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Roger Hoyt

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The Pro Vaccine crowd needs to stop using the argument that toxins are in small amounts in Vaccines and won't hurt you.  What about the fact that it only takes a small amount of anything to have an allergic reaction?  People who are allergic to milk products or peanuts for example usually only need one peanut or a swallow of milk to cause a reaction.  Seriously, wake up.
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+Angela Fisher Exactly, not to mention all the studies are just phony studies that don't really tell us anything.  I love how all the Biology studies like to try and prove you wrong too.
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Roger Hoyt

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If you want to know the intelligence level of people today, just look at the Pro-Vaccination crowd, they're always the ones who start the Name Calling.  The Anti-Vaccination crowd at least tries to have a debate before the name calling begins.  The Pro-Vaccination crowd is very childish in this manner.  They can't resist calling someone who is Anti-Vaccine an idiot or stupid or some other method.  If your only choice is to resort to Name Calling, it's time you started looking at the other side's point of view and do more research for yourself.  Often times, when the Public does their own research, it does not correlate with what the Peer Reviewed studies are saying.  Find me some Long Term studies that prove Vaccines are safe and not just a study that was done with a few people.  If the study is only a few months long or has only a few thousand people in it, can you really draw a conservative estimate from that study?  No, when you have such small numbers, any number of things can happen that can skew the numbers in their favor.  It's time people started using their brains and stopped giving children toxins and metals deliberately.  Stop using the same old excuses.  Stop with the, but it's such a small amount excuse.  Stop with the phony studies.  Your tactics are not working.
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Minus a thousand! Vaccines are safe and important. Vaccinate your kids, your pets and yourself.
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Roger Hoyt

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If you like Science Fiction Fantasy novels, you'll want to check out my Author page on Facebook for updates and you will be given a release date in the future when it's ready to be downloaded.  This particular novel will be free of charge via ebook format.
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Roger Hoyt

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This video can be debunked on so many levels it's not even funny.  So much speculation and assumption goes into this video.

First off, this video assumes that Alien Life can't exist on other planets...Period.  That's a major assumption for someone that has never ventured out into space, let alone stepped foot on another planet.

Second, this video assumes that all known Alien beings, we currently have 82 known species, are all either Fallen Angel or Demon.  That's another major assumption that has no evidence what so ever to back it up.

Third, the video talks about the Nazi Base on the Moon.  The guy honestly believes this, but refuses to believe that ET life could exist else where and develop technology that is rivaled to that?  That's a super huge assumption that has no backbone what so ever.  I mean, if we as a Human Being, could develop technology in the 40s and 50s to build a massive Nazi Base on the Moon, then why couldn't Aliens that could have a Million years or so on us, develop technology that could travel the stars or galaxies?

Forth, this video assumes that ETs don't have the technology to travel between Solar Systems or even Galaxies.  This is a huge assumption that is just not plausible.

Fifth, the video assumes that ETs or Aliens stay hidden but they are Demons and not ETs.  What's to say that ETs don't have Cloaking devices?  There is a lot about our Universe that we just don't understand.  We're barely beginning to understand it.

Sixth, the video does not take into account of Consciousness Science and the true meaning behind Christ.  Consciousness Science states that Christ is a higher vibration of Love and Humanity as a whole is trying to achieve that higher vibration.  Things like Hate, Discrimination, and War seek to lower that vibration to keep Humanity from realizing their true potential.  So, if that's true, then the Anti Christ is already here and has been for quite some time.  Is the Anti Christ even a person or is it a lower vibration?  Like Minded people are often attracted to Like Minded people because of similar Vibrations of their own energy.

We currently live in the New Age of Aquarius.  This is the Age where Humanity will strive to reach that higher vibration.

Seventh, in the Bible, Heaven(s) is mentioned multiple times.  In the Ancient Greek, Angelos, which is where we get Angel from, means Messenger.  So, in reality, Angel, is not a Divine Being.  It's a Messenger from the Heaven(s).  Why do they always make a flashy display when coming (down) from the Heaven(s) (above)?  Why not just appear right in front of you?  Last I checked, only an ET would have a need to come down from the Heavens...not a Fallen Angel.  So I ask you, which Heaven did they come from exactly?

Eighth, some of the images going around YouTube show the ETs around the Sun.  Sometimes in large numbers.  Tell me something.  Why on Earth would Fallen Angels or Demons want anything to do with the Sun at all?  If they're from Heaven as you call it, it would not matter much to them at all.  So, why are so many ETs gathering around the Sun in Massive Mother Ships?

Again, this video is so full of speculation and assumption, one could write a book about it.  It amazes me how many people are buying into this garbage without putting much thought into it at all.

I don't buy this video at all.

For the sake of Humanity...Think....It won't give you a headache, I promise.
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Roger Hoyt

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This photo of the Moon was taken on February 22, 2015 at about 7pm.  The setting on the camera was set to M with a shutter speed of 1/200.  The camera used was a Konica Minolta 6mp camera.  The 1/200 shutter speed seems to work best for me at this stage.
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Roger Hoyt

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We need more Peace, Love, and Harmony.  Less Hate, Name Calling, and basically telling people they're stupid idiots.  Less of that, more Love.  More Love will no doubt lead to more Peace and Harmony.
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Roger Hoyt

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Questioning the status quo is intelligence, not crazy or stupid.  People of assume that Doctors, that Food Companies have their best interest at heart.  It's not fair to assume that at all.  It's not fair to assume that anyone has your best interest at heart.  This is why I've questioned things like Vaccines and GMOs.  Medicine and Food scientist can be bought, just like most anyone can.  They can manipulate the Data for the corporations who claim that their products are safe and effective just like anyone else can.  They're not all bad people, no, that would be foolish to think that.  However, the powers that be don't want you to be able to think for yourself.  Studies that have been done on GMOs, Vaccines, and other products have been manipulated and certain companies can't be trusted.  It's time people started getting more intelligence and started educating themselves further.  Don't just stop with High School or College.  Continue to educate yourself so that you can be informed.  It's every important for you to do so.  Humanity as a whole is a beautiful thing, but we can't preserve it, if we don't take action now.
New BOUGHT Documentary reveals insidious truth behind Vaccines, GMO's & Big Pharma.
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Roger Hoyt

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There is a reason why the 1% are the 1% and why the poor will always be poor.  The poor are often gullible and will believe what ever the 1% want them to without question.
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+elaine ossipov I agree and this B.S. about passing a bill like the Affordable Healthcare Act without realizing the consequences?  They didn't even read it, they just passed it, instead of vetoing it until they could get it read.
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Roger Hoyt

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For those of you who still do not understand why I'm Anti-Vaccine, then you'll want to check out your beloved CDC website for this known side effects of Vaccines.    DTaP, MMR, and MMRV, are known to cause Brain Damage, Long-Term Seizures, Coma, and Lowered Consciousness.  They also mention that as with any Medicine, there is a small chance of Death, yes Death.  Go read the site for yourself.  It is my firm believe that Medicine should not kill, period.  It is up to the Doctors to make sure that this does not happen.  They are not doing their jobs.  If this had been a Natural Approach and Preventative Approach to Medicine, rather than the Modern, One Size Fits All approach, we'd be a lot better and the death rate would be a lot lower.  Again, it's the Doctor's job to cure people, not cover up symptoms, not hack your system, not be a sell out to the Pharmaceutical companies.  That is why Alternative Medicine is becoming more and more popular.  People today are waking up to the corruption that is everywhere and all the lies that they've been force fed.  Of all the "Scientific Studies" that have been done on Vaccine Safety, I can't find any that have been Long Term Studies.  They're all either short term or so few numbers, that you can't really make a proper assessment.  Yet at the same time, these are the studies that they try to push on the Masses, with a great deal of success, that Vaccines are safe.  A "foremost" authority on Vaccines that was clearly bought by the Vaccine Manufactures, has stated that Vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, they do not cause harm, they do not cause any disorders, but the Viruses that people are Vaccinated against do.  Wake up people, the Viruses are added to the Vaccines.  If that's not bad enough, they have Metals and Toxins added to the Vaccines.  Granted, the common excuse for the Pro Vaccine crowd is, but it's in such a small amount that it won't harm you.  Did you know that some of those toxins are accumulative?  Yes, that means that they build up over time and that they are difficult to get rid of.  How many Vaccines does the average person get over in a very short period of time?  The US government has the most approved 79 Vaccines so far, but the Masses only gets about 36 or so of these on average.  Not to mention, they still get Booster Shots every so often.  So much for Immunity or effectiveness.  See the list of approved Vaccines below on the FDA website.  With that in mind, I firmly believe that it's foolish for people to continue getting Vaccines.  I don't know about you, but I'm continuing to strive for a higher purpose, to be of service to the Masses and Humanity as a Whole.  I want to leave something behind, for that, I need my Brain and Consciousness intact.  I will become a Risk Factor in the world of Vaccines, it's too risky in my opinion.  I will continue to climb higher on my vibrations of Love and awareness for the Masses, after all, Humanity itself is a beautiful thing, except when the Masses have been lied to over and over again by the corrupt in power.  There are Natural ways of dealing with Viruses and Infections.  Do your own research, don't buy into the One Size Fits All approach of Modern Medicine.  People make claims that Modern Medicine is such a wonderful thing, but they forget to mention that Modern Medicine stems from Natural Remedies that already exist.  They do research on plants to find out what works the best for different things, then they hush it up, then they for a Chemical Compound that will do basically the same thing and you wonder why there are so many side effects in Modern Medicine and so few in Natural Medicine?  Truth is, no DNA is the same and each marker in our body could potentially cause a reaction to something.  If you want to continue to get Vaccinated, then fine, so be it.  The only thing that I ask of you to do is to not go around Children, to not go around anyone who has a Compromised Immune System, do not go around the Elderly, and especially do not go around Newborns.  Why?  You're still carrying around a Virus in you, deliberately getting sick and intoxicating yourself for not reason.  So please, stay home while you're Vaccinated.  For those of you who have come over to the Anti Vaccine side, welcome aboard, help us to spread awareness of this Evil that be.  Oh and anyone who wants to try and show me studies that Vaccines are Safe, don't bother, I've seen enough, so unless you can produce a long term study that shows this, don't bother.  Don't bother talking to me about the "minute amounts" of toxins in Vaccines.  Doctors should not be poisoning people.  Period.  No matter how small.
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About one in six have taken statins in the US many are still alive .. so how did they KILL 100,000,000 people .. ?? 'ea .. FFS learn a bit of math.
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Roger Hoyt

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A Canadian girl tells it how it is.
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+Oliver Green I strongly believe that Children are a great hope for our future.  They can be so much more than what we can if we'd let them.  Hence, why I firmly believe in raising Adults and not Children.  We've tried the raising Children already, look where it's got us.
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Roger Hoyt

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The Moon in this image was captured at around 8:30pm on February 22, 2015. The shutter Speed was the same as before at 1/200. However, I changed the F setting to 4.5, the lowest setting I can go on this camera to get this shot to turn out the way it did. To get better quality shots of the Moon, I may have to invest in a better quality camera.

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Thanks guys, hoping to get a few more shots here shortly, especially of the Full Moon.  It's been cloudy here lately so no new shots.
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