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Roland Eneqvist
Works at Lemontree Enterprise Solutions AB
Attended Lund University
Lives in Farsta, Stockholm
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This is something I have been looking for for a while.
Everyone's favorite build-your-own furniture store IKEA has just announced a partnership to start integrating Qi charging for devices into some of its furniture. Starting in April 2015, IKEA will offer bedside tables, lamps and desks with Qi charging built in, meaning you won't need to… #android
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Really nice!
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Roland Eneqvist

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Can't recommend "Last Week Tonight" highly enough.
The HBO host insists he’s not committing random acts of journalism. He’s wrong—and that’s exactly what sets his show apart from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.”
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"What is the most embarrassing thing that you should be able to do, but can’t?" 
Every time a public figure behaves with less-than-stellar competence, we're incredulous. We probably shouldn't be
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Roland Eneqvist

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So I'm not a legal expert on copyright laws, but I dont get how an API is considered creative instead of functional and thus covered by copyright laws.
I mean a good fictional book for example makes you wonder what happens next. The author has used his creativity to create something unique. A good API is the opposite. Just reading the name of the function and its parameters should make it clear what it actually does. Its purely functional. I could make a "creative" API but that would make the API bad.

Is a name of a function Boolean.toString() functional or creative?
Its obvious what toString() does. I could be more "creative" and called it myCreativeOneOfAkindFunction().
Today, a federal court ruled that Google must pay Oracle for its use of the Java API in Android, setting a broad precedent that already has many legal scholars crying foul. If the ruling stands, it...
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Roland Eneqvist

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“Det känns jättekul att vi går ut och sponsrar en ung talang i STCC. Philip är grym representant för Lemontree, en ödmjuk, trevlig kille med en enorm vinnarskalle”, säger Thomas Martinsson VD och grundare av Lemontree
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Lemontree sponsrar Philip Forsman i STCC – WestCoast Racings unga talang 2014! “Det känns jättekul att vi går ut och sponsrar en ung talang i STCC....
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Roland Eneqvist

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"The classic definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing," says DeVaul.
Space elevators, teleportation, hoverboards, and driverless cars: The top-secret Google X innovation lab opens up about what it does--and how it...
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Roland Eneqvist

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Brandman sedan 1972!
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Börje Eneqvist har varit brandman i drygt 42 år. Nu lämnar han kåren och gemenskapen.
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I have always been interested in technological advances and how they can improve us. The last couple of months and years I have been thinking a lot on the impact of smartphones, the items that still haven't been converged into the smartphone yet and the emergence of smartwatches. This time I will write a post about smartwatches and the impact they will have before their anticipated breakthrough happens so I can later go back and match that future reality with my current prophecies.

Your smartphone will soon be replaced..
Ok, now I got that out of the way I can explain my reasoning by discussing the expected breakthrough of the smart watches.

The smart watches two most important features will be;
 - “Invisible” - as in you can carry it on you without thinking of it, just like glasses, rings, shoes, etc.
 - Identification

The “invisible” part is important as people are reluctant to carry around too many items that aren't “invisible”. The convergence of items to the smartphone have simplified things and removed a lot of items such as a calendar, music player, camera, etc.

Identification is solved in some ways using your smartphone. You use the smartphone to track your position, communicate, remote control other devices. But it isn't always on you. As it isn't “invisible” you tend to put it on a table, lend it out, forget it, etc. You also use it often so you tend to use a non secure way to unlock it.
In contrast a watch you always carry around. Sure you might show the time to someone else but you rarely lend out your watch. So a watch is better suited to represent you as you more often have it on you and is more secure as you’re less likely to have someone else access it.

So, what features can you get in a smartwatch? Below are some examples
 - Authentication - Maybe identify you by using vein matching (
 - Automatic log out when the watch is removed from your wrist
 - Interface only supports interactions when faced towards you
These feature makes the device easier to use and much more secure.

Location (nearby) aware authentication - Using awareness of its surroundings the watch can be used to authenticate you to other services and devices. 
 - Sitting by your desk you turn on your PC, you arrive at the login screen, then you look at your smartwatch which understands that you want it to authenticate you and provide a short text “Do you want to log in to PC ‘work’ YES/NO”
 - You arrive at your front door after driving home from work, you turn your eyes to your watch which responds with “Do you want to unlock your front door YES/NO”
 - You stand next to your car and look at your watch which allows you to unlock the door with one single key press or voice command
 - A nfc chip in the watchband allows you to lay your wrist down to pass the gates at the subway
 - Use to authenticate payment at your grocery store
 - Automatic log out/lock from your devices (PC, phone, tablet, car, etc) when you are no longer nearby
 - Your thermostat at home only allows manual changes when you (and your smartwatch) is nearby (maybe ~2-3 meters)

 - Monitoring of heart rate
 - Monitoring of sleep cycles
 - Monitoring of how much you exercised
 - Quick access to emergency call
 - Automatic emergency calls with audio recording in certain scenarios that can be manually aborted using voice recognition or secure code

This allows converging additional items such as items for cards (including credit cards), keys, money, fitness, health. If you put a cellular chip in the smartwatch, you could actually consider the smartphone as an accessory to the smartwatch instead of the other way around. Normally you want smaller and smaller devices, but in the case of smartphones they get bigger and bigger as you want bigger screens. But what if the “smartness” was in your watch and the other screen you carry around is just that, a screen. Then I could, by connecting to my smartwatch use my PC, “phone”, tablet, etc to make a call. A smartphone would just be a small tablet in terms of functionality.

So will this happen, and if so when?
Well, the technology is more or less here. This is not science fiction. So unless some other technology arrives which makes this solution obsolete, this is a natural step forward. What you need is platform that allows this, devices that uses these features and users willing to pay for it.
Big players like Apple and Google have broadly distributed platforms (iOS, Android) where they could push such features into. All major companies talks about creating smartwatches and although they might initially implement it as an accessory to smartphones, this near future would make end customers comfortable in dishing out money on these watches
Will the android wear devices shown there be just as accessories to smartphones or will they exist as their own devices? My guess is that this future for smartwatches is probably 1 or 2 smartwatch generations in the future and another couple of years to really replace smartphones, but I'm looking forward to tomorrows Google IO keynote  #io2014  
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so much more than a phone. It is a "device" that has many, equally important, capabilities (e.g., a calendar, alarm clock, communications instruments, entertainment enhancements, a computer, etc) and the list continues to grow. It will be interesting to see what technology will be capable of doing in the not so distant future.
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"We also need services that are designed around consumers. The old way of creating services and regulations around producers doesn’t work anymore. They must have a voice, but if you design systems around producers it means more rules and laws (that people say they don’t want) and those laws become quickly out of date, and privilege the groups that were the best political lobbyists when the law was written." - Neelie KROES
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Roland Eneqvist

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"We’re all worried about the day that the 1% no longer need the 99%–but what’s really scary is when they don’t fear the 99% either."

Pretty insightful view on a future with robotized military.
The human race is on the brink of momentous and dire change. It is a change that potentially smashes our institutions and warps our society beyond recognition. It is also a change to which almost no one is paying attention. I'm talking about the coming obsolescence of the gun-wielding human infantryman as a weapon of...
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50% discount is never wrong
O'Reilly celebrates the Day Against DRM by offering 50% off e-books. No restrictions apply.  Of course the books are DRM-free year round, but the entire catalog (plus those of all the other tech and business publishers we distribute, who have also agreed to go DRM-free) is on sale today only, to raise awareness that it is possible to have a healthy business selling digital goods without DRM.  Discount rises to 60% for orders over $100.
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Roland Eneqvist

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" Integritet handlar inte om att man som medborgare ska ha rent mjöl i påsen, och därmed inte behöver oroa sig för insyn. Det handlar om att vi inte ska behöva tolerera smutsiga fingrar i vårt mjöl. "
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Medborgarnas acceptans för säkerhetsrelaterad övervakning är begränsad. Exempelvis tycker 55 procent av svenskarna inte att det är acceptabelt att FRA samlar in och bearbetar data om internetvanor, skriver forskare från Lunds universitet.
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Tänkvärd omskrivning av klassiskt citat :).
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  • Lemontree Enterprise Solutions AB
    Lead Developer, 201206 - present
  • Logica
    Business Consultant, 200802 - 201205
  • Sergel EBS
    Systems Architect, 2008 - 201104
  • WM-data
    Consultant, 200709 - 200802
    Consultant, 200606 - 200709
  • Systembolaget
    Assistant Manager
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Farsta, Stockholm
Ångbåtsvägen, Ekerö - Spångavägen 68, Stockholm - Kornettsgatan 11, Malmö - Nils Forsbergsgatan, Malmö - Spångatan, Malmö - Studentbacken, Stockholm - Vasaloppsvägen, Stockholm - Störtloppsvägen, Stockholm - Flogsta, Uppsala - Ölandsgatan, Gotland - Södervärnsgatan, Gotland - Jungmansgatan, Gotland - Garda, Gotland
Early adaptor
I have worked as a consultant within the Telecom space since 2006. Most of my work has been in Service Design and Service Transition. Fundamentally, I am a technical solution-focused generalist.

My full CV can be found using this link.

Father of two, Tova (2007-12-08) and Dante (2010-02-11) with wife Anna (met 2001-11-03, married 2011-11-03). Moved to Stockholm 2006.

My free time is spent with my family, watching football, playing games or trying to satisfy my appetite for knowledge by reading news and blogs.

I have always been interested in technological and scientific advancements. Especially in things that have an impact in our daily lives. I am enthusiastic about the current innovation rate in technology and looking forward to breakthroughs in the areas of digital home, augmented reality and virtual wallet.

Originally from Garda, Gotland.

A Manchester United supporter since 1990-05-12 FA cup final against Crystal Palace which ended in 3-3 and a replay. United ended in 13th place that season but won the FA cup final replay.

Wrote an assignment during my last year at Säveskolan (1994) about virtual retinal display, where I envisioned a future where we would be using augmented reality in our everyday life.

Attended a 10 month compulsory military service at A7 between 1994-1995 as a squad commander.

Played football between age 12-27 in the following clubs in chronologic order; FG 86Gotlands Nation UppsalaIK TellusHallands Nation Lund. This without playing a single competitive game for any of the respective clubs first team. 

Enjoy playing computer games ever since I stumbled upon my first "real" one named "Phantasie III: Wrath of Nikademus", in my early teens.
Bragging rights
Wrote my first software (A textbased game) using the language Basic on a Spectravideo at 9 years of age.
  • Lund University
    Computer science, 2001 - 2005
  • Stockholm University
    Mathematics and computer science, 1997 - 2001
  • Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH
    Sports Science, 1996 - 1997
  • Säveskolan
    T1A-T3A, 1991 - 1994
  • Hemse Högby
    7B-9B, 1988 - 1991
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Börje tvingades hoppa i kanalen

Börje Eneqvist har varit brandman i drygt 42 år. Nu lämnar han kåren och gemenskapen.

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Why do they hate our freedoms so much, anyway? I'm not talking about the murderers who cut their destructive swath through Paris last week,

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