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Transient traces

To be and to act, leaving traces with every step we take, changing the world. This seems so relevant and lasting. How healing it is, to see every now and then, as our traces move on and the world becomes whole again soon after.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

+Poets Society of Photography by +Claudine de Faÿ 
+The Society Of Light 

+Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa 
+Breakfast Art Club by +Kate Church  
+Zen Sunday  #zensunday  +Charlotte Therese Björnström 
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I can easily follow your thoughts. I like it when pictures have depth that isn't coming from the choice of focal point. ;-)
Nice photo, and I like that thought....but I also like to think that some changes are really necessary and needs to stay. I.e. some traces remain... :-)
Thanks much for the comments, +Roger Moeppel and +Charlotte Therese Björnström .
Charlotte, just because the waves leave our field of view doesn't mean they're gone. The world changes, even if our eyes cannot see that. Remember the butterfly effect... belief in the changes you made to the world - they exists, even if you don't see them (anymore).

have a nice sunday!
Thank you kindly, +Claudine de Faÿ. Glad you like the shot for  feedback coming from you is most precious to me. 

Have a wonderful day, all!
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