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Rodney Rehm
WebDeveloper from South Germany
WebDeveloper from South Germany

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After 14 months of research and development, I finally published ally.js on Friday - - it is a JavaScript library to help modern web applications with accessibility concerns by making accessibility simpler

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I wrote something about how to (and why) access the <script> element from within the running JavaScript :)
“Identifying the current <script> element” (2ality guest post by +Rodney Rehm)

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I wrote about how you can include resources from github repositories in tools like JSFiddle, JSBin, Dabblet, CodePen, - and explained why this isn't possible right out of the box.

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I wrote about our latest encounter with viewport units on iOS 7 - how things were analyzed, fixed and properly resolved

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Compiling libsass to JavaScript yielded a rather ugly API, so we build a convenience wrapper - meet Sass.js

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The last couple of days we played with Emscripten. Specifically, we tried to compile libsass to JavaScript so we could run the Sass compiler in the browser. I wrote up what we did and how we did in detail.

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I just upgraded to iScroll 5 and documented the changes I came across

Post has attachment is a new CSS preprocessor that has seen some buzz in the last couple of days. It claims to be a like a CSS polyfill - only it's not. Here's why…

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Wrote a little something about teaching between the lines.

A month ago I discovered that my Nexus7 doesn't work anymore. I use it as a test-device - so it's not used very often - once a month, maybe. Having tried all the tricks I could find on the Internet I sent the thing back to ASUS to have it fixed.

ASUS demanded a copy of the invoice. I originally bought the thing right off the PlayStore. I didn't get a paper invoice. All I could find was something resembling an invoice on the PlayStore. ASUS accepted that, though.

Today I get an e-mail reminding me that I should respond to a quote they sent on November 11th (approx 3 weeks before they even received the device). They're telling me that I have to pay 87 Euro to replace a part called "ME370T BAT COSLI LI-POLY FPACK" - which I figure is the battery. But they're not telling me that, they're only saying it's not covered by the warranty.

I don't care for the 87 Euros, nor that it's a third of what I payed for the device in the first place. It doesn't even bother me that for 170 Euro I could get a completely new Nexus 7 (with another year of useless warranty) from Amazon.

Am I too used to Apple's service that I expect things like these to be sorted out quickly, friendly and - since it obviously is a hardware defect - for free?

Since this incident puts ASUS on my no-buy list, what other 7" tablet running an up-to-date (!) android should I buy for replacement?
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