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Roger Eschbacher
I write TV animation and novels. I also act. Go me.
I write TV animation and novels. I also act. Go me.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Official Trailer
Me likey...

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"Walking Out of War" Excerpt and Invitation to Pre-Order
Author Scott Bury's nonfiction/memoir Walking Out of War is now available for pre-order. Just follow this link to its Amazon page . The book officially debuts on February 22nd. Here's a brief description followed by an excerpt:   Walking Out of War : A True...

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Cover Reveal: "Walking Out of War" by Scott Bury
Author Scott Bury plans on releasing the third book in his nonfiction/memoir trilogy on February 22nd. Until then, here's the cover of Walking Out of War (which I think looks cool). Scott describes his trilogy as "based on the experiences of my father-in-la...

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Back to the Source - A Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Documentary
If, like me, you're fascinated by medieval-style hand-to-hand combat, especially swordplay, then you must watch this beautifully produced documentary. It's about a growing group of dedicated martial artists who are using period source material (primarily tr...

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Winner Winner NaNoWriMo Dinner!
Okay, I don't know what that headline means either, but I do know I won the 2016 National Novel Writing Month challenge today. Woo hoo! Clocking in at a little over 50k words (see stats diagram below) at around 11:00p on 11/26. Did I finish Elvenking , the ...

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iAi Featured Book of the Month: "The Secret Voice" by Bob Nailor
The year is 1961. In a quaint, rural NW Ohio town, secrets are coming
to light. Daniel Yoder, an Amish boy with a dream, wants to attend high
against the strict rules of the Amish church. Surprisingly, the Bishop
and Daniel's father both agree to...

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Super Mario: Underworld
"Mario enters the upside down."

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NaNoWriMo 2016: I'm Back!
After a five year absence, I've decided to give the National Novel Writing Month challenge another try. This year, my novel project is Elvenking , the third book in the Dragonfriend series. As many of you know, the NaNo challenge is to write a complete 50k ...

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Goodreads Review: Beowulf: A Tale of Blood, Heat, and Ashes
Beowulf: A Tale of Blood, Heat, and Ashes by Nicky Raven My rating: 5 of 5 stars This "translation" flows well and is a great way to ease younger readers into a true classic. The artwork is superb. Recommended. View all my reviews
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