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I am a fan of Bernie Sanders but We will never get changes in the government unless these basics are resolved. 
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I did some number crunching when it comes to Basic Income. I am hoping to hear some comments about it. Took me a little over an hour to compile this. Share if you like it smile emoticon
====================Basic Income ====================
To provide a basic income to everyone in the US the tax rate would have to increase (duh).
BUT remember every single person would get money back. And ALL financial assistance programs would be discontinued because the individual would have money to buy the things they need.
Average Individual According to Google
42000 Average Salary (WTF google)
- 10000 Current tax of 25%
= 32000 Spending money
42000 Average Salary
- 23000 Adjusted Tax of 55% (OMG BIG NUMBERS)
+ 12000 Basic Income (Everyone Gets it)
= 31000 Spending Money
The average person (not family) would only pay an extra $75 a month. 
Realistic Family According to People I know
65000 Salary of both parents
-16000 Current Tax of 25%
49000 Spending Money
65000 Salary of both parents
-36000 Adjusted Tax Rate of %55
+24000 Basic Income (For two 18+)
+5520 Basic Income (For two Kids)
58,520 Spending Money
So a family making 32,000 a year per parent would have extra money to support their kids and maybe, I dunno buy a house. Huh seems pretty good to me.
Unable to work individual
8000 Yearly Income from SSI
- 0 Taxes (Because of no income)
= 8000 Spending money
0 Yearly Income from SSI
- 0 Taxes (Because of no Extra Income)
+ 12000 Basic Income
12000 Spending Money
An extra $4000 more a month for the people who need it! AND others don't have to complain because... Get This... Everyone gets the money!!!! Rich/Poor/Disabled/Middle Class!
============ Where the numbers come from ==========
====================Tax Rates====================
10% Low Income Federal (22% Avarage)
10% Average State
7.6% On SS+Medicare + 6% paid by employer
6% Unemployment + 6% paid by employer
22.6% Total (37% Average Total)
================Double Check That ================
USA GDP is $16,000,000,000,000
Government Budget is $6,000,000,000,000 or 37%
=============Cost of Benefit Programs ===============
$943,300,000,000 was the cost of unemployment, wic, snap, school lunch, SS, supplement insurance and other Assistance Programs.
According to another government site $1,500,000,000,000 is collected via the SSI and Medicaid tax... I am gonna use the lesser of the two estimates
=============== Money Needed ===================
it would cost an extra $2,000,000,000,000 to get rid of all assistance programs and Implement Basic Income.
=============== Tax Increase =====================
2 trillion / 6 trillion = extra 33% taxes
=============== How much do I get ================
$2.9 trillion / population 
= $12,000 / year (for 18+)
$2500 / year (for < 18)
======== But Cost of living is more then 12k/year =========
My theory here implementing a Corporate cost of living tax on a state level to balance it out. When cost of living rises the percentage increases to give the public more money for the essentials.
For republicans and big business they would not have to fight the government for lower taxes because the rate would be proportional to the prices set.
They could work it out among themselves to lower the cost of living by working out business deals with property owners, utility companies, and grocery suppliers to lower the overall cost of living.
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2020 is the the deadline for self driving cars, according to a unspoken uber/tesla deal. Given a perfect driving AI the Jobs lost will be:

Traffic cops, Mechanics, Gas stations, Bus drivers, Taxi cabs, Uber drivers, Truck drivers, Food delivery Drivers, Other delivery drivers (Postal workers, Ups, FedEx, Driving instructors, product suppliers), Insurance agents, Car dealers, Insurance agents, Ambulances (not paramedics), Public transportation workers (subway, bus, government sections), Handicap transportation assistance, Fun Bus drivers, Greyhound, Amtrak People Movers, Car washes, car manufacturers (If cars are rented out on a ride to ride basis)

As one horse said to another in the past, These horseless carriages will be the end of all horses as we know it.
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My theory on why Apple would want to make a self driving car.
Apple Car would be more than just a competitor to Google, It would be the beginning of living an Apple branded life.
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Taylor Burke (Rolyataylor2)

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Trump is an idiot. This problem has nothing to do with immigrants it is a problem with our prison system. >50% of the prisoners are mentally ill people who should not be released 3 times on 3 related crimes. Anyone who gets arrested 3x, Immigrant or not, will more then likely have some sort of mental disability or psychological problem and locking them up doesn't fix that problem and releasing them without treatment is what gets our society in these situations.
With all the web api's around there are no open source social media management software's floating around? I guess I could make my own... Post once and have it show up on all social networks.
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Waiting on the Alcatel Idol 3 to come in the mail. Great phone My wife has been using it for a week and it seems like a fantastic purchase.
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I need 2 more followers to get a custom URL
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Taylor Burke (Rolyataylor2)

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Now the activists behind legalizing pot can protest and move on to LSD. Their lives will not lose meaning.

Taylor Burke (Rolyataylor2)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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The lady host is great! Glad to see a woman as a host even if it's a co-host; I think she could probably host her own though.

The up-pitch on some sentences can break my concentration a little (Like the incentives part on schooling). I had the same complaint about one of the (male) hosts of Dnews they ended up replacing that guy but they probably could have just told him to change it :/

From another comment of mine: The episode's jokes are too silly and not dry and monotone like the rest of CC I think that is what makes it cringe-ish. When john green makes a joke he just says it in the same tone and speed as the rest of his speech which is great because it doesn't break a person's concentration but makes them chuckle internally.

I agree that saying "and woman" is a bit off putting for some but they only did it once so I don't get why people are over-reacting about it. I would say just change the quote to "people" or "persons" instead.

Should really say the whole thing instead of DFTBA, Don't forget to be awesome.

Would love to see Underemployment and Min-wage effect on the economy and inflation rate!
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Hey my name is Taylor and this is my Google+ account. I am a tech oriented person and am moderately trained in core computer programming languages such as C++, Visual Basic, Assembly and more. I have a strong knowledge of PHP, Javascript and database management as well.

When it comes down to it the skills I possess include analysis and refinement of systems such as business operations, employee management, customer interaction, and software systems. My goals have always been to improve the efficiency of my life and the lives of anyone I meet.

Current Projects as of 2015:

Work Related: My current role at Simplymac improving sales of mine and all of my co-workers, I am also working higher up in finding problems with the current marketing and training systems and working with corporate to improve nationwide training material for all Simplymac's service departments. This includes improvements in marketing material, technician interactions and customer relations. 

Non-work Related: I am developing my skills through a series of mini-projects that can be seen on

I am always looking for opportunities to expand my skill set and refine system operations. If you are in need of services that you think I might fit feel free to send me a message.

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Best drinks in Vegas. Wish Vegas had more places like this, Small food/drink with high quality ingredients and decent prices when we visited. Everywhere around this place is nice and hopefully will spread to the rest of the strip.
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Wonderful Experience at Springwater Dental. Dr Chung and his staff were excellent in the whole process and even with the follow up. Very attentive and understanding staff that helped massively with our dental fears. Can tell the staff cares about building a dedicated patient base by removing those dental fears people have. Had complex oral surgery done to remove impacted teeth and wouldn't have chose a different dentist. My wife had sedation oral surgery done and had no pain or problems and the whole process alleviated a lot of fears she had of dental work in general. Would recommend for anyone who has any reservations about getting work done on their teeth. Thank you Springwater Dental we will see you all for our regular cleanings.
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Best teriyaki sauce anywhere. The place is small and doesn't look that great on the inside, but the sauce! Even people who don't like teriyaki like this place for the sauce. Go there, try it! You can buy the sauce separately!
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Grilled steak in their burritos. Large portions. Cash only.
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Old school American Chinese Food. Everything is fried and delicious! Great place to spoil yourself after eating healthy all week. Growing up this was the type of food we would get when we went out to eat. You will like this place if you like places like Canton Grill or China Hut (I haven't been to those places in a while though). This is one of the last places that serves this type of chinese food and has large portions. I just wish they delivered, My heart is glad they don't though.
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