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We’ve been listening to feedback from our users who want more flexible ways to find their friends on Google+. One of the most flexible tools is an address book uploader, and I wanted to share the good news that it will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.

Many email systems— and even some social networks — put users in charge of their own data by helping them export their contacts in the standard CSV or vCard formats.

One thing about our uploader is that we won’t mix your imported contacts up with all of your other Google Contacts. We only store the ones that you put into your Circles.

We’re hoping our new address book uploader helps users discover new ways to find their friends. As always, keep the feedback coming, and thanks for using Google+!
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Great news, I have 5K to upload. Would be nice to auto assign circles in the .csv too! One last thing, a select all on the circles when adding multiple people via invites. Thanks for caring.
Nice - my Mac Outlook export to google address book import fails everytime, both due to format of the file type and volume of contacts. 10K + Please : )
This would be an excellent feature! Keep up the great work!
So will this make it easier to import (and invite) Facebook contacts?
How about Portable Contacts support?
+Rohit Khare please increase google contacts limit from 10,000 to 100,000 so that we aren't limited then.
Nice...I really like how the Googlers are showing their faces and making these update announcements themselves! It's also fun to watch their eyes move while they read what they are supposed to say off the screen :P
I love the engagement of the Google executives.
+Hendra Kieran i synchronize all my email with Gmail service i think it will work to add all address book automatically
im not sure if this is a bug or not but when i have multiple notifications i click the red button and instead of reading them there i like to click out and read it on a page but instead of just the one notification i looked it they all go marked as read i would like an option even if its a check box somewhere so that i can have all unread notification marked.
This is good news... I've had trouble using the "Export Facebook to Yahoo and import into G+" thing. Even after I sucked all my contacts into my GMail account, I still can't find them in G+.

On that note, I wonder... does G+ only sync with your GMail contacts when you first sign into G+, or does it sync constantly? If it's supposed to be the latter, I suspect something is broken. An explicit button or link that says "suck in my contacts from GMail" might be handy as well.

You guys should also totally implement importing of FOAF over HTTP. And also, XFN.
This is a good one b/c I tried mixing Gmail and Linkedin connections and couldn't tell the difference very easily in my circling. Thanks for this.
Can you guys make it so only the circles you want get added to your contacts? I really do not want to have so many people on my contacts
I'm hoping for a Contact Sync app rather than just an uploader.
is it possible to put tool for graphic or doc or text collabration -- as you people showed in 2009 on google wave ?
atleast some basic tool like real time pad where we can draw and share ideas visually . i m bad at explanation verbally and text.
Make Google plus perfect!——from a Chinese user,I am just a Gfan!
Easiest way is to import contact on yahoo mail amd then export to single vcard format and the go to gmail and import it, it will automatically imprt it on google plus just go to find and invite section after importing the contacts.
Please, please, please consider profile tags to make it easier to find new people with common interests. Glad to see you're making it easier to find my existing friends, but I really like meeting new people on G+ and it would be great to find some that have similar interests. I like hockey, astronomy and travel among other things. How do I find people who share these same interests? Love G+, but would really love to use it to talk about something besides G+.
+Mark Oliver Delos Reyes - I agree, some more sophistication around Contact syncing would be a good thing. Never mind the fact that the "Sync with Yahoo" appears to be totally horked anyway. :-(
I really dont care about Email/address book importers. I just want something that looks at my twitter followers and tells me who is on Google+ as long as they have linked the two accounts together. I could use the same for my facebook friends but twitter is definitely more important. If I didnt make myself clear here, think of the way foursquare does it. That would be perfect.
Didn't think this was an issue. I have had no problems finding people on +. It's been harder to get them to set up a + Profile.
how can you people have 100000 contacts ? its like an entire phonebook
btw, if gmail's contact grouping can sync to google plus' circle, that will be perfect. so that i can do group chat, group message in both client.
This sound less about what "we" want vs. what "G" wants. I see more people in need of better ways to manage circles rather than import more people. Am I alone?
g+ team, u're doing a gr8 job. i've noticed that the friends we add on google plus do not show up in chat. please do fix this..
Still waiting for the "mute this circle in my stream" option. Should just be a right-click event on any circle at the main page (or edit circles page) ... this is nearing mandatory status as more and more folks come online...
I love all the different Googlers posting videos. +Vic Gundotra is the only way to really find all of them. +Rohit Khare: When reading from a prompter, it's helpful to have the text far enough away (while still being legible) so that your eyes don't appear to be going back and forth.=)
Lately, I've been interested in adding people to "follow". Especially because some of these mini-celebrities host 'hang-outs' on occasion - what a great way to interact with some of your idols. The process of adding someone to follow is kind of a distinct process from adding people from your personal contact list. I find the "follow" recommendations are limited. I'd like to see google have better suggestions the sparks I'm interested in and existing people I'm following.
My idea is that I can elect which circles I want to sync regularly. When one changes his G+ profiles. It is automatically pushed in my Contact Manager app (RE: Android/iPhone). As usual if privacy is a concern. Users can turn on/off this feature at will and select specific circles / people to sync with.

In this manner I can broadcast/update AND receive contact information whomever in whatever medium I elect. (email, push to phone or even an SMS vcard)
+Liza Sperling - speaking only for myself, I definitely wanted this CSV import feature. In fact, I submitted a request to ask for it specifically. I'd really like to get as many of my Facebook connections ported over here as possible, so I can drop FB completely. This feature will help, since there's currently no way to import directly from Facebook.
I saw this post shared by several people in my stream. Would it be possible to collapse them together and show them as 1 so they don't overpower the stream.
+Alex Barnes Yahoo currently has official support for importing Facebook contacts. Go check it out. Once imported, you can export your Yahoo contacts in vCard format. Even before Rohit's announcement above, you could then easily import these vCard contacts into Google Contacts and thus on into Google+. But as he mentions, this new offering will be nicer because you don't have to "clutter" your Google Contacts with all of your imported contacts. Instead, he says that you'll be able to choose which contacts you add to a circle (and thus into Google Contacts).
Find Twitter Friends. I know it is nearly impossible to do but worth asking.
Excellent addition. Please also offer ability for Google Apps accounts to access G+ - especially the Google Apps Contacts, which is where my most up to date contact data is.
Sounds great +Rohit Khare , but Google+ has a hard enough time dealing with my Google Contacts, not differentiating between My Contacts and All Contacts (aka every person Ive ever sent an email to in my life), and not even acknowledging all the hard work and effort I've put in already classifying my Circles, back in the old days when they were still called Groups...
There needs to be a way to share circles with users within G+
Example, SA Goon A wants to share their goon circle with SA Goon B. Makes creating consistent and correct (vs a goon circle with Redditors in it!)
Nothing personal. I find it hard to watch this video as I see your eyes move from left to right reading your announcement. Weirds me out I think because you're so close to the camera and it creates a bit of distortion to your face. Otherwise thanks for the news, videos are always welcome.
Also give us the ability to share circles with friends. That would help us a lot.
We naturally have circles already when emailing, the same group of people that I email frequently is a natural circle ... how about a button I can click in Gmail to create a circle from the people on an email? Ideally I could invite them and continue the conversation in Google+
+Glenn Leavell I did that, but what I mean is a way to do it more directly, or at least more easily (especially for the mainstream user that might not know how to or be willing to go through all the steps). When I tried it, it missed a lot of them and I'll have to look into exactly what went wrong, but the average user isn't really going to be willing to do a lot of this more complex contact adding and troubleshooting. If Google+ is to expand it needs to figure out a way to make it easy and straightforward for the average user to bring their social network with them.
Hey +Yuriy P There are privacy settings. Edit your profile and click on the circles box on the left. I don't think they will make the profile picture private ever as it's a key part in helping people find you. But you can bend the rules like I have
Wow, that's a lot of comments in 10 minutes! If I'd gone home I'd never dig out from under the feedback — thanks :)

+Christopher Ferguson I'll admit the only thing harder than looking natural while making sure to hit your points is doing it without a script!

+Daymond Decker +Michael Jones and +Eric Standlee — you all asked for monster #s of contacts, so I'll be sure to check how our Web interface performs with such large numbers. On the good side, since we don't add them to your main Google Contacts, it won't do a number on your other applications. On the other hand, I don't think this product is yet designed for "whales" who intend to circle thousands of folks yet. Looking forward to your reports from the field!

+Kevin Marks PoCo has mostly been a wire format more than archival one; but I'd love to see more evidence of other formats in the wild that we should adopt

+Phillip Rhodes Google+ uses some of your Gmail contacts as suggestions for its circle editor. You should be able to auto-complete any of your contacts by name, though, even if it doesn't bubble up as a top suggestion.

+Colin Lovett I, too, look forward to using Google+ to discuss something other than Google+! Your suggestion for following by common interests is really, well, interesting! Thanks for the feedback.

+David Sweeney If you have your Twitter account on your Google Profile, our suggestion algorithms will take into account people you follow on Twitter who have also connected to Google. Not so sure we should do that for followers, though. Is that what you meant?

+Liza Sperling True, it's in Google's interests for users to find each other — because it's in users' best interests to find the folks they find most relevant. But you are definitely not alone in looking for better tools to manage relationships; we're only beginning a journey in Google+
Would like to know who has had an invitations sent to them already, as opposed to merely having been added to a circle. I don't want to spam people with duplicate invitations.
JP Snow
First, thanks for listening. Now, with 3 things:
1. I think it would be nice to be able to set whether or not I want the posts from certain circles appear on my stream or my incoming. Say, for example, I want circle "A" to appear on my stream, but circle "B" on my incoming.
2. It would be nice as well to hide whether we're sharing a public post or limited. That information should be only available for us, not to share.
3. I agree with a previous comment, Circled friends should appear on our chat list.

Ok, that's all. Thank you Google! You're doing a great job here. G+ is going to be biG! I know.
+Atom McCree Good idea, but I've tried it with very little luck. It only helps if people write bios with the proper keywords. It seems most people, myself included, have no bios filled out or very short bios that do not mention their interests. I added mine to my bio, but felt like I was filling out a questionnaire for a dating service. I'm just hoping Google will allow us to tag ourselves as we see fit with interests and hobbies and such.
Yuriy P, just like on any social network, your profile picture really needs to be public because otherwise it becomes almost impossible for potential friends (especially people you know in real life) to find you and add you to their circles. However, I could see them making it display a default picture for people you don't have in your circles or something if you so chose. Maybe there could be a setting for two profile pictures, one to show the outside world (like your stuffed animal) and another to show just your friends (probably an actual picture of you).
Hey brother, how about something that tells us who is online in different circles. I hate trying to set up a hangout only to realize that after sitting there for a few minutes, there may be nobody on G+ from that circle at that time. Maybe a subdued thumbnail photo if they are offline, a full color one for online? If it is already an option, I apologize and will keep digging for it. Thanks, Rob.
+Rohit Khare Thanks for the response - one of many things I like about G+. I jfind it bizarre that "early adopters" are so excited about CSV files! Why not use those here to fine tune G+ before opening the floodgates...err, they are already feeling cracked open a tad:)
+Rohit Khare Thank you very much for taking the time to read the comments and engage with us. That means a lot to me and I appreciate it! Good on ya mate!
+Gregory Dudek it gets worse, I triplicated those in my circles tonight by accident such that they are in 3 circles - try cleaning that up!
+Rohit Khare Yes that is what I meant, the people I follow on twitter. I guess I need to take a closer look at the suggestions to see if its pulling in the people I follow. Thanks alot for the response.
Wouldn't it stand to reason to have a default folder for G+ contacts in Gmail if you don't already know the person you've just put into a Circle?

Ex: While I was waiting on more of my friends to make the jump over here to + I decided to add to a Circle, Dallas Mavericks owner, +Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban and I are not friends in the real world (as of this posting). Is there an easy way to make it so he doesn't just get tossed in with the rest of my Gmail contacts as just "Mark"?

I love the notion of the "follow" concept for public figures along with my actual friends here, but it might be nice to not need to jump through the hoop of creating a "Google+" group in my contacts and moving them to it, manually.

Keep it up. I love the +.

+Alex Barnes You're right. The average user isn't going to jump through all those steps. But to be fair, Google has a very good record of providing tools to get your data out of their service, and this post shows that they're working to make it easy to get data (your contacts in this case) in. It's actually Facebook that's making it difficult to easily export your contact data from their service. I don't know the background on how/why Yahoo is able to offer point-and-click import of Facebook data into their service, but it's simple and works well. A similar import button in Google+ would be terrific, and I'm sure they'd offer it if they could:
We need some stream management. Sure, it's great that you can pick and see each circle individually, but we need to mix and match. Many times I'd like to see my Friend and Family circles on my main stream page but NOT my Following circle. Instead of having to view them individually, you should be able to check and uncheck them to mix and match what's showing.
To add onto what +Mike Miller just said, it would be nice to at least be able to explicitly remove a circle from the Stream. I follow people like +Chris Pirillo that tend to consume a large portion of my Stream (no offense, Chris). Sometimes, it would be nice to be able to see just my friends, family, and other more personal connections rather than just have my Stream become inundated with higher-profile posts (from people in my "High Volume Following" circle). Also, something I noticed in composing this reply: I couldn't seem to pick the right Mike Miller from the drop-down menu because he has such a common name and was not listed in the top five results. Is there a way to do that so that I can always tag the right one, or do I have to hope that the person has a fairly uncommon name?
So at least we know those who developed the slews of Twitter folllower management apps won't be bored...errr as soon as an API is available.
Hey +Rohit Khare Here's my problem. I received my first invite on my account (this one) and gladly joined. Now I am receiving a bunch of invites to my primary email account and I opened another Google+ account today (+Robert Strong ). I would like to merge them. Any solutions yet? Thank you and keep up the great work!
One of the issues I'm seeing with G+ is that if a friend is using an email that's different from the one you have for them as their main profile address then you will continue to see them as a potential invitee rather than as a G+ member. This is the case even for alternate emails. It would really be helpful to be able to merge G+ profiles back into Google Contacts do some duplicate checking.
What's the deal with Google+ creating a "Other Contacts" onto my Gmail Account? is this taking care of?
+Rohit Khare Okay, I see now that yes, my suggestions have a bunch of the people I follow on twitter in there. They are just mixed in with a bunch of other suggestions from whatever other sources your algorithm pulls from. I will have to go thru them one by one. I'll will obviously have to do that for now but just a suggestion for future updates and to make things easier on future plusers:

Try to make it sortable by the source they are coming from(twitter, address book, friends of friends, etc.), or give me the ability to view a window that has just the G+ users that I follow on twitter. That way I can either select them all and drop them in a "twitter" circle or fly thru them one by one dropping them into other circles.

Hope this helps. Anything to make starting a friends list all over again Im sure is top priority for you guys right now. Thanks again.
+Vic Gundotra A web cam option for photo taking would be awesome. Commenting on a celeb photo and my notifications not blowing up would also be awesome. Being able to publish my Google posts to Twitter would be awesome too.
Can you imagine the volume of feedback 10 million beta testers creates?
I'd like an "add to circle" button in my Gmail "Contacts" page.
And a pony, please.
Google+ could be the one social network that rules them all if would could instead "link" to contact lists created on other social networks. No doubt an import function is necessary, but it's a manual process and one that may need to be repeated for people aren't going to stop using Facebook and LinkedIn overnight. I already spend time managing my professional connections on LinkedIn and will continue to do so for the foreseable future. For this reason, I'm hesitant to create a Professional Connections circle within Google+
Nice! Although it was already very easy to export my Linkedin contacts and add them to my gmail address book, after which they appeared in G+. Great work, love the product so far.
Just an idea for a sharing option... When sharing from the G+ app, one of the filters could be only people within x distance can see it. Something I share locally may not be relevant to people in my circles
Don't forget letting us find/filter people by location for regional circles!
I want to drag my facebook friend list here also.....if that integration happens, then it'll be real help!! nywys I m lovin this new Google+
plz keep this good work on...
How about Facebook integration? That'll bring TROVES of people over. {{-_-}}
+Rohit Khare Looks like you've hit the Google Plus Trifecta ( 100 +1s , 100 Shares and 100 Comments) Congrats
Please integrate Circles and Google Contacts. I don't want to deal with two different ways of organizing the people I know.
While showing friend suggestions, "Name" alone is displayed not the email address. Usually I have the same person with both gmail and office email IDs, but since it doesn't show the address, I have no clue which one I am adding to my circle.
Suggest you guys show the email address at least on mouse-over.
The "Friend Suggestions" on the right hand column needs an update. For days, I see there always the same 3 friends. One of them is a No-reply Email address that I will never make friendship with.
+Sudhir Mantena That could present a privacy concern as if you want to display your email or not is one of the things you can change in your Profile settings. Wouldn't do much good to turn it off there if it still showed up everywhere else. When the vanity url's come I could see adding the vanity part of the url, so it would show like a username.
There are a lot of people I add to my circles simply to follow, and I don't want or need them added to my gmail contacts. Can we have an option to NOT add contacts to our gmail when we add people to our circle? That would be really nice!
Does Google+ have the ability to do Account Verification? Like what Twitter does, so that user confusion is limited by making it easier to identify authentic accounts of personalities (artists, politicians, etc.) who are on Google+?
Although this is an off topic suggestion. But I am sure a photo uploader feature specially to import images from my other social networks (Fs ,Os etc. ) would allow a much smoother switch over to this uber cool new SN.
You just keep making me happier Google. Actually listening to feedback from your users? FaceBook doesn't adhere to this goal. Even in most "Beta" programs, they don't really listen to the users feedback, they just wanna work out bugs. They generally have no interest in really adding features, or changing items. Big Ups Goog...
I'm already having a lot of issues with people having 2-4 emails and multiple Google accounts, and no clue which one is the one they will eventually use for G+. Entity resolution is quickly rearing it's ugly head.
Create a way of optionally integrate Gmail contact groups and circles; mainly, import the groups in Gmail contacts as circles in G+.
I'd like an option of just seeing the headline of the feed item (a la twitter) so that I could thumb down quickly to the one I find interesting. Thanks.
Merging G+ and Gmail adressbook would be nice. Also it like to have an online/offline indicator like Gmail Chat.
well, +Rohit Khare apart from Plaxo, the other key use case for PoCo is importing contacts from another Google account. I bet everyone in this thread has more than one...
@Rohit Khare Please make the Android app work with Google Apps account.
One thing that keeps coming up is that G+ is very complicated. Having to learn new things after facebook.. Try and bridge that gap please...

for me, I like things more sophisticated such as being able to nest groups.
A way to exclude a circle when posting would be useful for us multilingual people. I don't want to have to bother foreign people with incoherent posts (people I'm following) but I may want them to continue following me. The ability to exclude a language group with a click on a circle would be excellent.
Nested circles? When you add somebody to a child circle, they are automatically recognized as part of the parent circle/s. For example, there could be a "Family" Parent Circle that has two children circles -- one for the user's mother's side, the other for the father's side. This way one could either post to the parent "Family" circle for general family-friendly stuff (like pictures from a recent vacation), or to one of the two children circles, for posts that may be more apt for just one side of the family tree.
Have you looked at Katango? This is possibly the best true friend finder I have come across. I'm certain that if Google+ doesn't buy the company then Facebook will. Must call my broker.
g+ should have its own chat setting synchronized with google mail....
incoming streams not working its taking back to my home page of g+

1) We want the option to have circles inside other circles.

2) We want the option to classify posts in our stream based on the time of the original post, and another one to classify them based on the time of the last comment.

3) We would like to have the option of: "All circles but ..."

4)We want the option to be able to display to each circle a specific profile picture. As for the picture the others see when they search for our names, this would be our Public Picture.

5) We want to be able to send messages directly from Google+, without having to need to go to Gmail to accomplish it.

6) We want an option to receive notifications from a certain post without necessarily having posted a comment.

7) We want a search function based on interests.

8) We want the option to have a public hangout room, which certain keywords. People can then search for those keywords and join our public Hangout.

9) Have Google Chat option in Google+, that way, one can chat from Google+ with people who aren't on Google+

10) We would like to see the time at which a certain post was posted, or comment was made.

11) We would like to have a background customization option, not that i personally would use it, but it helps (others) feel at home.

12) We would like that customized background to be specific for each circle, with the one popping up with our name being the public background.

And i must tell you, within so little time, Google+ has grown incredibly large, the interface is user friendly, it is easy, it facilitates essential things that would on other services take hours to do. It keeps our "different lives" separated.
I hope to see those updates, and even things that we might not see coming, but that are just as good.
Leveraging circles to organize people into groups: "Public Circles" and "Circle subscriptions"

Now circles are only a private affair. It is an excellent tool to classify, organize and firewall your contacts and enhance privacy. While people have been quick to compare it to "groups", I realized that the current set up cannot function like a group since the circle membership is private (the person in the circle cannot know which group he is in - which is good for the privacy of the classifying person).

While this should be the default setting, there should be an option to make the circle "listed" or public. ie Others, either the circle members alone or wider public depending on the settling chosen by the person who makes the circle public, will be able to see and use the circle members.

For example I create a circle called "linguistics" and then add within that circle people who post topics on that topic. Now that is useful only to me, If I make it public, then those who are within that list or others will be able to make use of the effort I have put into making that list by subscribing to my list. [Remember that I can use their content only if they give me access to it].

This would be a killer application for alumni groups, special interest groups and even businesses. It should be even possible for having some circles where people themselves can apply for membership. Basically the creator/owner of the circle becomes the curator.

Effectively this would be able to to perform the functions presently provided by yahoogroups, Linked In and twitter lists (depending on the settings chosen by the creator/ owner

PS I am willing to interact on this one. It would be great if you can pass this on to the relevant people
RELEVANT INFORMATION * Can you please give us a public URL so other people can find us easily on Google+?* RELEVANT INFORMATION
please make it possible to share circles with friends, like i want my colleagues to all have the same colleague circle (to start with anyway)
I'd like to be able to select multiple circles to view at the same time. Combining that with the ability to select which circles show up in your default stream view would fix some of the issues I've had with noisy people cluttering my "main" view. I know I can go throw circles individually, but I think we need a way to see the posts we really care about as soon as we log in.

A private message feature would also be nice, but I've just discovered almost the same thing: A post shared only with one user becomes a private discussion thread, and the ability to add comments right from the notification popup makes it just like a PM system. (Great work there, by the way.) The only problem is that you don't know if they'll get it even if you +address them, which is what I think needs a bit of work.

Edit: I'm not sure why my avatar doesn't work on comments. I swear I'm a real person. :/ Edit again: And now it's working. Lag I guess.
t's a great news, because now to add friends is very slow porcess, if you have contects not in gmail, hope it will be possible to search for people by interests too, because you often want to find people with the same field of interest, if such search function appears in Google+ it will be really great
having the top menu and the side menu stick at place could really help.
I find myself dragging the scroller up all the way way too many times.
What about "Public Circles"? Once you've joined "SysAdmin" circle you can easily check for your colleagues from others social networks like Twitter... it's difficult to find them in G+ as you do not know their emails or even real names... just an avatar. And it is too tedious to DM them one by one :S
what about a Google+ Comment Widget to put in my blog the comment from Google+? (like disqus you know, just with the ability to link inside Google+ to the actual post content and viceversa)
Is there no way to dismiss the sometimes - nee mostly idiotic suggestions that given by G+ so that something else may pop up
Please avoid adding some features which will make usage a little bit complicated.
Please give the notification bar (Number which shows notifications) higher priority in loading.
I agree with the Notification Bar, it takes to much time to update notifications. The G+ Notifier app for Chrome is faster than the Notification Bar, so please guys give some priority to that.
I would like to see also a way of integration where we could acess our Blogger Posts and Youtube Channel Videos and select the ones we wanted to share or an option to automatically share feeds from those services to certain circles. I think the key word for Google+ success is gonna be integration, but I can be wrong. :P
Do G+ have some sort of "shared circles"?? you know.. something like facebook group? I know that circles on G+ is supposed to be a personal thing, but it's also logical to have public or shared circles where anyone (or maybe admin) of the circles can add members into..
Nested circles and better stream filtering please :). Loving g+, and would love it more if those things were updated.
Would be great if it would be possible to sync my gmail contacts with their google profiles, or maybe it's already possible but I can't find a way to do that?
Don't know if someone else has mentioned it... but will there be integration with sites? I use, and recommend to customers, google sites and it would be cool if these were all linked in - maybe with gadgets, the black headerbar, some auto +1 buttons etc.
Its been a nice experience so far using Google Plus. I hope that the great team at Google working on this project is quiet pleased at the reception that G+ has received in the user community. Any comments Rohit?
I agree that Contacts from the web should be the norm -- rather than Google mail. Also lets get that Google Apps rolling sooner? Please
Maybe somebody could finally get around to making PPC Macs compatible with Hangouts? You're excluding a lot of people!
Circles not only seem to be a good way to classify groups of friends, but they're a promising level of visibility and privacy control that Facebook utterly lacks. If I'm friends with people on Facebook, everyone sees my wall posts, and everyone sees everyone's responses...this isn't always what I want, but I might still want to share something between multiple groups of people while maintaining that division.

While it is nice to be able to have "private" circles, not visible from my profile or people not in that circle, this level of control breaks down whenever there are comments or +1's to a post that is visible to multiple circles, circles always see other circle's responses.

It would be nice to have some filtering at the comment and +1 visibility level, not just post-visibility, such that I can share posts with all my circles, but still have control over inter-circle visibility.
Spark feature needs to be highlighted even more as it's difficult to find it on left side of the page. Chat needs to remain on all page user navigates to like facebook. If you click photos within an album too quickly, it tends to not load photos. Everything else is awesome
Wouldn't it be neat if there was a 'read' button on each post that would hide the post and pop it into a default circle called something like 'read items'?
The options on the left side need to be more polished..they look somewhat dull and is it necessary to have people in your Gmail contact list so that they can be available for chat?? Rest is Wow :)
Silly mortals who haven't already integrated their life into Google products!
Thanks so much for the CSV support. Almost all my contacts are stored in Mozilla Thunderbird, which will export to that format. :)
I noticed one person wanted to be able to find new people based on tags that describe their interests...

I'd like to be able to search for people based upon what they listed as their Occupation, on their "About" page. It would greatly help us to meet new people we have common interests with. It would also help people with "reciprocal" interests get together. For example, content creators could search for publishers, photographers could search for retouchers, etc.

Being able to search for specific text in the "Introduction" field would be nice as well, if that's not too difficult to add.

BTW, a big thanks to you, and everyone else working on Google+ !
This is nice, however, not being able to move FB friends over is a real problem. I've tried exporting them to Yahoo and bringing them over that way but I only get an error when I try to move them into g+.
Bug: A difference between nos. of people who have added me (and) people who have me in their circle :( Apart from these please issue a vanity URL for profile at least!
Please. please, please fix Google Contacts. Make it work properly with Picasa (People) and introduce some better management tools around it.
Oh and by the way, the notification bar should be common to all google services, like replace blogger bar for this one so it feels more integrated.
How about something like Bump for the mobile app? Let me "bump" phones with someone else, have them automatically added to a "mobile" (or whatever) circle, and a notification sent to each of us, so that we can categorize them later when we have a chance. This would be ridiculously useful in a professional setting... it would eventually basically let me do away with giving and receiving business cards. One less reason to carry a physical wallet once NFC payments really become mainstream.

It would be cool if it could be used to share photos and such through Google+, too. Choose a photo (or photos), "bump" your phones, and it shares it automatically... could even work in the browser to share links, maps to share locations, etc. This would make sharing, which I believe is the core reason for Google+, a ton easier in the real world (aka "not at my computer").
+Jan Szafranski I'd rather have a "save" button, to optionally save the ones that I'm interested in to return to later.
Oh, one other major suggestion... weighting Circles. I really want to see everything from Family in my main circle, almost everything from Friends, some stuff from Acquaintances, etc., and I even want the default sorting to take this into account. In other words, (+1's + comments) * weight... sort by that, and have anything lower than a certain weight fall under a "More..." type thing.
Also, how about replying to other people's comments, i.e. threaded comments. I want to be able to reply to specific people's comments, have it show up threaded, and notify them that they got a reply.
I don't want to upload anything -- I want to synchronize or reconcile the information so that I'm not spending my life keeping a zillion store of information in some sort of coherence. Ideally it should suck less than the current reconciliation which lacks GUIDs. I don't want to see each new service as a new black hole with its own galaxy.
I just want to block my friends on gmail chat in Plus.
As an educator, I would like to see more privacy. There are many great things that I would like to share with the world---there are also a number of things that I would like to share with a very limited group of friends. I really don't like the idea that when an item is sent, despite the size of the group it is sent to, the viewer on the other end has the ability to share with the Public. If I would like re-shares allowed, I would select that option. As is now, I have to go back and select to remove re-share with others. If I wanted to share it with the publicly, I would have selected "Public". Thus, for me, the beauty of circles is not utilized on the services end.
I know that "when you send it out, it is public," but it doesn't have to be. The only reason this concerns me is because the only way I've seen items re-shared is with the first person's name attached. This has been great for me finding people to follow; however, I don't want to be as public as they do when sending items.
Additionally, I would like a method to share google docs with people in hangouts. Think of how big that would be on so many levels. I haven't tested anything with the chat in the sidebar, but if there were a button to access google docs from the hangout, it would be a time saver.
Yahoo address importer hasn't worked for me since I signed up. Always get an error when trying to import.
Hi this is great! but can we also ad a better search platform where we can select results by age, location and gender. Thanks!
Can we expect to see changes like downloading photo albus to personal computer directly from google plus (and an owner being able to set who can do this)?
Hey how can we share an article we read on Google+? I tried clicking on the +1 button in share settings of article but to no avail. Is their a separate share icon coming? Like the tweet bird or fb recommend?
It'll be better if we can see the sharing details (this post is current shared with) just move the mouse over the text "Limited"
It might be helpful to integrate LinkedIn kind of professional connections with job history. In a way it is already there but may be not evident as it is in LinkedIn.
Not sure if the exporter would help or not but IMO G+ needs to get some algorithm that finds human email addresses in a pool of address that could be from craiglist, mailing lists, etc. You guys are good at finding needle in the haystack! :)
What about a "post to google+" bookmarklet/chrome extension?
Hi Vic and everyone....I've noticed the Picasa integration is kind of odd. It doesn't look like I can rename photo albums, for example, inside G+...I have to run back to Picasa's native interface and do it there. It doesn't look like it updates the feed after that happens, although the links still work, the old name is referenced. So choose album names wisely grasshopper....
Mansi M
Not sure where I can send feedback ... maybe create a feedback button? The issue I wanted to report is about the notifications. I have an active "alert" which won't go away regardless of how many times I check it.
Is it possible to integrate gadgets from iGoogle to Sparks..That would give the user more control on the source (eg: CNN news) in Sparks
feedback button is bottom right of the screen
Fantastic :-) ...guess I was jumping the gun by manually updating my contacts in Gmail. But many people will find this extremely useful.
how about Events that are connected to our Google Calendar, some sort of Facebook Events, which is the only thing keeping me on Facebook these days ...
+Geoff Gohlke, you can do that by sharing that message only with that person.
+Vic Gundotra, why do we get someones entire stream when we add them to a circle? We should get only the messages that that person posts after we add them. By the way stream is a little messy it needs a better organization... :s
Hi folks! — I wanted to thank you again for your comments. I've read each one and forwarded several around to my colleagues.

One note I wanted to add is that the version we're rolling out is capped at limits that make sense for the Google+ Field Trial - about 4,000 contacts at first, until we learn more about how the Circles editor performs in the real-world with so many contacts.

I'm closing comments on this post for now — but please remember, "Send feedback" is only a click away in the corner!