"If you're going to be a target, don't be a big one." - R.L. Taylor.

Before encountering the Taelorian civilization, the Axis came upon an interesting discovery, the existence of secret pathways in space, accessible by portals known as drop zones, where there appears to be an notable absence of matter but yet a presence of erratic, weak, gravity. After studying these portals and sending ships through them on exploratory missions, the Axis realized that they could easily travel to the farthest reaches of space by entering these zones. However, they soon realized that these zones would be tricky for most ships, because the erratic gravity and other forces tended to trick electronics, as well as cause other unusual problems. Furthermore, until they could get a map of the pathways opened by these portals, there would be no telling where they would lead to. This problem became even more obvious, when they encountered hostile human colonies scattered through various parts of space, which they would increasingly run into as they explored the drop zones. A new ship would be needed, one that is both powerful and resilient, and literally hard to hit.

For this reason, the Axis dropship class was created.

Axis Dropship: The Sklyzar

Smaller in surface area, and lower in mass, than most other small attack vessels, the Sklyzar is built to take a beating - by not being very easy to beat in the first place. A single pilot drop ship, it is normally paired with a "biobot", a robotic "lifeform" that can make decisions normally made by a pilot in tough situations - though it makes most decisions on its own, and also flies and defends itself. The Sklyzar is perfect for raiding known human colonies for slaves and resources, as well as for harassing other advanced civilizations, such as the Taelorian Empire. It is packed to full capacity with weaponry (though there isn't much capacity to begin with), but carries no missiles or projectile based weapons. Like most Axis attack vessels, the Sklyzar almost never attacks alone.

Its design helps it to remain stable in the unpredictable environments of most drop zones, and as such, it can right itself in seconds after being spun in almost any way. For both the Taelorians and the (normal) humans, it is quite the pain in the neck.
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