. Good luck on you'r next project at Google :)
Because of you android graphics is cool. 
Thanks for all your work.
I can only imagine the great project you'll be working on to be as great as Android. Hopefully we'll see it soon enough.
Wish u all the best for your New mission 
No man, thank YOU!!!! Wish you the best of luck in your next endeavor
Je t'ai lu dans dream et ou login puis retrouvé avec surprise quand je me suis interessé à Android. Merci pour tout, au plaisir de te lire, j'espère, sur d'autres sujets!
Thanks for a great operating system. Good luck in the future.
I really liked your lectures . Will really miss you for your work.
I hope you will be happy for wherever you go.
Alex S
Thank you +Romain Guy , I'll always remember you as World of ListView speaker - my first dive into real awesomeness if android development!
Dude - this is your most popular post in some time. You should have left a while ago!
Sniff ! ... thanks for everything u've done .. we'll miss  you .. and wish u all the best for the future !
Wish u the best, and thank u for everything u did while working on android 
Thank you for helping to bring Android phones to life.
+Zach Hobbs , ditto for me too.  +Romain Guy even us coders have our heroes and you stand among the legends.  Can't wait to see what you do next.
Thanks for the amazing things you have taught us along the way. Have fun in your future endeavours. Hope to learn new things from you in the future. 
Nooo, I'll miss your French accent ! Really loved your talks with Chet... :(
Merci et bonne continuation !!
+Romain Guy 6 years is a very long time. Goodluck on your next job. Thanks for all the things you've given to Android. We will always be grateful :)
Good luck on your next endeavor +Romain Guy. Thanks for everything you have contributed to the Android team.
It's been a pleasure. All the best in your next adventure.
thank you for your great work.
Damn! Just now I started get interested in the renderscript thing! I bet you'll be on the X family. No public talks then.
Thank you for everything you done for making android what is today
Good luck man and thanks for helping Android app reality :) 
Looking forward to what you do next. Good luck!
Thank you for  all your great work on Android team, and Goo luck with all your future projects !
I always loved your presentations in Google's I/O conferences
Thank You +Romain Guy  I enjoy reading your post, watching your session at I/O and marakana. I am agree with  +Mark Allison 's tweet that "huge loss to the Android community." What's your next role at Google ? Wish you best of luck for your next role...
Best of luck for your future  +Romain Guy   , stay in touch with android. What your team had done to android is phenomenal .. \m/
Thanks for your exceptional work on Android. No words to say but yes i always like to see your every post because i learn a lot from it.
Good luck!
Once again thank you sir for your great contribution in android.
Thank you!! Look forward to your next Google endeavor!
Your contributions were many and loved! Right down to the most beautiful of screen shot/backgrounds. Thank you! Hope your next endeavor is challenging as it is fun/rewarding.
Romain, you have really been an inspiration and always gracious even during what I'm sure we're incredibly stressful times. Thank you. I can't wait to see what you're cooking up next. Have fun!
Thank you so much for all the wisdom you shared with Android Developers! Hope, you will continue to make a cool stuff in computer graphics!
Are you again going to start something new like you did with Android?
Thanks for every thing you do it , best wishes in your new job :)
Good luck on your future endeavours. Hopefully we'll see you on IO14 with the new project :)
All the best in your new endeavours, you shall be missed...
Man Android wouldn't be where it is now without you. You've been key to help make something amazing, and to help the developers make great apps. I wish you the best for what's next. You truly inspired me! See you at devoxx :)
Thanks for all your amazing work on Android, best wishes for the future !
It's very sad to read this. Lately many core android engineers are leaving the project. It feels like Android is losing something important.

I wish you good luck with the new project you are moving to 
Thanks for sharing open source with the world. And for changing the landscape forever. And that goes for all open source developers! Cheers to everyone that gives so much to the world!
So do we all have to move to chromium? 
David B
Thanks and good luck!! 
Loved your Google IO talks! Best luck for your future!
Now who will team up with +Chet Haase to do the yearly Google I/O presentation? Besides the keynote, they were always the presentations I enjoyed the most.
You will be missed by the Android community. Cheers for the future!! 
I hope it's because Google needs you to produce something as exciting as Android! Good luck!
Thanks +Romain Guy, you will be greatly missed. 
Thank you, can't wait to see the developments of your new projects!
Android for TV could have prevailed.. Fail
Great work, expecting greater things if possible.
Thanks everyone! And don't worry about Android, I was only one of many, many engineers.
Thanks a lot Romain. You're going to work on the google car ? 
I wish you al the best, hope to see you at devoxx!
I know I wouldn't be an Android developer right now if it wasn't for you :)
Thank you for all the help you've given us!
i owe my career to you guys making such an awesome product :) thanks and good luck in your new role :)
Thanks to you, thanks for the hard work in UI, and let Andorid be so cool for that (sorry if my english its rusty)
Right back at you, Romain.  Thanks for Android!
Thank You +Romain Guy , we will miss you and your IO presentations... best luck..
J'ai suivi ton travail depuis JEdit, puis Android (ce qui m'a permis de découvrir android dès ses débuts). Ta prochaine étape serait-elle plus orientée sur l'ergonomie, le graphisme, la photographie ?
Cmon man .... i just started to learn listviews and relative layouts :D
Whaaaat? Please tell me it's a joke. I simply can't imagine Android without Romain. Who will explain me further the secrets of the gfx rendering :) Wish you all the best Romain ! You deserve it.
Good luck and thank you for great work in Android.
Merci Romain pour cet excellent boulot. Android rocks!!! Mais que vas tu faire a présent ?
Noooooooooooo.... Romain & Chet are the best speakers in GoogleIO.  Anyway, Good luck!
Good luck Romain!  You once answered a question for me on stackoverflow.  I think it is great that you take some of your time to help the community. 
Thank you, Romain, for all you've done for Android, for all your presentations for all you hard work and amazing sense of humor.  You was The one of many Android Engineer. Whole Android community will miss you.
Thanks for the help, critique, and guidance over the years. Good luck wherever it is you have landed in the great Goog machine.
Thanks for  everything, and good luck!
Romain, thanks for your help, hospitality and detailed feedback for the early versions of the Skype for Android app. It was enormously appreciated by us all - both designers and engineers. All the very best with your next endeavour.
Thank you for great work in Android. We will miss you!
All the best Romain. It's been great adventure for you I believe and we were always amazed by both - what you delivered and how you talked about it.  I had the privilege of working with Android team (in Google Krakow) before the G1 was released and this was quite a ride indeed.

Maybe that's a good time to speak about your "past" now at our mobile dev conference in Warsaw? We have few days left to close the speaker's list: and we would really, really love to have you here. Our official partners: Google Developer Group Poland can help with all arrangement if you would like to come. 
+Romain Guy  I would say thanks for all the code snippets that you shared...:)
Why not come here in India.
Great loss for the Android community! I've followed your work since 2008. Thanks for being so active and all your efforts to make Android a better platform.
I am sure it would be super awesome. Can't wait to hear about it soon. :)
Secret...that means something exciting is coming Sachin said, can't wait to hear about it.
Feel sorry about that, really learn a lot from your talk and blog
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