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When You Want it SOLD, Not "Just Listed"
When You Want it SOLD, Not "Just Listed"


So I went in to +HHGREGG (Hickory NC) today to buy a digital camera. They asked for my phone number which I don't give out to these businesses. The manager informed me that if I was paying with a credit card that I would give them my phone number as well as my address if I wanted the camera. 

So +Best Buy  you can thank the jerk HHGregg manager for your sale today and as much as I hate to say it, my future business as well.  Yes, you're customer service is generally lacking as well, but apparently, you are heads and shoulders above your competition.

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Definitely a reshare worthy Halloween post.  (Long live Jason!)
My 1st day of work on a new job and it's on Halloween.
Should i be scared ??? Hahaha....(。◕‿◕。)

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Here's my Halloween post.

Get your haunt on!
Just for Halloween!

Get your scare on reading about some of the local haunts and spooks in and around the Greater Hickory NC area

#catawbacounty   #ghosts   #haunted  

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Cool! New Star Wars Blooper Reel
Not only can Storm Troopers NOT shoot, they can't walk, either!

#starwars   #starwarstuesday  

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The All New Jeep Storm Trooper Mobile!

Just for you, +Eric Proulx :-)

#starwars   #starwarseveryday  

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Hmmm, hmmm. Time to get the pumpkin spice out!

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Interesting take on American Civil War photos.  As a history buff, I like the colorization because many people view history as "old black and white images"

What do you think about colorizing old photos?

#americancivilwar   #civilwar   #oldphotographs   #colorizing  

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Ever been happy AFTER receiving a traffic ticket?

Seems like this officer knows how to get his job done and still be nice and friendly to the drivers out there.  Good Job!

#coolvideos   #police   #trafficticket  

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Tired of seeing a bunch of your old Android devices showing on the Play Store?

Here's a great article offering clear step by step how-to

#Android   #playstore  

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Great Advice
I love this card I received and I always try and live my life this way!
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