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A great interview with Richard Stallman (28 minutes)

Interesting, this OTA document "The Containment of Underground Nuclear Explosions" which could be downloaded from the US gov site, now suddenly requires username and password. The reason this document is interesting is that on page 27-28 (logical page 18-19) it describes how the Ground Zero is collapsing. On page 42-43 (logical 34-35) it describes why an underground explosion's radioactivity will be sealed.
OK, this is not a problem for you who know how to use the internet archive.

This is just a test.
We invented the idea of consciousness to explain why we invented the idea of consciousness.
We invented the idea of physics to explain why we invented the idea of physics.
We need a TOE (Theory of Everything).
Opinions are welcome❣

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For SF fans. I just found that one of my favorite authors Isaac Asimov wrote a story named "The Last Trump", which I hadn't read.

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I saw this picture, but biased, I tried to make it less

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Quite funny, I was searching for an illustration to "gravitational attractor" when this picture showed up. It's extra funny as I just read the book "Simulacron-3"

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Antimatter breakthrough. No "anti-light" yet but photon absorption similar as for matter.

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The most important contribution to economy since the invention of the wheel is provided by the results from the Nobel Prize in chemistry this year which finally enables us to get rid of the disease denoted artificial scarcity❣
This movie was created in 2004 as a collaborative effort between Nanorex and The Foresight Institute.
Thanks to the work by Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J.Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa, these machines can soon be as common in each and everyone's home as the stove and the watertap.

I'm usually against the EC (Electoral College) in US, but in this case I'm pro, as HC had been a complete catastrophe, most likely the end of the world (ayki(as you know it)). Of course DNC had the option of Bernie Sanders  but they obviously wanted Trump to win, as they chose (H/K)illary, which from pov is insane. It's funny, despite I've always been pro-democrats and anti-republicans my whole life this time I'm now defending Donald Trump, as he seems to be The One who can change the system to become a democratic one (well Obama has showed us everything from DNC seems to be lies...)
Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize... :-D

Sentio ergo sum❢
"Cogito ergo sum" or " Je pense, donc je suis" could be valid for any philosophical zombie, without them actually knowing themselves to exist. I consider the correct term should be "Je ressens, donc je suis" or just "Je sens, donc je suis" which in Latin would be "Sentio ergo sum".
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