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Rohan Mittal
🙋 I #empower #push #motivate You; #discover the #best in You; #mentor You to #solve problems; set #high goals; #achieve Your #dreams.
🙋 I #empower #push #motivate You; #discover the #best in You; #mentor You to #solve problems; set #high goals; #achieve Your #dreams.

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If only the sky was overcast with clouds, I'd be on #9 right now! #ecstatic   #love #dowhyolocom #dowhyolo #google P.S. Happy Holi! :)

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Alumni, St. Joseph's Academy, Dehra Dun, India
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This is simply awesome!! :)
We are absolutely ecstatic about the results of the chase and paperwork w/ the Government of India! Experts said it was hard and maybe impossible to meet our specs, but as always we got what we wanted! Many thanks to everyone who stayed on top of this! Can feel the rush and the happiness oozing right out of our hearts. :) And, just so if you are still wondering, Inc. will soon be offically in India! And, if you haven't followed us already, it is a good time to do so. :) #dowhyolocom #google #ecstasy

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Women entrepreneurs are way hotter than regular working women. #entrepreneurship #itisadream #hot #women

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It is only in the mysterious equations of love for what you really want that true logical reasoning can be found. #love #reason #life #dowhyolo

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One of the first corporations we have come across to follow culture and philosophy similar to ours! Valve the maker of the famous Half-Life game has a lot of beliefs that we at have!

A quick list of similarities!
* Valve believes high-performance workers tend to self-improve without a need for managers. 
* A place where employees choose what to work on.
* A place where once a year, everyone goes on holiday together. It is really a family atmosphere in a lot of ways and that gives us an opportunity for our families to get know each other even better.
* Unlike a fixed layout configuration, we move around a lot.
* We form into teams based on need to complete a project or training task giving our clients the best value for money proposition.
* We have set-up a recipe for staff to career off to their own personal passion projects
* There are lots of ideas about what is cool to work on.
* Attracts "elite" performers.
* The founding crew hired people with this in mind.
* Picking who else to hire is its workers' most important task - it describes the activity as "more important than breathing" - there's an acknowledgement that many talented individuals will not fit in.
* Declares hiring is "the most important thing in the universe".
* The fact that we're not managed by people and we're not managing people and you're able to formulate your own ideas and work with whoever it is to come up with a project or feature - is empowering.
* It's a community of respect and the best idea wins no matter who it comes from, whether they've been here for a year or founded

For the full story, visit #halflife   #valve   #dowhyolocom   #dowhyolo   #culture   #philosophy   

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Listen out - India Android Navigation App Users: Sygic's GPS Navigation app which cost a whooping $5.58 has just been made FREE due to low sales in India! Grab the app at before it gets paid again! For your information, the iPhone app still costs a prohibitive $27.99! Full story at #navigationapps #android #playstore #sorryapple

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School Reunions are awesome as always!
Ladies & Gentlemen,

The SJA Reunion in New Delhi, India on Aug. 10, 2013 was great and lasted 5 hours even though over 50% of those who had registered were unable to attend! We would like to thank Nitin Sharma for all his efforts in coordinating the meet.

The photos of the meet can be viewed on Facebook at

Further, due to the continuing riots and instability in the Muzaffarnagar area (, the Dehra Dun Reunion Meet scheduled for Sat. Sep. 14, 2013 has been postponed until further notice. All those who have already registered or continue to register on will be notified by email whenever a new date is decided.

Once again, we thank you for your cooperation and support!

Rohan & Nitin

An Initiative of ​the SJA Alumni Reunion Program Team "Reuniting Josephites Worldwide "
2013-Aug-10 New Delhi Meet
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We'll be at the #Nasscom #Emergeout Conclave 2013 in New Delhi, India. Feel free to catch us during the #networking breaks and get some valuable tips for your business! You can also contact us via in case you are unable to find us. More details on #dowhyolo 

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