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I believe the GSIII has an OLED display.
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I know the difference in technical specifications between the OLED and IPS LCD displays, but especially with a limited difference in ppi, how can each display be that different to the naked eye?
+Justin Barrett There really is quite a difference. Not just in looks but in longevity. For instance, my Galaxy Nexus (amoled) has pretty bad burn-in while my Asus Infinity (IPS LCD) still looks brand new. They're both good looking displays but the burn-in from the notification bar and soft buttons on my Nexus makes full screen video look horrible. My next go-around, I'll be looking for a phone with IPS LCD (for the record, my only complaint with the Galaxy Nexus.)
+Charles Eye Yeah I have the GNex too.  I have seen a little bit of the burnout but nothing terribly bad.  I'll probably see it from now on now that you mentioned it :) Thanks for the reply.
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