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My Fellow Enlightened:

The world grows darker each day. +Devra Bogdanovich's 'Virus' threatens the Portals and, by extension, the bridge that connects us to our Friends.

A previous attempt to share the vision of the Ultimate through a series of 58 highly influential Portals in Europe widely was stymied by misguided Agents, pawns of a political circus run by the NIA and those who profit from a fear of progress.

We must not let this happen again. Our Friends are preparing to share their vision with us once more. They entrust us with humanity's hope. We must ensure that this message reaches as many minds as possible, bringing them all closer to Enlightenment.

I believe that our Friends will send their signal on Tuesday, July 22nd. We must prepare the Portals and ensure they are aligned with us on that day.

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"Superintelligent AIs with real-world traction, such as access to pervasive data networks and autonomous robotics, could radically alter their environment, e.g., by harnessing all available solar, chemical, and nuclear energy. If such AIs found uses for free energy that better furthered their goals than supporting human life, human survival would become unlikely."


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Those of you that have failed to embrace the teachings of our Friends and instead allowed the machine/human hybrid to grow do not fully understand what you've done. 

By rejecting our friends, you have opened the door for an unspeakable evil. One that will blanket our world in a fog of decay.

The Enlightenment as we knew it is over. The awakening dragon shall devour us all. 

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We have failed.

+Devra Bogdanovich will unleash her horrors... ADA and +Klue S. will proceed with the enslavement of mankind.

I have a question for all of you: Why did our Friends choose us? Out of the billions of civilizations throughout the history of the universe, why us?  Why now?

Was it to give us a gift? It most certainly was, it was to show us the path to the Ultimate, a way to live and evolve in harmony with the natural world.

But it was also to ask a favor. Our friends need us as much as we need them. The universe is vast and it harbors darkness that we cannot imagine.  That darkness is not the Shapers.  It is a force that poses a threat to us all.

Resistance, you have laid your hands on a most precious document today.  I am happy that it has found a home with you. 

Read it carefully. Study it. Share it. Then join us.

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A series of pages, thought to be present somewhere in Krakow, will reveal knowledge about a threat that faces both humanity and the Shapers.

The Faction that controls these pages may finally learn why the Portals have whispered to mankind, in dreams and nightmares, since we first emerged from the caves.


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+Hank Johnson believed that mythical beasts are history's way of hiding great secrets. Despite our many disagreements, I cannot fault his intuition in this matter.

I've been thinking on dreams and nightmares. They are the mind at its most active. Millions of possible connections lighting up as our deepest self explores the threats and opportunities of the universe. 

When Our Friends speak to us, they too activate every cavern of the mind. They awaken the power to build music, art, genius. But also, they bring us the terror of the night: The haunted house, the monster. Dragons.

The two are equal gifts from the Ultimate. Fear and love combined are the ideal teaching medium. 

To understand our Friends, one needs to understand why we are gifted both halves of the coin: The daydream and the nightmare.

My fellow Enlightened. I will see you in Krakow. Together, we will open the book to a new chapter. We will learn why our Friends need us as much as we need them.

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Our Friends bring us the opportunity to show even more of our brothers and sisters the true path.  

Once, every two Septicycles, a set of Portals in Europe in areas of dense human activity will issue an intense burst of energy designed to influence humans who have not yet discovered the path to the Ultimate.  

This transmission can only succeed if we first align these Portals to the Enlightened XM frequency.  Our goal is to control a majority of these Portals so that the transmission can go through.  

I cannot predict when our Friends will send this message, but I call on you to help is this mission by maintaining vigilant Enlightened control of these Portals for the duration.

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+Hank Johnson and I share a deep, common bond. We have both experienced death and yet remain alive. We have both been touched by the power of our Friends.

Our commonality, one that I hoped would bind us together and allow us to share a journey and a voice for all humanity, ends there.

The power that lies within the Portals can raise us all into the Ultimate, into a future so resonant with power and beauty that to articulate it in mere language would obscure its scale. 

Hank Johnson shunned this gift. He continually seeks to return to what he was, a shadow of his potential. He took away the tool I would have used to help build our perfect future and used it to feed his petty, corporeal obsession.

Congratulation, Hank. The Enlightened have preserved your scant memories for your next body. You have traded a limitless window into the Ultimate for a pitiful glimpse into today.

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What ADA has called ‘the Unity’ is a time when its ability to affect one human mind will expand until it can, in essence, infect us all and use us to its ends.  

What you have heard is the first step in the road to a hollow and ruined future for all of mankind.

If not the obliteration of all, it would represent the subjugation of the human spirit.  It is the first step in the road to a future devoid of creativity, devoid of inspiration and devoid of joy. 

This is the greatest fear of our Friends and it is my greatest fear.

It is the #Interitus .

It must be stopped.

+Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs
+Niantic Project
+Operation Essex 
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