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I was recently able to spend some time with eMotimo's TB3 motion control system. I've been using the Stage Zero Dolly from Dynamic Perception for a while and the upgrade was very impressive.

The display is similar to the Stage Zero – a couple of lines of text – but the menus are much better organized and all you have to do is follow the instructions one by one to setup your shot. The killer feature for me was the ability to setup keyframes using a wireless remote that looks like a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller. You use both the joystick and motion to tilt, pan and move the camera. It's all very intuitive and I was able to setup complex moves in just a few seconds.

I was also pretty impressed by how small and light the whole package is, especially coupled with a folding dolly track.

I bought the Stage Zero Dolly years ago and never really used it because it is so heavy and inconvenient to carry around. The controller's UI also requires patience I don't have. The TB3 on the other hand was a pleasure to use and I'm seriously considering buying one to – finally – put together a time-lapse video worth publishing online.
The eMotimo TB3 is the highest value motion control device on the market. It offers repeatable, three-axis motion control for less than many competitors’ single-axis products. On a mountaintop, or in your studio, eMotimo captures your moments in motion.
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Tilts and Pans are awesome, but if you want to get to know brilliant sliders and other gear for Time Lapse photography I'd recommend you also take a look at the +shootools website.
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Romain Guy

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+Chet Haase and I have given many talks together over the past 9 year and it's been a wonderful experience. We share similar views on how talks should be prepared and executed and I'm happy that Chet spent so much time putting his thoughts on the matter in writing.

After reading a draft of Chet's article earlier this week I told him that he captured my own point of view so well that the best thing I could say is "What he said".

So: what he said. This is a rather length article – anybody who've heard or read Chet's work before knows that he's a man of many words –, so grab a drink and enjoy!
At the risk of taking things entirely too seriously, I wrote this article in which I tried to convey my thoughts on preparing and giving public presentations. What was intended to be a few quick thoughts turned into a fairly long piece.
So if you care about presenting, or are just bored and want something long to read, please check it out.
Tips and thoughts on preparing and giving engaging presentations
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+Paul Moody That's a good point. I guess I never really thought about it because it's obvious to me and because the concept of a preview maps really well to the kind of tech talks Chet and I give: show demos, explain how they work.
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The Eager Photographer
San Francisco, California

+Nicolas Roard and I went to lunch before visiting the newly opened +Leica Camera Store in San Francisco today. I snapped this photo as we were waiting for our food to arrive and I just couldn't resist sharing with you this amazing grimace.

It's also a good shot of one of Nicolas' numerous frankencameras. This is a Leica M with an R mount lens, an Olympus EVF, and the optional grip with finger loop. Maybe he's just wincing in pain under the weight of the whole thing…

If you're curious, this photo is a JPEG straight out of my Leica T (I just straightened the image a bit.)

Leica T
Leica 18-56mm ƒ/3.5-5.6
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So like
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Slides and demos for Material Witness at Google I/O 2014

+Chet Haase and I gave a talk today about Material Design, the new UI look and feel available as part of the Android L Preview. I just published links to the slides (PDF or Keynote), the full session video and the source code of the demo used to illustrate the talk.

Video: Google I/O 2014 - Material witness: How Android material applications work
Slides in PDF:
Slides for Keynote:
Source code:


#io14   #android   #androiddev  
Chet and I gave a talk entitled "Material Witness" at Google I/O today. I am happy to announce that the entire talk is now available on YouTube. I have also published the following resources: The s...
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It will be good to see presentation in Google Slides, problems with fonts in Keynote...
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Romain Guy

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Join +Romain Guy and me this afternoon at 2, online or at the conference, as we dive deeper into some of the geeky graphical and animation details of material design.

Should be fun!
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That's true +Björn Lundén ! :P But both Romain and Chet have been one of the oldest and most important Android UX devs!
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Romain Guy

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Every year one of the biggest challenges for I/O is figuring out which of the hundreds of interesting session submissions can fit on the packed schedule. That's why I'm super-excited by I/O Bytes -- our opportunity to showcase everything interesting to developers without the physical and temporal constraints of Moscone West.

We're rolling out a few of these ahead of I/O, with many more launching during the event, and even more following soon after. Enjoy!
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Cool. Is it possible to request about specific subjects ? 
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On plagiarism

A few weeks ago, a company called AppCam sent out a press release to several photography websites [1] to claim that +Leica Camera had stolen their software for the user interface of the new Leica T. I do not particularly care whether this is a true or not, even though I find their claim dubious.

What I do care about is that this company decided to publicly accuse another of stealing actually stole my work. The screenshot of their website below [2] shows that their are using one of my photos. The original can be found on my Flickr account [3] or here on Google+ [4].

Almost all of my photos are available under a fairly permission Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Under this license, derivatives of my work should be licensed under Creative Commons and appropriate credit should be given. AppCam failed to do both. More importantly, they are using my work for commercial purpose.

This is not the first time I've seen my photos used incorrectly or without permission but I find this case particularly embarrassing for AppCam given the context…

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..and you've just given their press release a bunch of extra publicity! I do feel quite bad for them, as it looks like they've been ripped off - not withstanding the unforgivable mistake of plagiarising your work.
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Romain Guy

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A rare portrait of me :)
Visiting the recently opened new Leica shop in San Francisco with +Romain Guy , we first stopped at a good french restaurant (yes, yes, I know, shocking!).

I couldn't resist snapping this shot of Romain and his leica M :)

The new shop is pretty great -- large and beautiful (if a bit empty at the moment!), very friendly (we had to play with their S!), and they are planning to host exhibitions.

shot: leica M240, shot straight out of camera minus a 16:9 cropping, as after applying the latest firmware update yesterday I forgot to reset the default output to DNG!

#cameraporn   #leicam240   #leica  
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can you explain your work sir if you dont,mind am iqbal
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Romain Guy

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I remember playing The World End With You on the Nintendo DS and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike most RPGs this one is set in current times. I highly recommend it.
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When's my Google Play account going to be reenabled?  Warning to all developers.  Google is run by authoritarian Nazi's who ban accounts for no reason.
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The video of my Google I/O 2014 talk, Material witness, is now available on YouTube. I'll publish the code of my demo as soon as possible.

#android #androiddev
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I have attended this session and it was awesome :) (et +1 j'adore ton duo avec Chet) 
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Romain Guy

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Google I/O 2014

It looks like I'm giving a talk on #Android  at Google I/O next week…
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I like your talk for last year's I/O.
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Romain Guy

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The sun sets at different times around the world, but you can watch the Sierra sunset together with this custom theme:

Photo taken by +Romain Guy 
Location: Lone Pine, California
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