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Worst case of Projection I've ever seen.
The left accuses the GOP of something they are...typical tactic for changing the conversation

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President Trump just hired a pit bull in a three piece suit for his personal legal team.

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It's going to be a boom year for criminal defense lawyers in D. C.

Named targets of the referral include:

•current FBI Agent Peter Strzok

•current DOJ Attorney Lisa Page (former Special Counsel to Andrew McCabe)

•former Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe

•former FBI Director James Comey

•former Attorney General Loretta Lynch

•former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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Rainbow over Dairy Hill.

Bad news for all y'all East of CA. This was the tail end of a late season cold front. Old man winter has not packed it in yet, you should be hearing from him in the next few days.
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Inpsector General Horowitz has only, to date, reported on the issues surrounding former Deputy Director McCabe. His initial investigation was into process and proceedure followed in the matter of the Clinton E-mails and impacts on the 2016 election. He will also be reporting on FISA Abuse.

This was just a warm up.

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Oh aye, it has at that.

A very good in depth analysis not only of the IG's report but the established facts around it.

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SMOD Jr flew by at 0.5 Lunar Distance on 15 April.

Object was previously unknown and of the same size as the Tunguska actor is believed to have been.

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Betting is now open on how long until Loretta Lynch launches a Go FundMe page for her legal defense fund.

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This is why AG Sessions is proceeding slowly and keeping tight information discipline.

In his book, Comey just linked the dots between the Weiner Gate discovery of Clinton E-mails and the then Attorney General and Director Comey pressuring the NYPD to leave the matter entirely to the FBI.

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