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The LEDs are a 4 pin LED strip that will change based on what color currently controls the cube. The car horns will signal the start and end of the game. The speaker will be a small and for close range auditory capture sounds. This runs on a 11.1v LiPo battery and with all with all electronic items hooked up should run for 6+ hours. The software runs on a cheapy arduino pro mini that I got at Microcenter. The white button will be for game reset but is not programmed yet. I've recently ordered some new 16x2 LCD screens that are sunlight viewable as the current screens are not. Eventually this will be installed in a plywood box, this is just a basic programming concept video. I'll also be adding programming to allow scoring and timing changes on the field, these will be on a separate screen inside the unit as I plan on having different game types and multiple units that network together and communicate with each other over a distance.
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