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Ill post EVERDAY and will continue sharing his imade on the timelines I can yet here goes again...

Im out over 450$$ because of this lying salesman. I went to the Traverse City Verizon store. A store associate named Robin said Id walk out of the store paying less then 100$.. After asking SEVERAL times of asking very specific questions about what I would pay. He was heard by other customers saying "Im gonna try having you walk out of here paying less then 100$ today. As he is saying it he also is WRITING DOWN it on the quote, me and my friend will get phones, screen protectors and bumps these things are included and yet I cant do 100$ I can do 189$. For 189$ you BOTH will have a phone with screen protectors and bump guards. WHAT A LIE! He ran my card for 187 dollars and then ran it AGAIN for 264 while saying he was only running it for 187. So though he said he was running it for 187 he ran it twice and the second time was 264$. Though he wrote down and said screen/bump gaurds were included he secretly charged me and didnt expect me to check my bank account after walking out the store. He then wouldnt give me a reciept for the second charge saying he put 2 receipts in the bag though I only had one reciept. I had to pull out my phone and show him the pending charges on my bank. So not only did Robin lie about my card HE STOLE an extra $60 for screen/bump protectors! Then when I returned everything and demanded my money back they kept "70$ as a restocking fee" and STILL HAVE NOT gave me back my $187 or the 264$!!! They stole from my debit card and then they stole the money they shouldnt have ever taken. He even wrote what he was charging me down on a paper I still have! THIS IS ILLEGAL. If you run my card for more then you say you areand lie about it then you should be arrested and lose your job. The salesman Robin wouldnt answer for what he did and the other solutions manager said it was my fault and still continued trying to make me keep the phones though my money was STOLEN and the continued saying it was my fault for Robin charging my card a total of 451$! They ruined Christmas and stole my Christmas money so now I cant buy Christmas gifts for my family! After Corporate caught wind of this on Facebook they were appalled at the solutions manager and Robins behavior. Verizon should step up and FIX THIS. As of this writing I have not seen a dime and WILL CONTINUE SHARING my experience of what this man and thenother solutions managers at Verizon has did. Corporate Verizon also apologized for this stores actions including hanging up on me 10x Christmas Eve Morning, lying solutions salemans and selling goods under false pretenses! Before being hung up on the 8th time I finally had a chance to speak to Robin, he even admitted to lying and being wrong yet I still dont have the money in my account. This man should be arrested for stealing peoples money. How many other people did he over charge and they didnt realize it? Im seeking a lawyer and legal help for the LARCENY and lies commited.

I told you on the phone Robin how low of a man you must be to do this to a family on Christmas. How low you must go to steal money we saved for months and you just steal it and think its ok to ruin my family's Christmas. I told you on the phone that I would find your picture and WARN everyone of what you are capable of. I will share your image untill you publicly apologize and there is 451$ in my bank account you ripped off with lies.

They INSTANTLY took the money. The man admitted to lying yet Verizon keeps telling me I gotta wait!. They should contact my family and explain why there isnt anything under the tree I WILL NOT PM VERIZON. THEY HAVE SENT OVER 40 messages full of broken promises and WILL NOT give me the number to the legal team or lawyers! I FINALLY recieved 386 yet am still owed 70$. I have reached out to Verizon support over 50x and am about to start posting on Verizons advertisers to make them aware of EVERYTHING Verizon put my family through. They have did NOTHING to make any of this right. I have been promised free service & activation, 2 phones and other things as a way for Verizon to start making this right. I have documented the lies and everything that has happened with Verizon including yet not limited to taking screenshots and the employees photo. Unless this matter is settled before January 5 2017 I will be seeking damages and grief compensation in 86th district court in Antrim County Michigan. 
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And braggadocious 
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+Ajda Boksic Filipovic especially Heath Ledger....
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All you can drink?
I'll be a Geist after the feist. 
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Needs more jet fuel 
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He sure does. 
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OMG look at her butt

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