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New entry on my product management blog. Do you think product managers are the sole "owners" of the products they manage?
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I would have to say "ownership" per se resides with whomever owns the P&L and is accountable for the results of the product in the marketplace...
In the blog entry, I submit that, on the healthiest, most productive product teams, every member of the team feels and is accountable for the P&L and for the results of the product in the marketplace.
Yes, agree completely, unfortunately not too common an occurance...many times for lack of transparency of p&l down to the product level...
I hear ya, John. Executives and leaders on the team need to cultivate this shared sense of ownership. When a product manager or other leader claims unilateral ownership, it undermines the effort.
Umm, I feel like Jack Dawson on the Titanic invited to his first classy dinner. Hey, I just park cars for a living, ok? BTW, just saw the movie in 3D, and was a little disheartened by the fact that I last saw it 15 years ago. There were some uncomfortable overtones with 9-11, and discordant resonances with my sister's recent misadventures ala Rose Dawson. My sister also shares the name of Rose. Suicide is painless... if you get it right the first time. 
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