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CNET gets the lowdown on that strange BlackBerry Super Bowl right before the power went out. The company's marketing guru went for something different. 
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My wife watched it and simply wondered "What the heck" so I'm not sure if it peeked her interest or made her say "maybe I need to check this out" but myself I'm kinda like "ehh whatever!" Show me why I need to leave the galaxy s3. 
Agreed. I was pretty confused by the ad.
Although I am android person I'm also am still a caring person. I really do want to see blackberry succeed but I really feel that they waited TOO long to try and right this ship. Myself living in the DC area I see far fewer blackberries in commuter hands and that is a problem. I personally think the ad was a huge wasted opportunity to retain, snatch or intrigue users of other phones but instead tomorrow the conversation about blackberry will be "what was that?" 
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