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Roger Kondrat
Need to grow your business on the web? One call is all it takes
Need to grow your business on the web? One call is all it takes

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UX rocks!
7 Compelling Resources for Learning About a Website User Experience

1.  What is UX Design? 
Gain a better understanding about the website user experience design at j6design.

2.  How to Create an Exceptional User Experience on your Website?

3.  Creating Autocomplete Forms to Your Reduce Cart Abandonment

Discover the reasons why you should be using Autocomplete forms on your website for e-commerce checkouts. See how it can drastically improve how users engage with your website.

4. The Secret Ingredients to an Unforgettable User Experience

Discover the tools that are needed to create a user experience that users will love.

5. Planning your website for the best possible user experience 

Learn how to plan out your website user experience from beginning to end. Discover the process of how to map out how users will interact with your website.

6. Make Effective Use of Analytics to Enhance User Experience 

Discover how to investigate how your website is performing inside
of Google Analytics. See how to diagnose, treat and improve your user experience.

7. How To Create The Best Website User Experience

Your website’s usability should be a primary concern from day one. 
Learn these simple tips you can apply to your own website today to
see improvement with how users interact with your website.

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How you get it done.

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Hi Luis I'm interested. Todavía si tu quiere practicar inglés y me gustaría practicar español también. Vive tu país en enero y me encanta todas cosas. Dime cuando tu tienes tiempo. Chow
Hello everybody my name is Luis Ortiz and I'm from Guatemala (Central America) and i would like to practice English because I'm intermediate English level  i offer to you be very patient in a exchange for Spanish. If you want to practice with me add me to Skype: lrortizgudiel   or let me know from here and send me a notification. We can learn from each other and spend a nice time together Practicing Languages. OK  

Hey does +Nimble have a mobile app? I don't see it anywhere. That's just crazy talk now adays. :(

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Just some of the doodles that go into making a logo. This was on an iPad in a pub. Thanks +Derek Mah for your feedback! Amazing designer and pure creative.

Who do you guys think is the best all around provider? Let me give you a target market though. None of the clients I work with want to spend on HubSpot types as it's 'too much' money so must typically cost less than $100. Yup I know prices rise, but I'm referring to 'getting started' pricing. Must be easy to use e.g. MailChimp and GetResponse types. Relatively well thought out Autoresponders/drip features.

Currently I'm reviewing GetResponse, Aweber and ActiveCampaign. They all seem really different and 'free' isn't important so MailChimp with it's online only support is a non-starter for these guys.


Do you wink in real life when you wink in text ';)'? I do and I think it's kind of funny. Do you ever do that?
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