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The fifteenth  of March every year is a very special date for international students in Australia .  It is on this day when most of the student visas are about to expire . Sometimes , the international students are not even aware that their student visa…

Post has attachment are right in assuming that I am referring to the recent refusals by the Department in pretty much every occupation that has got the word ” Manager” attached to it  . The golden question though is why is this happening ? The answer is simple..the…

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      Don’t get me wrong . I love weddings and I am sure I am not alone . It would be very hard to match the sheer lavishness of Indian weddings and the mere thought of attending a wedding back home could give anyone an adrenalin overdose. We all have a…

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  It sounds scary. Isn’t it ? Well… the purpose of the header of this article was not to scare you but to make you aware of the impact of  what is usually termed as a “silly mistake ” by most  visa applicants . Just imagine this . You are about  transfer…

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There are written rules and there are the unwritten ones which could only be figured out  by monitoring the Department’s approach towards refusing or granting applications related to a specific visa subclass. So here are our top five picks of the unsaid…

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I think we are a bit late here in wishing everyone a Happy New Year but we guess its better to wish a belated something than not wishing at all. So, Happy New Year everyone! With 2016 a year full of policy changes and a very tough stance taken by the…

Fee increase: MRT-RRT
The fee payable when lodging an application with the Migration and Refugee Division of the AAT, for review of all visa refusals and cancellations, except protection visas, will increase to $1,673.
The fee payable after an unfavourable review decision is made by the Migration and Refugee Division in relation to a protection visa will also be $1,673.
In cases where a 50% fee reduction is granted the reduced fee will be $836.50.
Application fees are required by law to be adjusted every two years in line with the Consumer Price Index.

New and easier student visa system set to be introduced
The federal government is expected to slash the number of student visa categories and introduce a simplified single immigration risk framework for international students as part of a long-flagged shake-up of student visas, according to a report in The Australian Financial Review.
Announcing the changes, Education Minister Christopher Pyne and Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash said that the number of types of student visa would be reduced from eight to two and that the current visa risk assessment system, which favours universities and a limited number of other education providers, would be replaced with a system that would make it easier for private colleges to enrol foreign students.

An Important Decision About Student Visa Applications – Proving That The Applicant Has Adequate Funds For Course Fees and Living Expenses
The Federal Circuit Court has ruled that applicants for student visas who intend to rely on bank loans to pay for their living and school costs do not need to provide evidence that they have had regular income sufficient to accumulate the loan funds.
- Saji v Minister for Immigration & Anor (2015) FCCA (7 May 2015)

The department no longer requires all applicants for the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa to provide overseas police certificates from each country they have lived in for 12 months or more during the past 10 years after turning 16 years of age. Applicants will only need to provide overseas police certificates for Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa applications if they are requested by the department.
The department's website will be updated in due course to reflect this change.
There is no change to the requirements in relation to Australian Federal Police (AFP) checks.
If you have previously been asked by the department to provide overseas police certificates for particular applications please continue to provide these unless the department specifically advises you not to.
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