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Roisin Kerin
When in doubt fake a British accent
When in doubt fake a British accent

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When there are no words, no actions that can be big enough
to fill the holes created in the families who have now just lost loved ones.
The act of terrorism that has been at the forefront for over a decade is
accumulating innocent victims that have asked fo...

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I’m trying to find a balance. Work, Life and health. In February I set myself a goal to do 15,000 steps a day. From someone who sits
at a desk 5 days of the week it was hard enough getting to 5K a day let alone
10K. But I was determined and found I can be q...

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Letter to a friend. I wish I could soften the blow for you. So that I could tell
you that it isn't as painful, scary, uncertain as it seems – but the truth of
it is that it’s all that and more. Otherwise people wouldn't call it love.                 I want

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I was in year 7 when I first recall falling in love with
reading. I don’t mean having to read some shitty ass book that you get assigned
for class either. My teacher who still remains one of the best teachers I ever
had recommended me to do the MS Readathon...

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Letting go of feelings is never as easy as people make it out to be. To read about it in books, to see it played out in movies it seems like everything works out for the best for them. No one ever tells you it is the scariest feeling when you actually tell ...

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A year ago to this day I was on an adventure. With little to no warning I booked a flight and went overseas to experience the welcoming in of a brand new year with my best friend. How a year can seem so long ago.  It really is the city that never sleeps New...

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Moon Wishes The ritual had began.  The chasing down of the sun.  A car filled with the sounds of the music we listened to as young teenagers, two adults now headed towards the mountains creeping up ahead. It was the time for the night owls to come out. Niko...

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It was almost the end of June.  I knew not counting England that this was going to be my last trip before I headed back to Australia... Yet here we are in December and I'm just posting this now. It's been a long time coming. Paris . I want to tell you a sto...

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Can you keep a secret? I got to see a baby mammoth when I was in England this year...and I also have a photo of it! Something which if it lived would have grown up to look something along the lines of: but due to it's early death the most complete mammoth e...
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