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I got this name from an URL.
I got this name from an URL.


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Hi there, I'm Display Face. A random guy from the Internet. And this is my profile, with my stuff. You can take a look as you please, but don't touch anything.

GENDER: I'm a guy. No, Tumblr, just a guy.

AGE: Born in 1997.

OCCUPATION: Student, although it's probably not a "real" occupation.

SEXUALITY: I'm in that 95% of not homosexual people out there.

PARTNER: My girlfriend Marina. We share similar mentalities, but she is cuter and has different genitalia.

HOBBIES: Many. Mainly games and handmade stuff.

PERSONALITY: That's probably not my duty to state.

HOPES AND DREAMS: I would like to create a method that allows the translation of a human mind into a series of electric pulses (an "artificial brain").

LIKES: Nice people, nice food, nice places, nice art, nice games, nice moments, my dogs (Uasa and Aby, you get the joke).

DISLIKES: Bad people, bad food, bad places, bad art, bad games, bad moments, her cat (name's ET, but will only answer to his food bowl being filled).

SHOULD DEFINETLY FOLLOW: Everyone I follow, really. They are all cool people. But I'll highlight these guys:

+A Tryhard​​​​ (Not so serious guy with a taste for changing his fucking avatar every 12 seconds. Still a great pal)

+Pieinyoureye​​​​ (That guy that laughs at everything and has a golden heart, but also a temperamental mind)

+Mr. Noperino​​​​ (Won't show up that much, but when he does, you will surely like his stay)

+Fear​​​​ (I would joke about him being edgy, but in reality he's rapidly evolving as an artist and a person, and I probably don't give him all the attention he deserves)

+James S​​​​ (The programming madman, spends more time coding than breathing. He can be either a very nice guy or your memey antagonist)

+beta.​​​​ (Has his ups and downs, but it's easy to disagree with his quiet and estoic self. Enjoy his not-so-frequent stays, he'll probably post about fandoms)

+H o t G a y M e n I n L i n g e r i e​​​​ (Going through important moments in his life, be sure to check his vast art gallery and enjoy yourself with his double-ironies and vapour content)

+SonicLux Hedgeman​​​​ (A guy with many talents and apparently also an excellent worker, congrats pal. His profile is worth checking by his many different artstyles)

+Ectopic Meliorism​​​​ (She's just a girl fighting her way through this life, cute and lewd memes cover her profile. Maybe she needs to mature a bit more, but she certainly is a very promising fam)

Easter eggs so far:
Trojan Pro: Trajan Pro
New Times' Roman: Times New Roman
Not An Arial Black: Arial Black
Neuropolitician: Neuropolitical
Just Finely Eloquent: Eloquent JF
The World Book: Le Monde du Livre
Kama Sutro: Sutro

So that's it. Fancy meeting you here.
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Tenth day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: A taste of strawberry

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When Google knows you're a Pyro main
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Eight day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: A fruit similar to lemon

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Seventh day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: Sexelent Snake

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Sixth day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: Too Bloody Slow

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Fifth day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: Artisticstache

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Third day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: The Admin didn't Return

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Second day of the Hatvent Calendar is up! Come join the raffle!

Password: Tran:Legacy

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Snowy streets! Dead fir trees! Backstabs and crockets! Ahhhh yes, it smells just like another beautiful Smissmas. But wait, what is this rancid, putrid, hippie-like smell that poisons Old Nick's nostrils? Ah, I see: it's the distinct smell of a human lacking any sort of ammunition, explosive or weapon! But worry not, dear compatriots, for the plague of gunpowderlessness will not ruin this sacred time of the year once more! Behold... the Hatvent Calendar!

For 25 days, once a day, a series of completely out-of-the-blue raffles will conquer the badlands to ensure every good little mercenary gets what they deserve: the ability to kill other mercenaries. And, even more importantly, doing it in style!

Ready up your unwrapping fingers to open your yearly treat! Or your brainless cranium to be blown away by the devilishly stylish winners if you don't manage to win anything at all... Regardless, best of luck, for there will be gifts to spare, blood to drip and guts to shoot in this amazing display of selflessness (and perhaps negligence) from the mod team, with a secret and equally amazing extra gift on the 25th day!

Good luck and godspeed, mercs!

Enter the password "A fruit similar to lemon" to participate

Alternatively, stroll by our webpage:

Credit to +James S and +SkyBlade for their great work programming the official webpage.

Also credit to +The Magic Rat for this amazing poster starring yours truly, and to Geel from for his always convenient private raffle system.
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