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Rogério Vicente
Surfer. Developer. Geek. Not necessarily in that order.
Surfer. Developer. Geek. Not necessarily in that order.

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Chrome Tips & Tricks

Long ago I wrote up a variety of "Chrome Tips" posts that got posted on the official Chrome blog.  Some of these were pretty basic (experienced users would find them obvious), others more advanced.  Since it's been a few years, I thought I'd link/summarize them, plus list a few more tips of things you can do with Chrome. - Start typing a site in the omnibox, then hit tab to use that site's search engine directly from the omnibox.  I use this for YouTube, Amazon, etc. - Middle-click or ctrl-click (cmd on Mac) links to open in a new background tab. - Shift-click links to open in a new window; shift-middle-click (or shift-ctrl/cmd-click) for a new foreground tab; alt-click to download. - Drag text (URLs, searches, anything) to the tabstrip to open in a new or existing tab.  For me this is easier than copy+pasting. - Dragging text to the omnibox works too. [Images broken] - Alt-enter in the omnibox opens your text in a new foreground tab and leaves the existing tab untouched.  I literally do this every time I type in the omnibox. - Drag omnibox text or star to the desktop to create a shortcut; copy text (even with embedded newlines) and use Paste And Go/Search in the omnibox context menu to act on it. - Drag tabs around in the tabstrip to reorder, or in and out of the window to create or destroy windows; middle-click tabs to close them.  I always close tabs by middle-clicking since that way I don't have to target the close box. - Use ctrl/cmd-shift-t to reopen closed tabs/windows, or access them from the tabstrip context menu or the New Tab Page. - Flip a setting to always start the browser with your tabs/windows from last time. - Use ctrl/cmd-shift-n to open a new Incognito window, or the context menu on a link to open the link in an incognito window. - Ctrl/cmd-shift-v pastes text without formatting.  Helpful when composing in gmail.

Other tips:
* You can use ctrl-clicking or shift-clicking in the tabstrip to select multiple tabs, and then close them all at once or drag them out to different windows.  This works well on Windows, not so well on Mac, don't know about elsewhere.
* On Windows, even pre-Windows 7, you can drag tabs to the edges of the screen or other Chrome windows to get a little drop target that's useful for things like auto-screen-splitting.  Hard to describe.
* You can force text to be treated as a search in the omnibox by prefixing it with '?'.  Useful in rare circumstances.
* Middle-clicking items in the omnibox dropdown will open them in new background tabs without closing the dropdown.
* You can also middle-click things like the back/forward/reload buttons or items in the back/forward button dropdown history.  I sometimes middle-click reload as a cheap "duplicate tab" feature (though if you want, the tab context menu has a "duplicate tab" option too).
* Visit chrome://settings/content and scroll down to the plugins section to get an option for click-to-play plugins.  No more annoying Flash ads with sound!  You can whitelist particular sites by using the icon that appears in the right side of the omnibox every time Chrome blocks a plugin this way (so e.g. I whitelist YouTube).  Note, though, that there are downsides of this -- Vimeo videos have to be clicked multiple times before they'll play, and some sites cryptically break unless whitelisted.  Therefore, I don't suggest doing this to a novice's machine.
* You can quickly zoom in or out with ctrl/cmd-+/- and reset to 100% with ctrl/cmd-0.
* Use ctrl/cmd-1 through 8 to jump to tabs 1-8.  Ctrl/cmd-9 will jump to the last tab no matter how many tabs you have.

What are some tips I missed?  List one I particularly like and I'll add it below here :)

* From devi| dog on the Shack: Form submissions can respect keyboard modifiers, so e.g. shift-enter when submitting a form will submit the form into a new window.  I forget whether we support all the modifiers on both keyboard- and mouse-based submission but I think we do.
* One I forgot to list: ctrl/cmd-shift-d to bookmark all open tabs as a single folder, then later middle/ctrl/cmd-click the folder to reopen all tabs inside as a group.
* From dodob on the Shack: ctrl-shift-m (presumably cmd-shift-m on Mac, but didn't test) opens the profile switcher assuming you have multiple Chrome profiles.

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Today, we are launching Discover DevTools — an interactive Code School training course that will teach you how to take advantage of Chrome DevTool's powerful suite of resources and speed up the development and debugging of your web apps.

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The goal of this project is to enable a web app to clone git repos into the browser's local file storage.  There will be an editor component for editing the working tree, creating git branches, tagging, managing remotes, pushing, and pulling: basically all the things a developer needs in a basic workflow.
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Fatcache: Memcache on SSD
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