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Pro tip: If you're going to the Tacoma Dome for an event, don't try to park nearby, especially if you're late, or if you want to get out of there quickly. +Colleen Rutherford and I learned that the lucky way tonight. All the parking at the T-Dome was full, so we eventually worked our way out to the Convention Center, which---conveniently enough--had a charger for our Leaf and a Link station a block away. At this point we were running 90 minutes late (partly due to horrible traffic in Bellevue, and partly because we couldn't find a parking spot since we were already late), we arrived at our seats just past 9pm, just as +Maroon 5 took the stage; your timing can't get much better than that!

After the show we had a 15 minute walk back to the car, paid $5 for parking and $3 to fill our Leaf to 100%, got right on the freeway, and sped past the long line of vehicles waiting to get out of the T-Dome parking lots.

I'm just amazed that it all worked out for the best in the end.
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Rodney Rutherford

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And I thought my inability to get even a reliable 1Mbps in Central Seattle was bad. I guess I was lucky to have that 768/256kbps DSL on a dedicated line that I had to restart once a week because I was 22,000 feet from the CO.
Only months after moving into his new home in Washington state, Consumerist reader Seth is already looking to sell his house. He didn't lose his job or discover that the property is haunted. No, Se...
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Without sympathy. If one works from home, one shouldn't take the incumbent providers at their word. Or move to the middle of fucking nowhere and expect good internet.

For fuck's sake, Kitsap loses power regularly. Did he do no homework?

Comcast and Centurylink suck, but this guy is an idiot.
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Sure, online learning fails to build communities and interpersonal connections, but it can succeed with online learning...which is why we call it "online learning" rather than, say, "". It's like saying that cars won't replace horses in transportation because cars don't produce manure. MOOCs will fail to replace universities entirely, but I expect new social constructs will be formed to fill this void.
An economist's view of MOOCs - massively open online courses.
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Rodney Rutherford

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Our freeway congestion is crazier than the bread lines experienced by Russians towards the end of the Cold War. Similarly, our roadway capacity is a finite resource, yet we have no means for managing the demand. During periods of high demand, people sit in cars, burning fuel, wasting time, and keeping anyone from going anywhere. Could we somehow re-shape traffic so that everyone can get where they need to go without clogging our roads? WSDOT is building Express Toll lanes for thus purpose (with very high overhead costs--see the linked article), but I think we could do better.

Consider the last time you went to a popular restaurant. Did you have a reservation? Or did you have to wait a while for a table? Now imagine a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations, yet the crowd extends far beyond its doors. This is what we see on many freeways today, and it’s a big problem. On-ramp meters that limit the flow into the freeway exacerbate this problem, actively shifting the congestion from the freeway to local streets. Backups commonly extend to surface streets, impeding access to local destinations. 

Instead, imagine if you could make a freeway reservation, perhaps via a website, SMS, phone call, smartphone app, or even integrated with navigation software--far simpler than making a restaurant reservation. So now you have a reservation. Where do you put your car if it isn’t on the road?

Drivers stuck in traffic often exclaim, “405 is a parking lot!” But this mocking also hints at the solution: cars at rest should be in parking lots, not roads. And there are many grocery stores, coffee shops, malls, churches, schools, and restaurants where parking spots are abundant. The excess vehicles could be diverted to queue in nearby parking lots rather than congesting surface streets. Instead of clogging surface streets and honking horns, drivers could park their car and read a book, grab a snack, sit and chat with others, or just put in a few extra minutes at work. The reservation might suggest a place to park and wait; this provides another revenue opportunity for our transportation system: advertising. Your freeway reservation might even include a coupon for a discount at a nearby shop or cafe where you relax or run some errands while you wait.

But sometimes you can’t wait for a reservation. Maybe you need to pick-up kids from child care before the late fees kick-in, you’re running late to catch a flight, or you absolutely can’t be late for work. In these cases you’d be willing to pay a couple bucks if you could just go now. If you can’t spare any time, you should have the option to pay with your money.

Or maybe you simply forget to get a reservation. If that happens, you’ll be charged the prevailing freeway access fee when you enter the freeway. (If one arrives outside their reservation window, the freeway access fee would be discounted based on the time remaining until the reservation window.)

And if you’re sharing your ride with anyone else (carpool, HOV, bus, rideshare), you get a free pass as a ‘thank you’ for helping increase the capacity of our transportation system.

What if there’s an accident that blocks traffic? People holding reservations could be contacted with an suggestion to postpone their reservation, perhaps including some kind of incentive to encourage them to delay their travel.

With peak hour freeway reservations, tolls, and rideshare incentives, we could convert time wasted in traffic to do something useful while significantly reducing roadway congestion. More time with families, living life, earning money, or connecting with others...and less time and energy wasted behind the steering wheel. Freeway reservations eliminate the need to build and manage dedicated HOV lanes or toll lanes, optimizing freeway capacity for greatest efficiency with minimal initial cost. Recent advancements in communication technology make it easy for drivers to easily request reservations and drastically reduce freeway congestion.
Dori said the state must have gridlock in order to financially justify whatever rates are set for new tolls lanes on I-405. It's all about a private company extracting as much money as possible.
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Rodney Rutherford

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I can play this game, +Kurt Dresner​...

(in response to
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And let the games begin!
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Rodney Rutherford

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Love this! I only wish that (1) the NYT would give a shout-out for Seattle Transit Riders Union that worked so hard to get this going and (2) that their interviewed beneficiary would make better use of the $10/wk savings rather than buying Happy Meals. :-/

...but I will give a shout-out to my friend +Ben Lesh who led part of the technical implementation of Orca Lift!
A new project in Seattle, closely watched around the nation, gives discounts on public transit to people whose household income is no more than two times the federal poverty level.
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So cool that NYT picked this story up! =) especially since I was Lead Developer on it!
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And this is one of the many reasons why connecting people is so important to me.
A new book out on the cause of addiction. This article is very enlightening. I plan on purchasing the book as well. It is just one more reason to change the way we punish addicted people.
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Have him in circles
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The latest +Sierra Club​ membership drive mail includes a free map of...the interstate highway system?!? Why not a map of significant cross-country trails?
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No #WCEH? Boo
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To: +Kurt Dresner
From: +Brian Derr

(sorry for the color print fail)
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When is a door door not a door door?  When it's a JarJar.
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Seattle Rock Orchestra is about to play Beck.
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I love SRO.
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tl;dr: I uninstalled the Facebook app from my phone because it made my phone unusable.

On Saturday I started getting interrupted frequently whenever using my phone with a message stating 'android.process.acore has stopped'. After several rounds of flushing caches, data, and apps, I isolated the problem to Facebook--everything worked fine after I uninstalled it...and on reinstalling it, the errors started popping up again.
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File a bug report! ;)
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Rodney Rutherford

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Will +Hertz  be willing to let me pick up my car two hours before my reservation? A few months ago, United Airlines rescheduled our flight to arrive 2 hours earlier at TPA than originally scheduled. Today (still a few months before our trip) I thought I should update our car reservation so that it's ready when we arrive....Ha! Our 3-day $300 reservation jumps to almost $700 when I try to add two hours to the front of the reservation--CRAZY! So, either we're going to chance it and possibly wait at the airport until our car is ready, or we'll schedule a night at a hotel near the airport so that we can at least get the kids to bed at a reasonable time while the other one waits around for the rental car.

What would you do?
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Yeah I've done the gold pickup thing before. United changed my flight number (since the intermediary airport changed as well), so I've updated that in the hertz rental record, but my flight arrival day also changed to the day before scheduled pickup, which also makes this more interesting...hopefully they don't assume I'm arriving the next night!
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Our family just enjoyed dinner at Woodies for the first time. It was busy and we had to wait 20+ minutes for our food, but the staff was helpful and friendly, and the food was worth the wait. (The cashier indicated that it was the busiest that their restaurant had been in over 3 years, but it still seemed to run quite smoothly.) We enjoyed a clam chowder bread bowl, fish tacos, fish & chips, and a kids meal (chicken nuggets). Our kids are often finicky eaters, but they ate a great dinner tonight. I expect the view would have been great, too, if we had arrived before the sun went down!
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