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Rodrigo A. Carrasco
engineer, applied mathematician, and photographer
engineer, applied mathematician, and photographer

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Harmonics and coverings... incredible combination.

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Wonderful article about the imaging systems that we've sent to explore space.

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National Geographic photographers discussing photography. Really inspiring.

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Really interesting... what concept/idea is so important in a culture that it must have its own word.

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"Just as the lawyer who is my neighbor bills corporate clients a hefty fee but represents prisoners in Guantánamo pro bono, so academics could referee without charge for nonprofit presses but insist on professional rates of compensation from for-profit publishers that expect us to donate our labor while paying mansion salaries to their chief executives and top managers."

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Grant's Tomb

Extremely busy lately, but finally this week I had some time to walk around Morningside Hights and enjoy the end of winter. Spring was supposed to be here already but the weather has been bipolar these last few weeks.

This is a photograph of Grant's Tomb, next to Riverside Park in upper Manhattan. I wanted to play around with my camera movements and the large trees in front were perfect test subjects, plus I just got a new wide angle lens (90mm Super Angulon). I also wanted the sky darker, which was really clear at the time, so I used a red filter I just received for my birthday so it was a perfect opportunity to try everything together.

A contribution to +All Things Monochrome.

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#allthingsmonochrome  | curated by +Charles Lupica and +Bill Wood.

#weeklyphoto   week 4 - 2013

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Live streaming of the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre Array) inauguration, the World's largest and most powerful array of radio telescopes!

Congratulations to my friends working there!
Direct streaming from the Chajnantor plateau in the north of Chile

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It Never Sleeps

No matter if it is day or night New York City never stops, its narrow streets and bright buildings calling everyone, like a beacon. So hard to resist that you will end up here at some point in your life, even if it is only for a few days...

This is a photograph I made last week from Jersey City, a few blocks north from Liberty State Park. It is my first 4x5 photograph, so it took me some time to set up everything, composing and focusing, metering the scene, double-checking settings, adjusting for bellows and reciprocity failure, etc... and then carefully developing it to make sure I could retain the wide dynamic range of the scene. It was not perfect but I'm still very happy with what I was able to achieve. Now time to make more mistakes...

My contribution to +Monochrome Monday and +All Things Monochrome.

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#monochromemonday  | curated by +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson, +Manuel Votta, +Dominique Hilbert, +David Orr, +Steve Barge, and +Martin Heller.
#allthingsmonochrome  | curated by +Charles Lupica and +Bill Wood.

#weeklyphoto  week 3 - 2013

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In the Clouds

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to spend an afternoon in Seattle. I couldn't go to walk around the city until quite late, and since I was flying first thing in the morning I had a short window to visit the main spots. As soon as I walked out the door of the Hotel a very dense fog came down, but with a little bit of patience I was able to make this photo of the Space Needle from a parking lot across the street.

Other than the cold weather (which felt similar to NY, but less windy) the thing that really impressed me was how nice everyone was... maybe I'm too used to people in Manhattan, who generally don't care about what you are doing, not matter how weird you might look, but in Seattle I was approached several times by people that just wanted to comment on how nice the city lights were, to recommend me where to go for a better angle, or just to check my old looking camera (I was also using a Nikon F2 with b&w film). Overall a great afternoon and wonderful people!

#weeklyphoto  week 2 - 2013

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The Remains of Dusk

It would be heresy not to go out for a family walk when the weather is as nice as it was this weekend. Maybe our brunch was too energetic, since we ended up walking on the Hudson shore from 14th street all the way up to 120th. A wonderful and highly recommended walk if you are ever in NYC. You can see many of the top sights from the city in that walk, as well as the remains of many old structures, hidden inside parks or camouflaged by the shiny new buildings.

Here are the remains of one of the piers we walked by, just as the night was starting to creep in. The red tones of the sky and of the lights of the buildings from Union City, at the other side of the Hudson, complemented very nicely the blue reflections of the darkening sky in the water. You can also see the slightly reddish tone from the lights of Manhattan reflected in the wooden remains of the pier, like stepping stones that invite you to go into the river.

For the +Landscape Photography theme.

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#weeklyphoto   week 1 - 2013
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