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Time for Talking is Over.

Time for Action is at Hand
Yesterday, when looking at recent naval developments in the Arabian Sea, we suggested that things involving Iran had gotten quiet. Too quiet. It appears that it may indeed have been the lull before th...
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Bibi will be relying on his own sources of intelligence. You should also note that he has formed a unity government, which I take as an indication that armed intervention is imminent.
Technical glitch? They were aiming for 20% but accidentally got to 27%? Oh, ok then. It's all just for power, right? Not war or weapons? OK. So that pledge to annihilate Israel was just kidding around, you know, the way friends do? OK.
Hardly a surprise, certainly not to the Israelis nor the CIA, the current administration is ambivalent to hostile to Israel and would shed no tears over its demise IMO. The real question is to what extent id the administration enabling or encouraging progress on the part of the Iranian government.
And it's that question +Jack Stanley that makes me sick to my stomach. We are now, in a position where rational Americans are led to wonder if our government is helping Iran. It may be a step too far to consider that they're doing it consciously, that they sit in a room and discuss "how can we surreptitiously help Iran go nuclear so that they can destroy Israel", but their ideology is such that the things they do and say are helpful to Iran, and I believe that they don't have a problem with that.
+Leslie P - it is a safe bet that somewhere inside the beltway there are some who would step over the line to ensure a return of the caliphate or at least wreak havoc on imagined enemies who are responsible for all evil in their 'minds' - and some of these misfits have the power and means.
I do not like agreeing with you on that +Jack Stanley . I really want you to be wrong. Failing that, I would like to go back to the days of believing that the people running my nation's government LOVE my nation and honestly pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to defend her. Also, I would like to go back to the days when I believed that politicians HAD sacred honor. So...I'm talking elementary school days.
Neville Chamberlain was convinced that Adolf Hitler could be reasoned with, and swallowed Hitler's assurances hook, line and sinker...ignoring all of Hitler's rhetoric beforehand. We know what happened then. We know what's happening now. And we swore "Never again" after WWII.

We're moving from having a choice of options to having options that choose us. As of now, here's our options:
1. Bomb Iran
2. Let Iran have the bomb
3. Instill sanctions so severe, they would bring Iran to its knees quickly.
4. Continue talking and using "fair" sanctions (see #2 above).

Personally, I would choose curtain #3. And fast.
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