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0bama not only the most profligate spender in U. S. History...

President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender in World History

Hat Tip: +Brad Dunagan via +Peter Bromberg 
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+Natoya Rose you are right that Bush spent an insane amount and much of that went to his cronies.

If you think that was bad, Obama is literally 10 times worse. He outspent the entire Bush presidency in his first year in office.

Most of Bush's spending went into bullets and tanks and pay for military, but the vast majority of Obama's spending went to his union friends, his Wall Street friends and his Corporate friends.
The comments section is fascinating, with the author of the article, Peter Ferrara, vigorously defending what he wrote with FACTS. (<--imagine that!)
Also, Mr. Ferrara calls out and destroys those repeating the Obama campaign talking points :)
Well, +Natoya Rose, were you to read the actual article you might find that you've been being lied to.
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