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Oh and don't forget to bring along a friend or two along with you +Bill Heslin .  We need to pack the house!
Already spreading it through my Asbury Park friends on that FB thingy...Two good friends are already coming...because I said so...LOL
Don't know if Bruce is available to come...LOL
Ummm. I was born and raised in Jersey...Hello? And live 5 minutes from Asbury..What do you think? Met him many times. Great guy... Great local..
Wow that's cool +Bill Heslin !  My first album was BITUSA.  Been a fan my whole life.  Would love to meet him someday.  Well, I'll work on a song for next Friday just for you and your Jersey friends then!
Well, come to Jersey, Asbury, he's at the Pony a lot...But, the main thing is your music and can't wait to settle in for some Ryan on August 10th. Cheers mate!
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