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Roger MacRae

New beta is looking pretty good. The bubbles are a nice added touch. Nice to see all the legacy options back. Hopefully they remain an option so the user can choose. I am still not sold on the benefits of the autofill api. Clearly the development team has been working hard. Great job

When will the fill helper be put back. Using the autofill option is just not viable at this point. Writing this message brings up LastPass but it never comes up in Chrome. As I see it, if Chrome doesn't support it neither should LastPass. Please bring back the app fill helper and the quick tile. That method was just way more efficient.

4.3.958 is better but it still tries to autofill when I am writing an email or posting in a forum

Just upgraded to android o and now there is no app fill helper. Now I can only do the autofill feature which also does not work. I cleared the cache, the cleared the data and Uninstalled and then re-installed and still have the same problem.

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