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#MyBeautifulEarth Sunset on Eastern Esplanade
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Roger James Thornton Brown

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Cafe del Mar does Chillstep!
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Heads up for the future

In 1983 I first encountered the nascent internet through the flickering green type of a Unix machine connected to JaNet, the education network.

Those flickering green digits showed me a future where information could be exchanged and researched much faster than ever before.

That of course led to the internet. Today people find it hard or impossible to imagine a world without the internet.

In 1999 I wrote a strategy appraisal for one of the then major search engines. My advice to them consisted of two things:
Forget about investing in further development of their search engine. It would be more cost-effective to hire Google's search, it was better and under constant development.

Forget about developing a desktop portal (all search providers were engaged in a race to glue your eyeballs to their start page then: stupid really as the first thing people did upon receiving search results was to leave.) I advised them to concentrate on mobile as, "people want information where they are, which not always sat at home in front of a PC."

Then in 2006, my BMW 650i arrived with heads up display. I figured it was a nice gimmick. How wrong I was. After a month of driving I realised I had not taken my eyes off the road to check my speed or follow navigation instructions once. The heads up display in my field of vision had conveyed that information constantly without distraction. My mind seemed to have accommodated the fact that this information was there and incorporated it into its world view.

Google Glass Explorer is just that, an exploration of various aspects of wearable technology some of which will find their way into other devices in Google's "internet of things". I'm not sure I want the fully fledged stand alone device Glass as it is now but I sure as hell would love a heads up display for my smartphone, which I may just wear on my wrist, just as the heads up display on my BMW has replaced the dashboad in my car.
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We all share your concern +Nick Blyumberg but the issue is with the "security" of the cloud, not the wearables surely? As for that, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle, as our chat here on Google+'s cloud evinces.
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Remote TV?

In the twilight days of Live! TV, I gloried in the title of "Internet Producer". The idea was that we'd bring contextual information to your TV screen and marry that to a EPG that was live and from which you'd control your viewing. This EPG would be available on the web as well as your TV. We wrestled with the technology of course, back in 1999 TV transmission wasn't digital and the web was still finding ways to interface with the rest of the world; the "internet of things" wasn't even a glimmer then.
Now that the IOT is fast becoming a reality I've been revisiting those ideas. My Samsung Smart TV lets me control my TV from my Galaxy S and can even mirror whats on TV on my smartphone.
I still can't call up an EPG on my phone and change channels from their, which would not only be more convenient it would also solve the 12 feet problem, where readable content on my TV screen is supposed to be legible from 12 feet away but never is. Just bring that stuff to my smartphone and let me read it there. If I had Sky+HD I could do it but why do I neec to go third party when the EPG for digital freeview is on my set?
Similarly, that contextual stuff we dreamt about, being able to call up information on whatever we were currently viewing, from the film information to details of the music, clothing etc., would be much better on my smartphone where I can actually read and interact with it.
Unlike 1999 the technology is there now to make it happen. Various people, from Google with YouTube and Chromecast to outfits like 5by are playing with it but no one seems to be bringing "live" TV and broadcast video together yet. Smart TVs don't do it, all content is confined to the "box" of its own app. Time to break out of the "channel" and "app" mentality and view things from a user perspective.
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Exactly, we have to tell them that. The trick is getting the to pay us for telling them what they don't want to know...
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#MyBeautifulEarth The Boatyard in Old Leigh on our wedding anniversary.
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RIP Frankie Knuckles - You Got The Love
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None so blind...
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Nice.... :)
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The Goblin and the Bodhi
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Have him in circles
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Now Jubilee Wines. Better than before.
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This place has improved a great deal since they ditched the art gallery and installed wifi. Not as good as the late, lamented San Faerie Anne used to be, largely as Ciao is not on the sunny side of the street but still a good spot for a decent cup of real coffee.
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Great location. Great bar and food
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4 reviews
Great location, great food and service.
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