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Saw this on Facebook and desperately wish this is a real product.
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Oh that makes me happy to know. We don't have HEB (assuming you're referring to the stores) in Florida that I've ever seen but maybe they'll be picked up by stores around here. :)
I bought a coffee cup from CafePress with this image.

I wonder if this painting will one day sell for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. It's probably almost as famous as Munch's Scream by now.
"We'll start the bidding for Misshapen Monkey In Poncho..."
I like "Jesus from Borja". Sounds genuine and ancient.

My bid is €50,000.
NO FACEBOOK!!! Only the + is to be used. hehehe I just personally hate FB. I have NO account with that crap. So anything seen there, should stay there. But the pic is funny.
+David Powell I go there semi-regularly to see if any relatives have died because my family won't let me know any other way. I see a lot of wild stuff there, not all of it as good as this, and love sharing my findings with my fellow earthlings on Google+. :)
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