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This morning, I am mostly doing the polyglot OS thing.

I've got Mac OS X on my MacBook Pro; Linux Mint on my desktop PC; from there I'm remote-desktopped to my Windows 2012 server, where I'm using Hyper-V to connect to an Ubuntu VM. To my left are an Android tablet and phone. To my right is a Windows 8.1 laptop. To the right of that is an iPad.

And, yes, I have used or will use all of them today :)

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I've had an idea for a simple Visual Studio extension kicking around in my head for a while. So, the weekend before last, I decided to see if I could bang out "A Visual Studio Extension in a Weekend".

I wanted a Visual Studio extension that, when you open a Visual Studio solution, renders and displays any file that it finds.

This will hopefully make it easier for new team members to figure out what's important when they join a project. Since it uses, it's also transparent when opening a github project. It also has preliminary support for github-flavoured wikis.

Since this basically forms the "welcome page" for a given project, it might encourage the veteran team members to keep the developer documentation up-to-date, simply because they've now got a definitive place to put it.

So: was it possible to do this in a single weekend? Turns out: yeah.

The project home page is at; you can get it from the Visual Studio Gallery:; the source code's on github:, and the blog post (which, I confess, I didn't finish until today) is up:

I got some wireless headphones today. Every time I wheel my chair back, I move to throw the wire out of the way. But there's no wire. It's starting to freak me out slightly.

Spending the evening messing around with new tech. Writing a blog engine using node.js, CouchDB, Twitter Bootstrap, hosting on an EC2 instance.

I do this every 2-3 years: get fed up with my existing blog engine (drupal), and decide to learn some new tech by implementing a new blog engine. Last time, I think it was ASP.NET MVC. The time before that, Ruby on Rails.

I usually don't get very far before life intervenes, but at least I get to play with something new for an hour or two.

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