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Heads Up If you still depend on Url Shortener

Thank you for the Tip +Dylan Cuffy​ and +Peggy K

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Heads up! If you still depend on as your Plus link shortener...

then please be aware that it has been offline for the past two or so weeks—and still is at this writing (with a 500 error now thrown into the mix). Google search doesn't even index the domain anymore, and cannot access it due to the point where is your go-to. (I've been actively keeping track since the weekend of April 23–24.)

One +Chris Lang by name offered this premonition, way back in G+'s early days (, 23/7/2011):

"The problem is that it is owned by some ISP in Turkey. I don't care to trust incoming links to my Google profile to God knows who."

For those who still want to rely on a shortener, look no further than the long-running in the meantime. Just add in your long G+ URL (e.g., followed by the custom alias below it (Plus[USERNAME] — just replace [USERNAME] with your preferred handle). If you have a URL lying around in your Web profiles, now is the time to start changing them and/or converting; I'll do that as soon as time permits.

As for the service itself, I don't know how soon it'll return; the webmasters, as usual, cannot be contacted. Even though their page is still there—with no posts since November 2011! If it miraculously does, I'll let you know.

Surprised that no other users have brought it up till I came in. Good thing +CircleCount and +All my + remain unscathed for this.

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+Roger Verhoeven​ you are still using it in your Twitter bio BTW.
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Roger Verhoeven

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This Google Job Application asks applicants to Improve the Search Engine Homepage

More Information on Twitter :

H/t +VentureBeat

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VentureBeat – Verified account @VentureBeat. This Google job application asks applicants to improve the search engine's homepage · Embedded image. 7:39 PM - 11 Mar 2016. 26 Retweets29 Likes. Reply to @VentureBeat ...
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Roger Verhoeven

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Introducing Google + Create

Highlight People on Google + with the Best Collections

H/t Tip By +Mark Traphagen

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#rogerverhoevengoogleplus #rogerverhoeven
Introducing Google+ Create

Today we are launching Google+ Create (, a unique program that gives amazing content creators the recognition and audience they deserve.

When we introduced Google+ Collections last May, we were blown away by the amazing things people began sharing, from the beautiful ( to the breathtaking (, from the profound ( to the playful (, from the whimsical ( to the wonderfully eclectic (

And people on Google+ agree. Since launching the redesigned Google+ in November, Collection follows have more than doubled.

But these Collections don’t create themselves. Behind them are fascinating individuals who bring their flair, imagination and craft to engage and inspire others. There are food alchemists like +maria nasir in Lahore, Pakistan, writers and woodturners like +Ellie Kennard and +Steven Kennard in Nova Scotia, and daredevil acrobats like +Randy T on a mountain top near you.

We want to celebrate these inspiring creators and amplify their unique voices. Google+ Create members get a verified profile, early access to new product features, a private channel with the Google+ team, and special opportunities to build their audiences.

Visit to meet some of our members, learn about the benefits, and apply to join if you’re interested. Or just immerse yourself in the diversity of Collections already on Google+ (
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Roger Verhoeven

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One year ago, we introduced Google+ Collections: a platform for curating and sharing the coolest content about anything and everything that you're into. From cats in Tokyo (, to original poetry (, to Copenhagen street photography ( -- you've created and shared Collections about everything under the sun ( Today, help celebrate one full year by sharing your favorite Collection or making a new one with the tag #CollectionsTurn1. Cheers ( to more years of #DiscoveringAmazingThings.
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Roger Verhoeven

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Whether you're building an app or running an online store, analytics can help you figure out what your users are trying to achieve and how you can serve th
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Roger Verhoeven

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The 16 best Google updates of 2015 · Embedded image. 1:30 PM - 13 Mar 2016. 5 Retweets3 Likes. Reply to @TheGoogleGooru. Home · Sign up · Log in · Search · About. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.
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Roger Verhoeven

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It used to be simple, optimising your SEO for Google. These days, you need to take into account many different things. The changes brought together in one.
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