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Anyone seen a video for installing the official metal band? 

Is there a way to filter out posts whining about updates?

Why is +Google Play​ movies erroring out on +Roku​ so much ? Seems I have to resume a movie every 10-15 minutes?

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Local farm.

Well +Roku​ adding +Google Play​ movies is an awesome addition. Hopefully integration into the main Roku search is the next step.

+Motorola Mobility when can I order a second generation Moto X with 64 GB?

+Chris Lacy Do you plan having a setting for tap speed?  I am using a LG G3 and I seem to have to strike lightning fast to get it to register a double or triple tap.  I need to hold my phone with a special grip just to have a chance.  My wild uneducated guess is maybe the screen resolution shrinking the tap target area?

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How Microsoft can crawl back in it: with Office
You'll need a subscription for the iPad, but here's another way to use Office on the go for free

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Hopefully some news on the USA release soon.

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New favorite puzzle/time waster game.
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