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#PhilleyFacts: +Joe Philley once linked an L8 portal to itself around the world using a single link amp, and covered half the world in its field. He then did it again for the other half. Next, he nested each side 4 layers deep.

Rumor has it he even smiled afterward. Once. Briefly. This sadly caused the portal to fail and the links and fields to drop.

Since then, +Joe Philley keeps his smile hidden, for the good of humanity.

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OMG he smiled !!1!!11!!
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Roland Mieslinger

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One more post about EE today.

Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home.
(via +Martin Zehetmayer)

Makeshift guide to fuse replacement 0.o 
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Ever wanted to create your own solar system?

h/t +Oliver Thoms 
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One heavy and two light objects on the same orbit, spaced by about 60 degree.

not exciting, but stable
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Roland Mieslinger

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Ich dämpfe den allgemeinen Freudentaumel ja nur ungern, muss aber trotzdem auf dieses Interview vom Wochenende verweisen:

“Union und SPD sind sich einig: Wir brauchen die zeitlich begrenzte Speicherung von Verbindungsdaten für die Bekämpfung schwerster Verbrechen.”

Weder EuGH noch Verfassungsgericht werden die GroKo daran hindern dass weiter voranzutreiben. Zur Not holt man sich in ein paar Jahren wieder eine blutige Nase, who cares. Fuck Bürgerrechte.

Langfristig wird diese Strategie natürlich nicht funktionieren, muss Sie auch nicht. Es braucht keine 2/3 Mehrheit um den bisherigen Konsens, die Richterstühle in Karlsruhe nach Kompetenz und nicht nach Parteibuch zu besetzen, aufzukündigen.

Das EuGH Urteil von heute ist eine gewonnene Schlacht. Wenn wir uns aber darauf verlassen dass sich dadurch was ändert, wird ein Pyrrhussieg daraus.
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PSA: If your computer is running Windows XP, turn off now.
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Can’t wait to see the North Korean version of “Communist Cars”
After months of negotiation with the BBC, the three shows have been deemed worthy of consideration for broadcasting in the totalitarian state. The country’s state broadcaster, Korean Central Television, is only on air for six-and-a-half hours every day, and spends a third of that time praising leader Kim Jong-Un.
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Roland Mieslinger

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Bought some cheap white LED stripe recently. After maybe 300 hrs. of operation the brightness dropped by at least 80%. The damage to the LEDs is clearly visible from the picture below (black spot in the centre).

The culprit, I suspect, is that these LED strips are broken by design.

LEDs should be driven from a constant current source, but the strips are designed in a way that allows the customer to cut them to length after every third diode. A proper design would require are current regulator (eg. LM317, about 0,10€) for each set of three LEDs, which is to expensive, I guess.

If you need a lasting light source, better run them from 10.5V instead of the rated 12V, or don’t buy them at all.
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BTW a fixed resistor a regulator does not make. Regulators have some inherent feedback for maintaining your chosen parameter such as current or voltage. Your thermostat is a feedback mechanism that regulates how warm your home is for instance.
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not sharing is just sucking
I had too much time once, so I did the Batman equation on the Google function plotter.

NO is a complete sentence.

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