How to Optimize Google+ posts via +Rahul Roy
How to Optimize Google+ posts
plus Highly recommended plussers for New Google+ users..

1. Add relevant images: Add images for maximum visibility even when you are sharing links.
2. Post publicly for maximum visibility
3. Add relevant hashtags in your posts
4. Post Useful stuff
5. Tag relevant plussers.
6. Timing of the posts matters --->
7. Add this circle and Interact with them: +1 , comment and reshare..
8. Share your Google+ posts on facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumbleupon and other social networking sites for extra visiblity..
Recommended Post:
9. Share your posts on social news websites like Digg, reddit, slashdot etc.
Bringing Traffic to Google+ Via Other social networking websites.. >
10. Share other's posts : Belive in reciprocity and feel the magic of Google+
11. Write about Trending topics..
12. Limit your daily number of posts: Focus on Quality rather than Quantity:
13. Ask your followers if they are interested in recieving notification from you and create a targeted circle to send notification about your important posts. example >
14. Respond to comments and every +mention: Google+ Tip: Managing Notification
15. Avoid Shameless self promotion.
16. Be yourself don't copy or steal others post.
17. Don't Spam
18. Be Helpful and be creative.
19. Join Public Hangout's and disscuss your most sucessful posts(needless to say be relevant).
20. Promote yourself on your blog/website by adding Google+ Badge for personal profiles..
21. Cross post Your Google+ posts to your Blog. Wordpress Plugin
22. Share a useful Circle and add it to CircleCount to get noticed also don't forget to tag +Best Shared Circle +Shared a Circle with you +The Best Circles on Google+ etc.
23. Use Text formatting wisely: *Bold* , _Italics_ , -strikethough-
24. Choose your niche: Read this post by +Jens Graikowski "how i found my place at G+" >
25. Add following pages to get extra reshares: +Reshare +Sharing is Caring on G+ +Reshared Creativity Read this post for details >
26. Post off topic content(example share personal / genuine stories --> credit +Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément )

Enjoy your stay here..

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