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Polaroid SX-70 Film by Charles and Ray Eames #video   #vintage   #inspiration  

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Breaking Bad comics! One a day from now till Season 5. #chemistrycomics  

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Get your favorite album art as an original print, and help start up a new record label in the same fell swoop!

Can I convince anyone to take one of these classes with me? I've got time for two max. Narrowed it down to Computer Vision @Berkeley, Probabilistic Graphical Models @Stanford, or Natural Language Processing @Stanford. Takers? Classmates?

Still waiting for word on this semester's Stanford online classes! Can't wait for that #PGM and #NLP edu action!

Hurrah! Chrome 17 finally recognizes touch input (on Win7 at least...). About time.

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Totally loving this. Hack away!
Last week I was pointed to this awesome Google Streetview hack, which uses WebGL shader magic to warp images into cool fish-eye landscapes.

One of the best parts of this clever project is that you can edit the shader (a shader is a small computer program that runs on your graphics card) to make different effects.

Enter Theo Watson, who gives us this amazing line art version of the tool, which I've used to make the images below (one of home, and one of work!):,-0.392,-0.053,0.652&z=1.294&mz=17&p=40.70382,-73.98821

When people talk about the potential of HTML5 / Javascript, we tend to get stuck on its ability to replace the technology (Flash) that we already have, instead of figuring out what it can do that is different. I think this project is a great sample of what we have to look forward to.
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Looks like the House Judiciary Committee is resuming SOPA proceedings on Wednesday instead of next year.
They Lied to Us About Putting SOPA Off!

Share this far and wide so people don't back the pressure off the politicians!

Update…. Or not. Despite the fact that Congress was supposed to be out of session until the end of January, the Judiciary Committee has just announced plans to come back to continue the markup this coming Wednesday. This is rather unusual and totally unnecessary. But it shows just how desperate Hollywood is to pass this bill as quickly as possible, before the momentum of opposition builds up even further.

#SOPA #Censorship #Politics #OWS #OccupyWallStreet

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Audiotool now on Android, check out a peek behind the curtains on +Joa Ebert's blog too. Apparently leveraging their new cross-platform framework Hiddenwood.

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This could be the best one yet! You set the price, you support charities, and you get six of the best indie games in recent memory.

Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Shank, Night Sky, Bit.Trip Runner, and Cave Story +? Oh Lordie...
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