Commitment is the very first step for change. I like what I read from the many CEO's in this report. That is not a single person issue or action. This is something we all need to take a portion of the burden and create a better future.

CEO's are obviously talking about their companies and products. But companies are part of our daily life and there is no way we can ignore this fact. We buy products and by doing so we are part of the chain.

In Brazil, starting in São Paulo State, the Supermarkets Association decided to abolish the use of plastic bags. We now have to bring our own reusable grocery bags. Is someone else profiting from the reusable bags? Certainly yes. But, is that company worse than the shoppers when they threw the plastic bags on the environment? The answer is buried in each one's conscience.

The supermarkets did a small step. However, it is now at our hands to question how many products we buy that we need to trash their not "Environmental Friendly Packs". That is all about our own consumer behavior, and we are as guilty as any other company that doesn't add the Environment into their agendas.

I wish we could see less of this reports and a lot more changes.
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