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Roger Pimentel
The biggest fish in the hip-hop aquarium.
The biggest fish in the hip-hop aquarium.

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Brilliant stuff from The Onion.

My first job, when I was 15, included posting on Usenet to promote a travel agency. Things have come a long way, and so have I.

Two weeks from today I start my new gig at Amazon! I'l be over the social media and content strategy for Amazon Webstore, their e-commerce platform. It includes moving my family up to Amazon HQ in Seattle, which I'm also excited about.

It's bittersweet in that it means leaving +Sitewire, which is an amazing place full of ridiculously smart people. I'm pretty sure I got a lot more from them than they ever did from me.

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Android tablets for sale at the grocery store. Sure they're top quality. 

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Merry Christmas, everybody. I hope you're all with family and friends and enjoying this happiest time of year.
Countdown to Christmas: Last day! During this Christmas season, we take time out to celebrate the birth and life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Click ‘share’ below to spread this message of Christ.

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New headshot from work. With yo-yo.

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Blessed, blessed day. How could it have possibly taken so long?

Microsoft has long suffered from fragmentation, with a few different products (IE being the most conspicuous). It's true with Windows, though, too—lots of companies are still supporting XP (which still works fine, admittedly). With Vista having been so universally panned, there seems to be little motivation for everyone to move to Windows 7, and thus the fragmentation rears its ugly head again.

It's less of a big deal in OS's than in browsers, as the OS ecosystem has been stable for years. Microsoft doesn't have the luxury that Apple does in OS pricing, however—Apple can charge almost nothing ($30!) for a new version of OS X because they're already making money on the hardware. Microsoft didn't sell you the PC you're typing on, so they need to make a few bucks on Windows installations.

I asked someone on the Windows team at Microsoft recently if they would consider upgrading everyone on XP to Windows 7 for free. He laughed. Too bad...

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The Google+ page is up and kicking! Share it, +1 it, add it to your Circles, and everything else you can possibly think of to do.
Welcome to the Google+ Page!

Here, anyone can learn more about who we are and what we do, ask questions, and interact with other people who want to know more about what it means to be Mormon.

We’d love to hear from you about how we can best make this page useful to you. Would you like to see more “I’m a Mormon” videos? More answers to frequently asked questions? Or even more posts that you can share with your friends? Add a comment below with your thoughts. Thanks!

Who's doing 2-step authentication in Google? Is it a huge hassle, or is it not a big deal?

The question that gets asked about technology, the one that is almost always precisely the wrong question is, "How does this advance help our business?"

The correct question is, "how does this advance undermine our business model and require us/enable us to build a new one?"


+Sam Orme In preparation for this Saturday's football game: BUM buh buh buh buh BUM BUM BUM buh BUH buh buh buh buh BUM BUM BUM buh BUH

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