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SEO Addict & Problem Solver

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Productivity down the drain ever since I received my #hubsanx4 in the post #totallyworthit #quadcopter

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Ignite Valencia #6 - Antonio Liu Yang: Intercultu…:

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Do you like the internet? Tell the FCC to protect it!

The FCC has proposed rules that would allow paid "fast lanes" on the internet. Many people (including me) not to mention hundreds of tech companies like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Yahoo--plus tons of startups--worry that the FCC's proposed rules will break the internet in very bad ways.

So here's where the internet needs you. If you feel strongly that the the internet need protection from paid fast lanes, join me in telling the FCC to protect the internet. It's easy to do! Here's how: 

1. Go to and look for docket number 14-28 ("Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet") and click on 14-28.

2. Enter your name, address, and your comments. Hit the submit button and confirm your comment on the next page. That's it!

For example, I'll be writing that "the FCC should protect net neutrality by reclassifying broadband providers as common carriers under Title II."

But it literally takes under a minute to give your opinion to the FCC. Write whatever you feel, but if you like the internet and want it protected, you need to tell the FCC now. Right now, there's 21,549 comments on the FCC's proposed rules. I think there should be at least a hundred thousand comments from people on the web telling the FCC not to allow paid fast lanes on the net. Please tell the FCC what you think!

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Just finished 3rd interview for technical lead today for kodify. Met some really interesting people over the last few days, heading home now, hope I don't get caught up in the #14N  riots :-/

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Got my first lost up yesterday on the optilo blog how we went from 6k to 230k nonbranded organic visitors/day - feedback welcome!! #SEO
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